Best Website Layout

Alma: Will you'se come on, Marcie? It's just two minutes on stage, for cryin' out loud.

Marcie: Alma, if you embarrass me in front a' this kind of crowd, I am definitely gonna come back an' haunt you'se when I die!!

Alma: Will you relax? We gotta make a speech, open an envelope, what could possibly go wrong?

Marcie: That's what you said when you'se talked me inta playin' bait for those hyenas that were runnin' the protection racket down dockside.

Alma: Marcie, that was one time. One! When else have I ever got you inta trouble, huh?
How about now, f'r'instance? We're on.

::Almondine Maplewood looks up at the spotlights, the bright camera flashes and pale beams reflecting off of her blue, sparkling sequin dress like diamonds. The look of a deer in the headlights passes after a moment as she nudges her longtime associate and secretary, the bespectacled and red-velvet-clad Marcie.

Alma: See? What'd I tellya?

::She clears her throat::

Alma: Good evenin' Rangerfans, one an' all! It's great to be back at the Golden Acorns again, ain't it!

::Thunderous applause::

Alma: This year, we've been tapped ta present the award for Best Website Layout. There's a lot of good contenders...from all over the Rangerdom! I know I was impressed.

::She clears her throat::

Alma: I'd be even more impressed if a certain somebody would get off his buns and finish my last story...that way I can have a shot at more than a presentation next year!

::RangerReady's voice hisses out of the audience::

RangerReady (from the audience): I knew she was going to bring that up!

Alma: Anyways, these folks have worked awfully hard to maintain their sites this past year, and make 'em good for all you Rangery aficionados out there. So without any more a-do, the candidates are!

The RRDatabase

Rescue Rangers Headquarters

Russian CDRR Portal

Chip ‘n Dale Online

The Ranger Wiki

The Acorn Café

::Alma takes the envelope from the stand, and slits it open with one of her hairpins::

Alma: Normally I use these for pickin' locks, but tonight's a special occasion. And the winner is...what else, the Acorn Café!


::Indy leaves stage left to come out on stage, to the audience’s applause::

Indy: A website that’s laid out well is a service to those who use it, so I could this award to mean that the Café’s doing its job. Again, thanks to Stephen Clouse for hosting us, to Julie for creating the original Off-Topic Board, to my moderators Framwinkle, RangerReady, Jeff Parkes and Ray Jones for helping to keep the peace, and to you all for making the Café such an enjoyable place to come to. Cheers!


::Indy takes the award and exits stage left as the crowd applauds::