Emcee’s Welcome


::The scene returns from commercial::


Dr. Batorious (announcing): Hello again, and welcome to the seventh annual Golden Acorn Awards!


::The audience shouts and cheers::


[color=#0040FF]Dr. Batorious (announcing): I am Dr. Noah Batorious, your announcer for this evening. And now, please welcome the emcee of the Golden Acorn Awards, Dr. Indy![/color]


[color=#800000]::Indy comes out from stage left, wearing his Indygear. The chipmunk waves to the audience as the sell-out crowd stands and shouts, whistles, claps and otherwise makes their presence known.


He reaches the podium and after another minute of cheers, holds his hands up to still the crowd::


Indy (joking): Hey, keep it down, now! Disney will get the idea that something’s more marketable than their movies!


::The crowd laughs as the audience members sit down::


Indy: Greetings to you all, here aboard this magnificent cruise ship [i]Wonder[/i], and those watching by television, internet and whatever else technology carries us. This is the Golden Acorn Awards, that institution created to honor the achievements of the past year in the Rangerphile community.


::Indy pauses a moment to allow the last few excited audience members to calm::


Indy: First, some notes of thanks. These awards would not be possible without quite a few people making sacrifices. Everyone who wrote a presentation this year, please stand.


::Most of the audience gets up, and applause breaks out again before Indy signals them to sit once more::


Indy: The Awards are such a great undertaking that it would be impossible for it to exist without the contributions of such willing volunteers. I’d like to make special mention of one or two. First, to Red Sonic, who did more than his share of artwork for this year’s Awards. You’re in for a real treat.


Red Sonic (from the audience): ROCK ON!!!!


Indy: Also a special thanks to Severe Weather Eddie for his command performance presentation, despite being under the weather. Next, to Gyrotank, who helped me to gain the acceptance speeches from several of the Russian contingent.


::Gyrotank stands and waves as the Russian Rangerphiles shout words of encouragement::


Indy: Second, we are graced again by the help of Jareth, who designed this year’s Golden Acorn Awards official winner’s plaque. Let’s see that on the main screen, boys.




::A chorus of impressed sounds emanates from the audience::


Indy: Finally, although it’s already been introduced, I invite you after the ceremony to visit the new [url=http://www.indyranger.com/HOF/GAHOF.html]Golden Acorn Awards Hall of Fame[/url], along with the newly minted webpages for the [url=http://www.indyranger.com/2006GA/GA2006page.html]2006[/url] and [url=http://www.indyranger.com/2007GA/GA2007page.html]2007[/url] seasons. It was a big undertaking, but it was also an investment in the future of the GA Awards—for one thing, I won’t have to work nearly as hard getting the awards up and posted this time!


::The audience laughs::[/color]


[color=#FF4000]Dale (from the audience): What about the Caption Contest!?![/color]


Ograth (from the audience): [i][b]CAPTIOOOOONS![/b][/i][/color]


[color=#800000]Indy: Plans are already in place for a renewal of the Caption Contest, and there will be an announcement about that soon. And now, hang onto your seats. It’s awards time!


::The audience applauds as Indy waves and heads off, stage left::


[color=#0040FF]Dr. Batorious: Stay tuned, everyone. The website awards are first up when we come back…[/color]