Most Improved Author:

::Once again dressed in his tuxedo, opera cloak, and fedora, Chip walks onto the stage from stage left to stand behind the podium. He addresses the crowd warmly::

Chip: Now we present the award for 'Most Improved Author'! This very special award is given to the Rangerphile who keeps on plugging away at their skill of writing stories.

Even though someone may speak a language fluently, it is always a different story when writing. The written word just lacks all of the intangible qualities that happen in spoken conversation. Simply picking up facial expressions or tones of voice can carry volumes of meaning and subtext that are simply not present in the written word. It takes practice, patience, and perseverance to master the written word.

::The detective adjusts his hat::

Chip: Oftentimes, our early written works are not all we had hoped they'd be. Even submissions by experienced authors may not be well-received. Sometimes we mess up the dialogue. Sometimes our scenery is lacking. Often times, the portrayal of the characters seems flat and dull. Writing is a difficult process and more often than not we fail. It is the mark of a truly great writer who can produce a lackluster work, receive their criticism, and then get back to writing. It is only by trying again and again that we grow and develop as writers.

::With a flourish, the chipmunk produces an envelope from the interior of his cloak. He holds the envelope between his index finger and middle finger, with his palm facing downward.

Chip: The nominees for 'Most Improved Author' are...


Bubbles’ Big Brother

Mr. Spumoni






L. Cranston

::Suddenly, the leader of the Rescue Rangers seems to bend his wrist downward, then quickly rotates it to palm side up. The envelope has disappeared, replaced by an exposed piece of tri-folded paper! He reads from the page::

Chip: The winner of the 'Most Improved Author' award is...Zaptiftun!

::An "Are you serious?!" is heard as applause fills the auditorium after the name of the voice's owner is announced. The amazed squirrel walks quickly up the podium and accepts the small award from Chip::

Zap: is a pleasant surprise to say the least. I'm really glad you all think that my skills as a writer have improved over the last year; I'll try not to disappoint you in my future projects. Thank you...thank you so much.

::Another applause is heard as Zap leaves the stage, gratefully cradling his award. Chip bows and heads offstage himself::