Best Animation:


::Dr. Indy steps up to the podium and subtly clears his throat before making the next announcement::


Dr. Indy: Up next is the award for Best Animation which is to be presented by a very special guest.


::He walks off stage but no one steps up to take his place. Some quiet murmuring is heard among the crowd as the gathered Rangerphiles wonder what's up. Suddenly, the whole auditorium goes dark and two spotlights begin sweeping across the crowd and stage as a disembodied voice explodes from the darkness::


Voice: I am the terror that flaps in the night!


::Isolated cheers and enthusiastic shouts are heard throughout the crowd as the familiar voice continues::


Voice: I am the emcee that awards justice to evil-doers!


::A cloud of blue smoke appears to the right of the podium and both spotlights converge on it as it begins to clear and a masked mallard emerges::


[b][i]I am DARKWING DUCK![/i][/b]


::The room bursts into thunderous applause and cheering as Darkwing takes off his hat in a sweeping bow, obviously relishing in the adulation::


Darkwing Duck: Thank you, thank you, you're all too kind, thank you.


::He replaces his hat and steps behind the podium::


DWD: First of all, allow me to say how pleased I am to have been chosen to be a special guest to present the Golden Acorn Award for Best Animation, of course who else would be chosen than the hero and star of one the best cartoons of all time?


::Quiet snickers are from the audience at the comment::


DWD: Speaking of animation, I hear one you fine people worked with and even had an interview with my show's creator Tad Stones, now who might that have been?


::There is a surprised squeal in the midst of the crowd as several cheering, over-enthusiastic Rangerphiles toss Pupspals up into the air and catch her a couple of times::


DWD: Ah, there you are, I hope you enjoyed working with him. He's a fine fellow, isn't he (for a human)? Anyways, back to the topic at hand, our finalists for Best Animation are:


::Spotlights illuminate each finalist as their name is read::


Owlor for The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of,

Tonefour for Gadget Hackwrench's Precious Thing,

and Opus for Animation Quickie!


::The crowd cheers as the names are read off and then quiet down after Gadget hands Darkwing the winner's envelope::


DWD: Now, before I read the contents of this envelope, I think it would be appropriate to regale all of you with a recount of my heroic actions that saved last year's Oscar Awards...from Negaduck, not the Oscar winners.


::Laughter ripples across the audience as Darkwing strikes a dramatic pose::


DWD: So there I was, perched precariously atop the Kodak Theater when the nefarious ne'er do-gooder Negaduck swooped in and - Huh? What?


::Darkwing is distracted by Dr. Indy motioning to him from off-stage and a disappointed expression forms::


DWD: You mean we don't have time for one of my excited expositions? Oh very well, I'll read the winner then if that's all we have time for.


::With a dramatic flair, he tosses the envelope in to the air and splits it open with a karate chop and snatches the paper as it fluttered in the air::


DWD: And now, the winner of the 2008 Golden Acorn Award for Best Animation is... Gadget Hackwrench's Precious Thing!


::Surprised to hear his name called for an award, and even more stunned that he had previously been nominated to even be considered for the award, tonefour nervously walks up to accept his award.   Afraid that he might make a mistake, he looks cautiously around to make sure that he’s the only one walking towards the front. tonefour is finally convinced that he is the correct candidate for the award, and begins to deliver his acceptance speech::

tonefour: Um. . . I must say, this. . . came as a great surprise for me!


Dale (from the audience): Se-quel! Se-quel!


::Several audience members add their voices to Dale’s::


Tonefour: Thanks, but I guess I really want to thank those who've nominated me for this award of Best Animation and also those who've voted for me.  This recognition has and will always be a great honor, and I hope this type of attention will only motivate and encourage me to do more, not only for myself but for those who enjoy the novelties of my work.  Thank you again!

::Relieved he didn't stutter or freeze up, tonefour makes his exit as the audience stands and claps
. After tonefour leaves, Darkwing comes back onstage with a self-contented, rather smug smile::


DWD: Yeeup, yup, yup, all in a day's work for your above-average superhero. I'd love to stay and help you out with the rest of your awards but crime never sleeps in the city of St. Canard and neither do I! Farewell, loyal Rangerphiles, and if you ever find yourself in a jam, remember: [b][i]I AM DARKWING DUCK![/i][/b]


::He disappears in a cloud of blue smoke and the entire auditorium erupts with a standing ovation::