Best Character Interaction


::Lights dim and the AoGH Theme begins to play, but no one comes to the stage::

::The music ends, yet the stage is still empty. The audience starts to whisper between themselves::

::Suddenly the curtain moves as if someone or something is tugging on it. A little mouse's head perks from behind the fabric, her characteristic blond hair fixed in a high-placed ponytail. She glances at the audience, glances back behind the curtain, glances at the audience again and slowly walks on the stage, carrying a bundle of paper in her paw::

Dale (from the audience): Hey! Cute kid.

Young Gadget (barely audible): Hi there, I'm Gadget.

Crash (whispering): Use the mic, Gadget.

::Young Gadget looks around and spots the podium. She runs to it::

::The audience releases a group awwwwww as the little one vanishes completely behind the wooden construction, only her golden hair visible::

::She starts jumping to reach the microphone but soon realizes the futility of that action and wonders around, apparently looking for something::

Young Gadget: Dad, can you help me with this?

Crash: Here Gadget, let me.

::Crash walks onto the stage, picks Young Gadget up and gives her a piggyback ride to the podium, while the little one giggles in glee. She reaches out for the microphone, which Crash adjusts for her with one hand::

Young Gadget: Hi there, I'm Gadget.

Audience: Hi Gadget!

Gadget (gasping): Oh Golly!

Chip: Wow, Gadget, you were very cute as a kid.

Gadget (blushing): Gosh, thanks Chip.

Geegaw (whispering): Now, Princess. Won't you ask them for their name? What have I taught you about good manners?

Young Gadget: Oh, yeah, I forgot. (turns to the audience) Uhm... What's your name?

::There's a small thunder as the audience shouts their names::

Young Gadget (a little stunned): Now what I wanted to say?

Crash (whispers): Check the paper.

Young Gadget (reading): I'm here to pre...sent the Best Char...Chare...Cha... Crash, what that means?

::She shows the paper to Crash, pointing at something in it::

Crash: (whispers): Characterization - description of a character.

Young Gadget: Best Description of a Character of the Rangers.

::There's whispering behind the curtain::

Geegaw: Oh, oops. Crash!

Young (turns around): Huh?

Geegaw: That's the wrong script! You are doing Best Character Interaction.

Crash: Uh, Gadget?

Young Gadget: Yeah?

Crash: You're presenting Best Character Interaction, not Best Characterization.

Young Gadget: Oh. But it says here Best Charac...

Crash: I know, give me that, please.

::Crash quickly checks the scipt::

Crash (whispers): Hey, Indy, what are the nominees?

::Indy whispers something back. Crash takes out a pen and writes them down. He crosses out the previous ones::

Crash: Here you go Gadget, read this.

Young Gadget: I'm here to pre...sent the Best Cha..ra..cter In...ter...a...Interact..ion Award. I am? Cool!

Crash: Gadget, please continue.

Young Gadget: The are:

Young Gadget: Foxy and Dale in Awa...Awake...ning by Zap and Spu.

Young Gadget: Gad...get Gadget? Me?

Crash: Yes, you. We'll have ice cream to celebrate later.

Young Gadget: Cool! I love ice cream!

Crash: Gadget, please read.

Young Gadget: oh, ok.

Young Gadget: Gadget and Monty in Chee...ese Chec...kers by Ice.

Young Gadget: Dale and Gad...get in Gli...ding Li...ght by Li...lac...Lilac. Can a flower write a story?

::Crash hems while titters of laughter come from the audience::

Young Gadget: Sorry. Gad..get and Nim...nul...Nimnul in Tea...Tears for the De...vil by BBB.

Young Gadget: The Ran...gers...Rangers in Tomo...Tomorrow is for Ne...ver by Gyrotank.

Young Gadget: Gadget and Chip in Dry Bo..bones by L. Cra...cran...ston.

Young Gadget: Wow! I'm in a lot. I wanna huge ice cream!

Crash: I'll buy you the biggest ice cream you’ve ever had. But please finish first.


::The audience laughs::

Young Gadget: So what do I do now?

::Crash reaches under the podium, takes out an envelope and hands it to Gadget::

Crash: The winner is listed inside. Open it and read.

Young Gadget: Ok.

::She rotates the envelope in her paws and frowns::

Young Gadget: I can't open it.

Crash: Let me do it for you.

::He tears away an edge and hands the envelope back to her. Young Gadget takes out a piece of paper and reads::

Young Gadget: Oh, oh! It’s Foxy and Dale by zap…tif—uh, by Zap and Spu!

::Amid the cheering, Foxglove and Dale walk onto the stage, arm in wing, and wave at the crowd. Foxy accepts the award and a hug from Young Gadget and sets it on the podium as she and Dale take position behind the microphone::

Foxglove: Hi all! My Cutie and I are up here accepting this award for Zap and Spu. Poor Zap's in shock over actually winning one of these.

Dale: We'd just like to say thanks for all your guys' support and that we're really glad you enjoyed our bit in Awakening, we had a lot of fun with it.

::Foxy grins and hugs Dale playfully::

Foxglove: That we did, didn't we? Think Zap's going to have us do anything like that again?

Dale: Oh he probably will, but I think it's going to be Chip and Gadget that are going to be in for it next time...

Panicked Squirrel in the Audience: GAAH! No spoilers! You said you wouldn't give out any spoilers!

::Laughter ripples across the crowd as Dale winks mischievously::

Dale: Aw c'mon, Zap, you know me better than that. Thanks again, everyone! Enjoy the rest of the ceremony!

::Foxy and Dale wave to the audience and leave the stage with the award. Crash heads off the scene with Young Gadget riding piggyback. She has her arms outstretched and a look of glee on her face::

Young Gadget: Whee! I'll get huge icecream!

::They leave for the snack bar::