GA 2008 Red Carpet
The Arrival of the Rangerphiles
at the Disney Wonder

Dr. Indy


::The camera focuses on Stan Blather::


Stan: Greetings, and welcome to Castaway Cay. Right now, things are relatively quiet here on this private island in the middle of the Caribbean, but already early comers are starting to mingle and watch as the red carpet is laid out next to the Disney cruise liner Wonder, anchored in this paradise on earth.


::Stan listens on his IFB::


Stan: I understand we have a review of the past few days' events, leading up to this moment, compiled by Red Carpet organizer Gwendolyn_Katsche. Whenever you're ready.




The screen in the busy and crowded Acorn Cafe is showing various highlights from the Plato Awards from ten years ago, and up to last years Golden Acorns Awards in New York City.


Under the highlights, is “New Attitude” by Patti Labelle playing in the background.


Thereafter is the screen showing some clips from Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line, as “Can You Feel the love tonight?” by Elton John is playing in the background.


Later on are The Rescue Rangers arriving by Walt Disney World in their Ranger Plane, as a crowd is greeting them, and Gwen and her friends from The Acorn Café are there too, while a navy marching band are playing that sunny and hot day.


Then are Gadget Hackwrench and her friends walking around in the park, as they are collecting big round helium Mickey Mouse balloons in clear bubbles on strings, and starting the day in EPCOT.


Two days are passing, and finally are the Rangers and their friends sailing to Castaway Cay with Disney Cruise Line a late evening.


There on the boat are Gadget and her friends meeting with the remains of the guests to the Golden Acorns Awards.


The animals and their friends are spending the evening and the whole night in the many nightclubs on board the cruise line.


At last is the cruise line arriving in Castaway Cay, as a big crowd is welcoming the Rangers and their friends on the sunny beach, and a Red Carpet is laid out to the island while the celebrities is going to spend their day on the beach.


The celebrities spend the day with sailboats, games, sports and so on, while they were waiting for the ceremony in the evening.


But Fat Cat he was in jail for trying to rob last years Golden Acorns Awards, so other ones tried the luck on the ship.


The crew on the ship alarmed the Rangers and their friends that one of the awards were missing, so they went out and tried to find the villains.


Lawhiney and her tribe they had sneaked aboard the ship, and they ran away with the award.




Stan: I understand that award may already be back in custody. More updates as they occur. This is Stan Blather. We switch you now to live coverage of the Red Carpet ceremony...





"Your Mine Captain Falcon" MT said as he sized up his opponent.


MT charged his foe, but Captain Falcon did a quick dodge, and before MT could turn around it was all over.




The blow connected and MT went soaring into the air. He flew for miles until his body crashed into the red carpet.


"Are you ok?"


"I'm fine" MT replied. "I was going in this direction anyways."



Van Man


::Van Man arrives by a Van limo. He’s dressed to the nines and escorts a blonde female mouse toward the red carpet::


Stan Blather: Ah, a new arrival. Van Man, who’s that blonde lady in your arms?


Van Man: That's my character's love interest, Titanic. As I understand it, she's the spirit of the famous ill-fated ocean liner come to life, who has taken on mouse-girl form. Notice how her gold and black two-tone hair is like the gold and black paint on the ship’s funnels. Her black dress with red hem is like the colors the Titanic’s main hull was painted, while her white gloves are the same color as the ship's superstructure.


Stan: Uh, yes that’s—


Van Man: The yellow spots on her dress represent lighted portholes.


Stan: Thank you, and--


Van Man: The flag tied around her wrist is the banner of the White Star Line, the company which owned the ship.


Stan: That’s very informative, now--


Van Man: Oh, there’s some friends. See you!


Titanic: Bye, mister reporter!


Stan (into his mike, muttering): I thought you said it would be more normal this year...





It were an early morning, and Gwen and her band awoke in their cabin in Disney Cruise Line with big red Mickey Mouse balloons, bags full of tax free wares and Disney souvenirs.


The speaker on the radio gave a good morning message, as James Last, Zamfir and Sweet People like music began to play very loudly.


Then were Gwen and her friends leaving the ship, and they went out on the carpet in Castaway Cay, as a big crowd greeted them.


Gwen she greeted hr friends, as the press went over to her.


April O'Neil: Hi Gwen, and welcome to Castaway Cay!


Gwen: Thanks, and this is my first visit to Walt Disney World!


April: Where do you come from?


Gwen: I live in Bremen, Germany with my band The Fearless Four!


April: But it's not your first GAA?


Gwen: No, me and my band had been at the GA for some years now!


April: Well, you must have some fun here at Castaway Cay!





Charles and Foxglove 7 Arive in there Mustang Super Snake while he get out of the Car as they head to the boat whie Fans went nuts


THen Alex II, Lawahine (From his Storys) and Zola arive in there Red Dodge Charger as they get out of there car and heading to the boat too.





The usual mini-carpet (a la Carpetsnaggers, for those who are new) floats up, tuned up and all, bearing a pair of voles. They are, of course, Nyperold and his second cousin Naavah. Nyperold's wearing what he wore last year, and here's what Naavah looks like this year:




Jeanette Isabelle


An ordinary white van pulls up.


Stan: I understand the Mihara family just arrived. If so, this arrival is typical of the Mihara family. Though their life style does not reflect it, the Mihara family is one of the richest families in the world due to the patriarch of the family, Dr. Ichiro Mihara, starting the Piffle Corporation some thirty years ago. To this day, Piffle remains a world leader in android development.


A fifty-something-year-old female mouse is the first to step out of the van.


Stan: Here we have the family matriarch and widow of Dr. Mihara, Chitose Mihara.


A wheel chair lift lowers a female mouse in a wheel chair. She is in her late fifties. Once the wheel chair is lowered, a thirty-seven-year-old female mouse takes the wheel chair by the handles and starts to walk the red carpet. A forty-one-year-old male mouse with a baby carrier joins them.


Stan: Next we have Shuko Suzuhara, the only three-consecutive-year national Angelic Layer champion. Rumor has it that Shuko Suzuhara was Dr. Mihara's first love. Giving Shuko a push down the red carpet is her daughter, Chief Petty Officer Misaki Mihara of the Haibane Federation battleship the Pegasus. Misaki followed in her mother's foot steps, figuratively speaking, by being the second national Angelic Layer champion. With them are Misaki's husband (a former teen heartthrob and younger brother of Ichiro) Ensign Ohjiro Mihara and their newborn son, Ichiro who, of course, is named after his late uncle.


Next a young couple leave the van. The lady mouse has long blond hair.


Stan: Here we have Ichiro and Chitose's daughter, one of their daughters actually, Elda with her husband Hideki Motosuwa. Elda is one of four sentient androids created by Dr. Mihara and his team of technicians at Piffle. An interesting fact worth noting is that Japan is the only nation which recognizes sentient artificial life forms as citizens.


Another female mouse, in a black dress, steps out of the van. She looks like an identical twin to Elda.


Stan: Here comes Elda's sister, Freya Mihara, who made a name for herself in her own right as an artist. So far she is the only sentient artificial life form to show such an extraordinary ability. Her work has been compared to that of the late 18th century Swiss artist, Gottfried Mind.


The last to step out of the van is a human child in a pleated plaid skirt, white blouse, tie, blazer, socks and a pair of black Mary Janes.


Stan: Finally we have DOS Mihara in her typical attire, dressed like she's attending a prestigious private school. To top it all off, she is wearing her signature hair clips. Last year her true identity was revealed and was added to the Mihara family registry, making her the fifth sentient artificial life form registered in Japan. Let me see if I can have a word with DOS.


Stan approaches DOS with a microphone.


Stan: Miss Mihara, could you give us a moment of your time?


The vain artificial life form does not object to speaking with the press.


DOS: Go ahead.


Stan: You are a member of one of the wealthiest families in the world, your family name carries quite a social standing and yet your family lives such a simple lifestyle given the wealth. How do you feel about this given that you clearly always wish to look your best? It's no secret that you are a vain artificial life form.


DOS: How I dress is no different from many school children in Japan.


Stan: This is true.


DOS: Simply living in Japan has opened up doors to opportunities I normally would not have experienced. If my family was the typical upper-crust family, I feel I would have missed out on a lot of opportunities.


Stan: How do you mean?


DOS: Japan has such a rich culture that if I limit myself to a small minority I would miss out on the rest Japan has to offer.


Stan: I see your point.


DOS: Because my family is not afraid to be like everyone else, I get to experience the entire spectrum.



The Nobody


There is a tiny speck in the sky, flying in circles over the area. Those with especially good sight - or a pair of binoculars - will notice that it looks like an eagle. The bird glides, flapping the wings only once in some time, but does not descend.



Jeanette Isabelle



In stark contrast to the white van, a stately Toyota Century pulls up to the red carpet. The chauffeur exits the driver's seat to open the door to the back seat of the limo. Misao Sakimori and her daughter Pepper exit the vehicle and walk down the red carpet. The chauffeur closes the door, returns to the driver's seat and pulls away.


Stan: Here we have Misao Sakimori and her daughter Pepper, a fairy born in Italy whom Misao adopted nearly two years ago. An interesting factoid about the Toyota Century is it is the official car of the Japanese heads of state.





::A low hum is heard over the pier followed shortly by one much higher in pitch. Suddenly, a dark blue jet appears, seemingly emerging out of thin air over the bow of the Disney Wonder. It hovers for a few seconds before speeding up. The intruder flies over the island, makes a barrel and then sharply pulls up, before going into a steady descent and touching down.::


::The engines die and the canopy pops up, revealing the pilot, clad in a black flight suit complete with a full helmet of the same color covering his head. he frees himself from the seat belts and heaves his body out of the cockpit.::


Stan Blather: And here we can see Sinclair, one of the captains of the famed Acorn Cafe Space Fleet as he leaves his plane and approaches the boarding ramp. The actions of those individuals constantly draw attention, always relied by the reliable Fox News.


::Sinclair reaches under his chin and frees a hatch, which causes the front portion of his helmet to slide, allowing him to remove it. He then takes off a metal ring from around his neck and unzips his flight suit, revealing a beautiful black tux underneath.::



Midnight Man


::Near the Disney Wonder</em>, a small cargo ship lands at Castaway Cay, and a black <a  href=""Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullmann</a> 4-door limousine is carefully unloaded. A member of the local crew gets into the car and drives towards the runway-turned-bicycle path, showing a Las Vegas license on the back of the car.::


Stan: Now this is interesting. Someone brought their own Mercedes-Benz to Castaway Cay, and such a vintage one no less. But what's it supposed to do out there?


::At the same time, the former runway is cleared by security staff. Not too long after this is accomplished, an aircraft is seen approaching the island for the first time after years. The former runway is turned back into an actual runway when a <a href=""Learjet 60</a> touches down on the tarmac.::


Stan: A Learjet? Now this is really interesting. Apparently, we'll see a VIP tonight.


::Unseen by the people aboard and around the Disney, it taxies to the far end of the runway. Seconds later, a shiny black North American <a href=""P-51D Mustang</a> replica, more than half a century old, thunders over the island at high speed. At the same time, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins starts to play in the background.::


Stan: Whenever you think you've seen everything... something like this happens. Nobody told me an airshow was part of tonight's Golden Acorn Awards.


::The Mustang turns and slows down over the sea before approaching in a similar way as the Learjet did before. It finally touches down on the old runway.::


Stan: If more planes come in tonight, they'll need to mow down the forest to make parking space for them all. Oh, I was just told we'll have footage from the runway.


::The TV transmission cuts to a camera team on the runway, all public access to which has been closed by the local security. The Mustang has come to a halt behind the Learjet. The canopy opens, and out comes the mouse whom many have already expected in that plane--Midnight. Little more of his outfit can be seen than a white scarf, a light brown trench coat, and a pair of black pants. He climbs down the wing and lends his only passenger, Dawn van Zant, a helping hand while she gets out of the aircraft. The two mice make a remarkable pair with their similar trench coats.::


Stan: Ah yes, this is of course Midnight and his famous plane The Storm. With him is Dawn van Zant. As I was told, her mother is not only the sister of Gadget Hackwrench's mother, but also a leading member of tonight's catering crew together with her husband. Oh, now the Learjet's door opens.


::Out comes an armadillo in a swallowtail who walks straight to <a href=""the Mercedes-Benz</a> and opens one the left rear door. He motions Midnight and Dawn to enter.::


Stan: This, ladies and gentlemen, is Armando, the musical director of the famous Las Vegas-based musical revue The Chipmunk Divine.


::Next, two mice leave the Learjet, one white-furred boy and one girl with long black hair and a hint of Asian ancestry.::


Stan: And here are Todd White and Melissa Mayfield. They're part of The Chipmunk Divine's line-up, too. He plays the synthesizers, and she is the violin soloist. I've been told that the other members of the Destiny Unlimited Orchestra are already on board, but these two have been granted a special status for what heroic deeds they did not long ago.


::The last one to leave the jet is a quite familiar female chipmunk.::


Stan: Well, this is the VIP we've probably been waiting for all the time. Ladies and gentlemen, Clarice!


::Armando takes his place behind the wooden steering-wheel of the German limousine and drives away from the jet, past the security, and stops right in front of the red carpet. Thanks to the live video footage from the runway, the many Clarice fans are already excited before they see their star. The armadillo gets out, walks around the car, and opens the door again. The first to step onto the red carpet are Midnight and Dawn, both of whom seem to have fans of their own. They are followed by Todd and Melissa who, like Midnight and Dawn before, walk along the red carpet hand in hand. Clarice, however, is the one who receives the most cheers.::


Clarice: (throws kisses at the audience) Hello, everyone! And hello, Mr. Blather!


Stan: Good afternoon, Miss Clarice! You're going to perform tonight?


Clarice: Well, it wouldn't be half as exciting if I told you beforehand, would it?


Stan: I see, tonight's schedule is a surprise again.


Clarice: Exactly. See you later! (waves at him and at the camera)


Stan: She wasn't really talkative. Okay, let's see who comes next.





Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, a black figure wearing scuba gear emerges slowly from the sea. He takes a look around to make sure no one is around to detect his presence. After walking a small distance, settling in the shadow of a tree, he removes his gear. Underneath he had another set of equipment for stealth and infiltration.


He then picked up a small headset and put it on. Pressing a small button on the ear piece, he then spoke in a low voice.


"Fixer, this is Pitch. I've reached waypoint one. Now proceeding with my main objective."


"Acknowledged, Pitch. The "Barracuda" will remain in position until you return for extraction."


"It will take some time before I have anything to report, I hope you brought a magazine of "Supercomputers", Fixer."


"Five of the latest issues, I've been busy lately. This trip gave me an opportunity to catch up.

So, just why did we come here anyway?"


"You waited until now to ask me? Besides, you already know why."


"I know why you are here, I just can't see why I had to tag along?"


"There's no way I could do this unless you helped me. Besides, the ASA owes me this."


"Indeed, Pitch. Just hurry back here when you're done. I'm a pretty fast reader."


"Roger, over and out."


Leaving the scuba gear under a bush, the figure made his way towards the harbor, cover by cover, shadow by shadow.



Jeanette Isabelle


Three Atlantean puddle jumpers hover into position, one behind the other. The first one touches down and the back door lowers forming a ramp. The first two to step out is Captain Yukino Pointer of the Haibane Federation battleship, the Pegasus and her husband Arik Pointer.


Stan: Yukino is in her usual white silk kimono whereas Arik fits the cliché of a red fox at a black tie affair.


The next three to exit the jumper are Jeanette Isabelle (in an ice blue evening gown), Cadet Jazz in her Atlantean cadet's uniform (a white uniform with a red collar, red cuffs and red buttons) and a clone of Gadget also in an Atlantean cadet's uniform.


Stan: Though Cadet Hackwrench is a clone of Gadget Hackwrench, every effort has been made to make the cadet an individual.


An Atlantean valet attendant enters the puddle jumper, the door closes and the jumper pulls away. The second Jumper touches down and the back door lowers forming a ramp. Shepherdess Hanna, the ship's chaplain, is in her attire of an Atlantean clergymouse: a blue suit, white shirt, red tie and a winged horse pined to the jacket of her suit. With her is Dr. Lewis Zimmerman II, the chief medical officer of the Pegasus. Together they exit the jumper. He is in his Atlantean officer's uniform (a white uniform with a blue collar, blue cuffs and blue buttons).


Stan: Unless there are hologram emitters around, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman II is in his Protocol 7 form.


A second Atlantean valet attendant enters the puddle jumper and pulls away. The third Jumper touches down and the back door lowers forming a ramp. Commander Reiko Asagiri is the first to exit the jumper.


Stan: Not only is Reiko Asagiri the second highest ranking officer of the Pegasus, classic music aficionados will recognize her name. Commander Reiko Asagiri is also a concert pianist.


Next Ensign Kaede Saito, and her teenage brother Minoru, exit the puddle jumper.


Stan: This is the first time for Kaede and Minoru Saito to make an appearance at the Golden Acorn Awards.


Finally a thirty-year-old female mouse exits the jumper. She is in her Atlantean officer's uniform.


Stan: Here we have Ensign Hatoko Kobayashi. In 1989 Hatoko Kobayashi became the youngest cadet to train aboard the Pegasus.


A third Atlantean valet attendant enters the puddle jumper and pulls away.



DOS & Arik


Jeanette Isabelle wrote:

Three Atlantean puddle jumpers hover into position, one behind the other. The first one touches down and the back door lowers forming a ramp. The first two to step out is Captain Yukino Pointer of the Haibane Federation battleship, the Pegasus and her husband Arik Pointer. Both of them are in their usual attire: Yukino is in a white kimono and Arik is wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans and black work boots.


Stan: Did Arik get the memo that this is a formal affair?


Hey, I resemble that remark! :lol:


Seriously, Jeanette, don't forget that I was wearing a suit at Lisa's wedding.





As the day of the Golden Acorns progresses, many dignitaries and guests can be seen arriving at the famed Castaway Cay, milling in groups around the ship's red carpet as the day wears on. The great ship rocks gently at anchor, as a soft breeze ruffles the breakers atop the sparkling, sapphire waters, ever so slightly bending back the leaves of the coconut palms that line the bright, golden beaches.


Against the backdrop of this peaceful scene, some of those assembled begin to notice a soft rumbling, as if the air itself has begun to throb with a discernable rhythm. Most shake it off as awards day nerves, continuing their conversations and their hors'dourves with a slight tittering of sound. It readily becomes evident, however, that this is not the case, as the breeze increases to a brisk wind, and the rumbling sound becomes louder, and louder, and can clearly be heard from directly overhead. The ladies hold onto their wraps as the gentlemen secure their hats, watching the sun momentarily disappear, and then reappear, as a dark spot appears on the horizon. The spot grows larger with each passing moment, and in short order, resolves into the shape of a vessel. The sleek, elegant craft's streamlined warp drive nacelles fold up against it's shining sides as it makes it's approach, lending credence to the fact that even in today's market of functional ships and utilitarian thought, aesthetics do still matter to the starship designers of the world.


As the small ship begins to make it's descent, the watching crowd can easily see the block letters across it's nose, identifying it as a support craft of the USS Sovereign, NCC-1745. Across the shuttlecraft's angled sides, it's name can be clearly read, glistening in the evening sun...Anna Rosa. As the great starship's captain's yacht, it is always a clear indicator that the commander of the Sovereign is in a mood to be formal...or he just wants to make a really jam-up, grandiose entrance. The repulsors within the ventral underside of the ship flare to life, softening it's descent as final landing commences, and the vessel touches down gently on the sand, almost exactly matching lines with the red carpet. After a moment, the ship's gullwing hatches swing open and down, extending a gangplank to the pavement, with it's own red carpet in evidence, matching up with that one already flowing upward to the Wonder's boarding gate.


"Honor guard...HUP!"

A contingent of Starfleet marines marches down out of the craft in full uniform, and snaps to attention at either side of the red carpet, phaser rifles held at their shoulders, every button and braid polished and burnished to a high sheen, boots shining, without a hair out of place. A voice echoes out of the Anna Rosa with slight annoyance.

"Oh come on guys, give it a rest, willya? I only told you you could come along and meet Monty to trade war stories, remember?"

The group doesn't move, and a sigh can be heard from inside the ship's hatch.

"Oh all right, fine, play the Buckingham Palace gig if you want to. Just don't make me have to trip over ya'll."

Stepping out into the light, a tall, dark-haired mouse surveys the scene with a critical yet bemused gaze. RangerReady's dress Starfleet uniform glows with a soft glint in the setting sun, the command gold winking slightly in the last rays. Favoring a variant on the old TOS full dress, rather than the jumpsuits most of Starfleet have begun to embrace, RR prefers to cut a dashing figure at such formal occasions, carrying full captain's braids at his sleeves, with the glittering gold Starfleet delta pinned exactly so at the breast of his dress jacket.

"Come, my dear, we must go and frolic among the natives, for a while."

"Will you stop with that lordly shtick before I get a newspaper and whack you with it?"

"What? Can't a guy rib his friends a little?"

"Weeelll...I suppose so."

At RR's side, the lovely Flywheel Hackwrench walks down the gangplank, her deep blue evening gown sparkling against the background of her dark, raven tresses, bringing out the shimmering pools of her blue eyes admirably. RR flips a silver dollar to the porter.

"Send the lady's luggage to her stateroom, and the rest to mine, good sir."

"Aye-aye, cap'n. Where's that?"

"She's in the deluxe rooms reserved under Hackwrench, for the family."

"And you, sir?"

"The W.E. Disney Royal Suite."

"Very good. Welcome aboard, an' enjoy the evening."

"Oh, we plan to! If we can get away from these reporters before they descend, of course. Run for it!"





/off-hand remark/*yes, it's reprint of my last year's idea, but since it never went anywhere, I think it's justified to repeat it here*/off-hand remark end/


::The air thunders as the huge six-engined plane flies over the Castaway Cay


Stan Blather: Oh, look! It's An-225 'Mriya', the world's heaviest and largest aircraft, the masterpiece by Antonov Design Bureau and the flagplane of "Antonov Airlines"! I wonder who's coming that way!


::The plane makes a broad circle over the area, then its cargo doors open and Gyrotank is deployed out of it. Broad parachutes pop up from his roof, making him slowly descend on the runway::


::Upon landing, Gyrotank draws in the parachutes back into his hull, then switches mode and drives off the platform on his plungers. The base of skateboard sparkles with fresh varnish. The steel hull shines in the beams of floodlights and sparkles off with photoflashes, radiating the aura of imperturbable confidence. Off the platform he stops and by revolving three times on its vertical axis acknowledges the crowd of reporters and onlookers and drives towards the ship ::





A loud rumbling and almost burbling comes from around the corner as a big old Ford Flatbed comes around the corner. A high pitch whine lets out from the truck making the random guests plug their ears.



"I'm sorry it appears that a local worker must have lost his course and has gone to the wrong dock," Stan said visibly annoyed.


The truck pulls up to the red carpet and stops rather abruptly. The wolf driving the vehicle calmly rolls down the window and motions over to Stan. "Hey I got a screen here I need to get on the ship, it's for a friend."


"This area is for most honored guests, not a delivery dock," Stan commented rather confused.


"Well can it be both?" the wolf asked displaying an invitation from the pocket of his all black suit.


"Sorry I didn't... wait who are you?" Stan asked with a sure note of doubt in his voice.


"I'm Erik "Ice" Berg, the gray wolf with blue eyes? The man from the West? Lover of snow and all things cold?" the wolf replied.


"Well I've never seen you but you do have an invitation," Stan weighed his options in his mind, surely it was a bit of a faux pas to refuse admittance to an invited guest but something didn't feel right. The reporter gazed desperately at the crowd hoping for some hint to whether the wolf belonged or not but recieved no such help from the audience. He shrugged and as he turned back to the truck to see the wolf on the side loosening the straps that held the rolled up screen to the back of the truck.


"Mr..." Stan started.


"Erik or Ice is fine," Ice said rolling up a strap into a neat coil.


"Regardless of whether you are meant to be here or not you'll still want to unload that somewhere else," Stan said sternly.


"Or here..."




"Or I could just unload it here, and I think I'd rather go with that," Ice said coolly.


"Ummmmmm..." was all that managed to come from the bewildered reporter's mouth.


"Hey can I park over there?" Ice asked nonchalantly.


"I guess so... It's not in the way, although I mean do you need to park that beast right in front of everything."


"Probably not," the wolf replied. "How about this," he said as he motioned to a valet. "You know how to drive a stick?"


"Yessir!" the valet replied.


"Great, park it and bring the keys back to me on the boat before we depart, understood?"


"Yessir!" the valet replied.


"Are you actually listening or are you just saying 'yessir'?"


"Yessir!" the valet once more replied.


The wolf looked cautious but let out a laugh, handed over the keys to the truck, threw his bright pink tie over his shoulder so it wouldn't get in his way as he put the screen over his other shoulder.


"Well whoever that was," Stan said as all watched in silence as the wolf made his way down the carpet and onto the ship in a slow amble. "You got to hand it to him, he's one cool customer."


"No one can pass up the chance to hit puns off me can they?" Ice yelled from down the carpet.


"Nope," the crowd replied in laughter.


"Well at least no one made a joke off "Take it Easy" by the Eagles and my truck," Ice pondered as he handed the screen off to some workers who took it up onto the ship. The wolf turned around towards Stan once again and then reset his bright pink tie back in it's proper place, adjusted his dark black suit and took his hat and cane from another worker. "Cause I ain't no girl, and I slowed down to stop, not to take a look at you Stan," the gray wolf said as he blinked, tipped his hat and ascended the stairs to the ship.





The next arrival put the Red Carpet audience in awe.


It was a...CLOUD! The cloud had a painted #9 on it as it pulled to a stop. Two patrons, a platypus in a tux, top hat and cane along with his companion. She was a mouse in purple glimmering dress.


They both hopped off the cloud and Race handed the Valet the keys.


"Be's a rental!" Race reminded the valet driver. The two hooked arms and walked along the red carpet with big smiles on their faces. Waving to the flashing cameras, responding to the cheers, and just having a great time.


One member of the audience yelled out to Sara.


"How does it feel to be spending the GAA's on the Disney ship 'Wonder'?"


Sara looked over at him and responded, "It's really exciting for both of us, kinda like a dream come true of sorts. Can't wait to see that Disney Royal suite!"


Another audience member called out to Race.


"Where will you-"


"Buffet!" Race answered with out needing to hear the rest of the answer. "We're going to try and find the cookie stash!"


Sara winked at the crowd as they reached the stairs, where Ice was still waving and soaking up the excitement. Race poked him with his cane.


"Come now, ole' chap! Tut tut!"


Ice poked him back with his cane.


"You feeling lucky...punk?"


Suddenly...a cane fight of epic proportions broke loose. Ice and Race swung and blocked, lurched and lunged!


"Boys!" Sara yelled at both of them, but they were too wrapped up in the battle.


"SAVE YOURSELF!" Race yelled to her, where she just rolled her eyes.


Ice pinned Race against the railing. "Any last words?!"


Race glanced to the side. "Uh oh..."


The railings supports snapped, sending both of them into the water...and Sara laughing hysterically.





Stan: To be frank, and I'm not as my name is Stan, these arrivals are getting more bizarre with each one. By the end, maybe we will have someone teleporting directly in front of me, or even rising from the ground. Don't worry folks, rescuers are on their way to make sure the two drowned rats in the drink are retrieved, dried out and ready to face the audience later tonight!


Just to bring a little sense of normality back to proceedings, the next entourage to approach the red carpet area on the island is somewhat more traditional. Only by comparison sakes though. A two-person rickshaw manned by one of the locals is pulled through the thronging masses who are looking to get a glimpse at some of the Rangerverse's more well-known dignitaries. Chance would be a fine thing for one of them to break rank past the barricades and attempt to gain a photo opportunity. Much that they would be tempted.


Stan: I see two more arrivals to this hotbed of activity, let's see if I can make out who they are.


The couple exit the vehicle on either side, to which one of them hands the driver a tip and doffs a mock salute in respect. The vehicle is hauled away as they then link arms and proceed down the red carpet area together.


He is dressed in mercenary combat fatigues; light grey armoured short-sleeved top, together with dark trousers and tan boots. A knife and Beretta are holstered on either hip, which probably break protocol but who is going to tell him that? You would think that the ensemble would be too hot for the weather but he remains perfectly stoic, calm and unflustered.


By comparison she is wearing an ankle-length floral-print dress with a handkerchief hem, and a beaded, fringed white shawl. Adding to the effect she wears on top a large white straw hat with pink roses. The outfit merely adds to her beauty. The crowd cheer and shout as they progress down the carpet.


Stan: This is Mayhem and NutsForBrains arriving together. Let's see if I can get a word... Mayhem, about the uniform...


He is thrown a withering look from Mayhem, in anticipation of where the comments might lead given he refused to don formal entire for last year's awards ceremony.


Stan: ...erm it looks great. And Nutsy, you look just as great.

Nutsy: Thank you Stan! It's the most appropriate thing I had for this superb weather.

Stan: Mayhem, this is a bit of a surprise to see the two of you together.

Mayhem: Stan, one of life's rules is that often if you don't ask, you don't get. I asked Nutsy if she'd accompany me and she did the honour of saying yes. I might be a mercenary but I'm also a gentleman. I have a reputation to maintain...

Stan: And the mode of transportation to arrive here, quite unusual although somewhat more normal to some others.

Nutsy: That was my idea. He had wanted to arrive in The Tempest, but I wanted something that didn't involve flying!

Mayhem: To be fair, it was a very pleasant journey. Plenty for us to chat about on the way here too...


The two of them nod and make their way off the carpet and board the ship.


Stan: There you have a writer with another batch of nominations for this year's awards together with one of the Cafe's upcoming bright talents. Who knows how successful they might be tonight.





A little plane is landing on Castaway Cay, and the fox Rita from Denmark are entering the Red Carpet by a cheering crowd, as Rita are going to perform a song.


Then are Rita meeting her best friend Gwen, as the press is talking with them for a while.


Later on are the two friends spending their time until the show on the beach, as Rita feels home in her birth state.





Nyperold's carpet slows as it approaches.


Stan: Well, it doesn't beat a cloud, but this is one of our more modes of arrival. Cars, trucks, vans, starships, even a rickshaw and the aforementioned cloud, but only one -- well, two -- come to the Acorn Café Awards on a flying carpet, and that's Nyperold and his second cousin, Naavah. Nyperold, tell our audience, How did you come to decide to come to the awards on a carpet?


Nyperold: Well, Stan, I was watching The Carpetsnaggers, and I decided that this would be a suitably unique way to get here.


Stan: That is certainly the case.


Valet: Sir, may I?


Nyperold: No thanks, I'm taking it inside.


He turns it off, rolls it up, and walks up the red carpet.


Stan: Well, there you have it.





After some time making his way through the trees and foliage, Pitch finally reaches the harbor outskirts.


"Hmm, looks like the receptions are underway. Good."


With all different kinds of entrances, wacky and theatrical to the more sane and humble, Pitch had no trouble sneaking by unnoticed by the security details in place. Finding an lightly guarded door, there was only one guard present, he easily knocked him out with a sleep-dart, hacked the keypad and gained entry to the building where the awards was going to be held.





Stan: Oh, and here comes yet another flying device. It is odd shaped, but I think I can just make it out... Yes... Yes! It is the Wubbmobile coming in for a landing.


::After the Wubbmobile lands the helicopter parts retract & it turns into more of a car. It parks off to the side & Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, & Daizy from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! get out, along with pupspals. Widget pulls out a box as big as her from the trunk & starts pushing it down the Red Carpet::


Stan: Oh, isn't that a unique vehicle! How are you enjoying walking the Red Carpet?


Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wow! It's so much fun!


Daizy: Lavender Lollipops! Look at all the cameras!


Walden: Yes, yes, yes. We certainly are glad to be back this year!


Stan: Excellent! And what is this that you are pushing, Widget?


Widget: Oh, just a little something I tweaked for later on in the ceremony! (giggles) We should be able to avoid last year's issues no problemo!


Pupspals: Widget! Remember that discussion we had on the way here about what to say & what NOT to say here?


Widget: Oh, don't worry. What are the chances that something like last year will happen again?


Walden: Mathematically speaking, I'd say about 9:1.


Widget: Oh, shush!


::Widget pushes her box into the building & everyone else from the Wubbmobile follow her inside::





(CS asked me to write an intro as she is in the middle of nowhere in Oregon so she can't get to a computer, enjoy)


A bright red 1971 Saab Sonnet pulled up to the carpet as the door opened to reveal a pink otter in a bright red power suit. The crowd was shocked at the sheer feminine power that emanated from the otter as she matter of factly walked down the red carpet to various cheers and applause. A few hoots and hollers were heard but these were immediately silenced by a stern look from the otter.


Stan: "Please welcome the Singer from Salt Lake, Chiorstar!"


More cheers and applause was heard as the otter made her way up the stairs and onto the ship while the Saab slipped away through valet.





The twin engines of a P-38 Lightning could be heard droning in the distance as a WWII relic shot toward the island, flying merely dozens of feet from the water. Old though it may be, the plane didn't show its age. Anyone who hadn't noticed its approach (probably quite a few given the excitement of the recent arrivals) certainly were aware of it as it gracefully crested the palm trees of the island before pulling a wide turn around the ship and slipping onto the runway.


It stopped in front of the red carpet. The canopy opened and out climbed a white dog in a black tux. He was wearing a lengthy scarf, which he removed and threw back into the cockpit as the valet was climbing up.


"Mind throwing me my effects?"


"Yessir!" the valet responded as he threw down a cane and a top hat.


The dog extracted a monocle from his jacket pocket and placed it over his eye before turning back to the valet, "See if you can squeeze it in over there," he said as he gestured toward the collection of crafts that already covered a fair bit of the runway.


Stan Blather (aside): Who's this guy?


The dog walks up with the cane tucked under his arm.


TS (smiling and extending his hand): The name's TS.


Stan: Welcome to the awards Mr. TS. We understand this is your first time at this event and you've been nominated for a few awards. Do you have anything to say to...


TS: Have you seen this crazy wolf around here? Blue eyes, goes by the name of Ice? He's supposed to have delivered something here for me.


Stan (pointing to the water): Uh, yes. He's went that way, but would you care to tell us...


TS: Do you know if he got everything on board?


Stan: Um... I think so, but Mr. Racebest came along and hit him with a cane. Look, uh, would you...


TS (pulling a rubber chicken from his jacket and dropping the monocle back in his pocket): AHH... I missed the fight? Darn it... well I'll have to get my revenge later.


Stan: Mr. TS... please...


TS: Just TS, please... oh yeah, the awards. Right. *grabs the microphone in Stan's hand* well, what can I say really? There are so many amazing people here, that to even be nominated for just one category was amazing, let alone three. Frankly, I'm just glad to be along for the fun. Winning would just be icing on the cake at this point, but I'll tell you, I think the others deserve it more. We'll see how it goes. Anyway Stan, you ought to get back to the event here. I'm going to go check up on that crazy wolf. Ice! Where'd you get off to?


TS slaps Stan a couple times on the shoulder as he walks off up the gangplank onto the ship.


Stan (muttering to himself): For the sake of everyone on that ship... I hope he doesn't find that wolf.





Suddenly are both Donkey and Puss in Boots landing on Castaway Cay on the carpet with the help from Merlin, as the audience cheers loudly.


Donkey says to the press that is around them


"Sorry guys! Last minute arrival with my old pal Puss, as Merlin's spell finally worked!"


Puss says


"We are not a part of the show, just old friends of the Rangers, and we are coming by to watch the show tonight!"


The old friend of Gadget Hackwrench, Timmy Brisby from Secret of NIMH 2 is arriving lately too in a basket, and it's attached to five big toy balloons.


Timmy is greeted by the Rangers, as he says to the press


"Better late than never, and I'm just a VIP guest too!"


Then Gadget Hackwrench and Timmy shouts


"And, let the countdown begin to our show!"





A transporter beam appears and a Male Reddish Brown squirrel appears with a young blond haired girl mouse. Crashburn waves to everyone. "Hey everyone!!!"


Young Gadget does the same. "Golly! Hi there!"</em> She looks up to him. "I've never been on a cruise before Crash. Is it fun?"


Crash chuckles. "It'll be my first time too sweetie."</em> He rubs her head causing her to giggle. "But I'll bet it's tons of fun!"</em> Crash and Y.Gadget wait in line and shortly there after walk on board.





As the crowd is growing larger by the minute, a large glowing silver bubble is seen floating in from far away. It gets bigger and bigger as it floats towards the red carpet on Castaway Cay.


"Ooooh, pretty!"



The crowd oohs and aahs over the large, sparkling bubble as it lands.


A security guard, a large beefy looking ox in a black suit and black sunglasses, steps forward. "Looks like another one of those Wizard of Oz fandom characters." He grumbles to himself. He sighs and addresses the glowing bubble, "Excuse me! Do you have an invitation?"


The bubble dissolves revealing a mousette with long brown hair sitting done up on top of her head, with curls on the side of her face. She is wearing a long strapless black gown with white trim on the top that splays into the middle and down at the trim at the bottom. She is wearing a diamond necklace and matching earrings. She flashes a dazzling smile at the guard, who lowers his sunglasses to get a better look.


"Hi!" She exclaims.

"Um..." The ox shakes his head, straightens up, and clears his throat. "Ma'am, do you have an invitation?"

"Certainly!" She pulls out the envelope of her black handbag and hands it to the guard. He eyes it for a minute.

"Hmm...a rookie, eh? And up for three awards?" He asks.

"Oh yes, I'm so excited! I've never been to the Golden Acorn Awards before!" She gushes. Then she spies a drenched platypus, a dripping wolf, and a giggling mousette over on the ship. She waves to them and they all wave back.

"LANE!!" They yell. Lane takes back her invitation and runs over to join her friends.


Stepping on the boat, she gives hugs to her friends. "What happened to you guys?" She asks Race and Ice. They give each other a smirk and both say, "We'll tell you later."

"Lane, where's your husband?" Sara, asks looking around.

"Well...he had to work." Lane says, disappointed.

"You're here by yourself?" Ice asks sympathetically.

"Actually, I have a date..." Lane says, craning her neck to look over the crowd. "AH! There he is!" She waves a dashing gentlemen comes over. He is in his best tuxedo and has a wide smile. Lane grins and they share a hug.

"Sinclair?" Everyone asks.

"What?" Lane asks smirking at them, "You think I'd let just anyone be my date?" Sinclair kisses her hand and they go arm and arm. "I've got a gentleman." She says, throwing Sara a wink.

"I know what you mean," Sara grins at Race, who grins back.

"C'mon guys! We're gonna be late." Lane exclaims.

"I think we're gonna need some more towels for the boys." Sara raises an eyebrow. Race agrees. Lane pulls out her famous hairdryer. "Somehow this thing always seems to come in handy." She hands it over.





April live from The Red Carpet


"I'm about to enter the show, but I heard the users are dropping, so I hope for more to show up later tonight!"


April continues


"And, there is nearly five minutes to go!"





As TS's P-38 taxies away from the Red Carpet, a distant whine is heard and several turned to see what it is. A black dot is seen rapidly approaching and growing larger by the second until it becomes easily identifiable: Excelsior Mk. II</em>. The remodeled starfighter screams over the crowd and into a vertical climb and the rear hatch opens, emitting some ambient light from the cockpit. An object is seen to be ejected out of the hatch as Excalibur levels out and flies away. The object falls at an ever-increasing speed towards the crowd, but it is no ordinary object...


Zaptiftun watches the ground scream up towards him through his goggles, waiting for just the right moment....NOW! He goes spread-eagle, revealing his natural-given extra skin, and catches the rushing air, immediately slowing his descent. He circles around a few times before lining up with the Red Carpet and making his final approach. At the last second, he pulls up sharply and lands deftly at the foot of the carpet. He then takes off his goggles, brushes his specially made black suit off, and calmly walks onto the Wonder</em>.





The guests keep arriving, there is happiness everywhere and anxiety in everyone´s hearts for knowing who will be this year´s winners. Entering the docks comes a man on an old rusted bicycle, a man evebody knows or, at the very least, have heard about.


"A storm approaches" Says Stan recognizing the always smiling Yunkel.


The good Yunkel has finished to sell the newspaper and is just in time for the celebration. He "parks" his vehicle near the red carpet and doesn´t bother to secure it. Nobody would dare to steal it.


All females began to shout in excitment his name, some demand his autograph, while others can´t help but faint from the awe. The personnel of security held the fans in place but the understandable Yunkel indicates them to let the women pass. The security obeys and Yunkel is surronded by all his fans. Shouts, hugs, kisses and flases of photos engulf the poor Yunkel, but he lets himself be loved because that's one of his rules.


Once the girls calm down Stan approaches to do an interview.


Stan.- And here´s arriving the Nightmare of all moderators, Yunkel the Stalwart.

Yunkel.- Greetings Stan. Im still a bad dream, I havent attached the level of a Nightmare... yet.

Stan.- . Yunkel, you have only one nomination, you didnt work much this year, did you? Shame on you.

Yunkel.- Shame on me. But nah, one nomination is all I need, Stan. I´m not an ambitious man. You know that.

Stan.- Certainly. Did you plan a prank for the ceremony?

Yunkel.- Would I did, but no. The good doctor has me under constant surveillance. You see that guy back there? With that fish in hand?

Stan.- Yes

Yunkel.- He and other five have been pursuing me all day. The Doctor´s orders.

Stan.- I see.... What´s that on your shoulder?

Yunkel.- *notices* Mmmm Oh this... My oh my, its a red bra.

Stan.- It must belong to one of those girls.

Yunkel.- Most probably. Mmmm there is a name and an address writen on it. Minerva Mink... Ohhh so it´s from hers.

Stan.- Are you going to return it?

Yunkel.- Of course, what kind of gentleman I´d be if I don´t.

Stan.- Hehehe, seems you are gonna be busy after the ceremony.

Yunkel.- A man like me is always busy. Women just don´t let me rest, they think I´m tireless. Not that they are wrong about that of course, but sometimes I´d like some for myself.

Stan.- That's understadable. So tell us, what's the plan for the operation "returning the missing cloth"?

Yunkel.- Glad you ask it. It would be something like this:


I´ll knock at her door, she will open and gasp in surprise "Oh Mr. Yunkel, to what do I owe the honor of your visit this very late at night?"

And I´ll say "Lady, it seems you accidentally dropped this during our meeting"

*another gasp* "I´ve been looking for it all day. How careless of me for drop it without noticing. I am sorry for the trouble"

"Its no trouble at all. Say, is there any reward for returning it?" :twisted:

"There is" *She would smile* "Why don´t you come in and claim it?"

And then I´d...


Dr. Indy.- Hold it!

Yunkel & Stan.- Doctor!

Dr. Indy.- Yunkel I believe you should respect our agreement.

Yunkel.- Which one?

Dr. Indy.- The one about today´s ocassion.

Yunkel.- Ah yes, the one where I´m supposed to sit and remain silent during all the ceremony?

Dr. Indy.- Precisely!

Yunkel.- And what if today I don´t feel in the mood for agreements? *defiant stare*

Dr. Indy.- *returns the stare* In that case I´d have to proceed to... you know, call a few friends so they would take you to a long walk. etc. etc.

Yunkel.- *nods* the typical threat. Okay, I´d be in my seat in a Yiffy, Doctor.

Racebest.- It´s Jiffy!

Yunkel.- Whatever.

Dr. Indy.- I hope so, Yunkel. If you excuse me I have to go prepare a few things, we will be starting soon. Don't cause trouble.

Yunkel.- Huh-hu. :roll:

*The doctor walks away*

Stan.- Well, This seems to be all.

Yunkel.- Yes, but one day... one day...


Stan.- And now ladies and gentlmen lest´s wait for the next guest....





HawkeyeNFO approaches the brow (boarding walkway) of the ship, wearing his service dress blue uniform. He stops at the attendants at the end and gets out an invitation and ID. "Request permission to come aboard..." One of the ship's crew there looks at the items and says, "Go ahead, Lieutenant," saluting. Having never been aboard a cruise liner before and feeling a little odd at being saluted by a civilian, HawkeyeNFO pauses momentarily before returing the salute. "Thank you." He proceeds up the brow...





Bolt is running on the water to the GAA Red Carpet, as both Top Dog and Krypto the Super Dog are flying beside him.


A guard says


"Hey, you're a little late, but welcome to show!"


Then are the three dogs rushing to the show





Then Charles, Foxglove 7 Clone, Alex II, Lawahine and Zola came


Charles: For Charles Party?


Then they check there gust list


Captain: Yep you all on there


Charles: Thanks


Then they enter into the Ship





Rose pulls up in a teal '57 Ford Fairlane which she borrowed from RR. The Land Rover would not have the same effect and her '63 Corvette was in the shop.


She opens the door and descends in a cloud of glitter <a href=""in this dress</a>

sans the opera gloves (I hate opera gloves) and silver shoes.



Hey everyone! Am I late? I hope you all saved me a seat.





A long and dark classic cadillac hearse pulls up to the dock. Dynamoe gets out of the driver's seat and tosses the keys to the valet. He looks very much like the Grim Reaper except this time he's not wearing a dark cloak. Instead, he's dressed in a very snappy three piece suit accompanied with a top hat, and silver inlayed wolf's head walking stick.

Looking up the gangplank, he politely bows and addresses the silenced nominees and guests.


"Please pardon my untimely late arrival. Trust me, you don't want to know what I was up to." He pauses, the speaks again, "Relax, I'm off the clock." Gazing one more time into the throng of curious onlookers, he makes a cryptic comment. "Some of you should take better care of your health. Don't make it easy for me, ya dig?"


He finishes, "Now, that my apologies and public service announcements are over, I'll take my seat.


Dynamoe bows again, and then proceeds to walk up the gangplank and into the ship.



Severe Weather Eddie


To those in the crowd before the red carpet, the dull thud-thud-thud of heavy rotor blades slowly became audible, emanating from somewhere offshore. Those that could looked out to sea, and were greeted by the sight of a US Navy  Texas-class battleship offshore, silhouetted in the moonlight. Above it were the blinking lights that indicated a helicopter had just lifted off from the battleship's stern.


The sounds of the helicopter grew louder as the craft approached the Disney Wonder. The helicopter flew into the illumination provided by the lights of the giant cruise ship, and was identified as a Navy HH-60 Sea Hawk. The large grey bird hovered over the red carpet entrance and set down kicking up clouds of dust. Onlookers had to turn away to protect themselves from the rotor blast, which began to fade as the engines spooled down. After the dust around the chopper settled, the side door opened up. Eddie, dressed in a charcoal gray suit, deep blue vest, and gray fedora, climbed out. The fox stood there grinning for a moment, waving to the cameras (for once.) Then with a knowing smirk, he turned around and extended a paw upwards.


Another hand, this one slender and feminine, reached out from the cabin. Captain Linda Hale stepped out of the helicopter, but, judging by the reaction of the crowd, this was not a side of Linda anyone here had ever seen before.


The vixen was clad in a flowing ankle-length blue dress that accentuated her figure perfectly. Her hair, normally worn down and straight, had been curled and put into a partial bun. An emerald necklace on a gold chain hung round her bare neck, bringing out her deep green eyes that seemed to sparkle with amusement at the reaction she was getting.


Eddie helped Linda down out of the Sea Hawk and then offered his arm to her. Linda took it, and the two captains walked down the red carpet to a waiting throng of reporters and photographers. Linda found it incredibly entertaining that no one had thought she would dress up like this. She had done it partly on a dare, and partly because she really did enjoy it. And the attention.

d Eddie gritted his teeth. He still distrusted reporters and photographers, but everyone else had to go through the same thing tonight. Interviews, pictures, and so on. He was pleased when he and Linda got to the ship's gangplank without incident; a bad encounter with the press would have been a sure way to ruin the evening from the get-go.


Together, the two vulpine captains walked into the lobby of the Disney Wonder.. They were ready for the evening.


Behind them, several valets had begun arguing with the pilot of the helicopter about just where and how to put such a thing...