::A spotlight follows Melissa Mayfield as she enters the stage in her floor-long strapless evening gown made of black silk. The half-Japanese mouse is accompanied by the orchestra playing an instrumental version of Alphaville's Big In Japan. That is, most of the song comes from synthesizers, and the acoustic instruments in the orchestra sound like mere decoration. After the music has stopped, Todd White comes from the orchestra and joins Melissa. He is wearing a bordeaux red tie, black pants, and otherwise all white, matching his white lab mouse fur::


Todd: Sorry, but I just had to play this song.


Melissa: (smiles) For me?


Todd: That, and they let me play real synthesizers, not that homebrew PDA software stuff. Am I glad that they hired the Destiny Unlimited Orchestra again.


Melissa: (turns to the audience) See, when you love a geek, you need a whole lot of understanding for him. Which is quite easy for me, as cute as he is.


Todd: Aw, thank you, Melissa.


::Todd pulls Melissa close and kisses her. Before wrapping his arms around her, he gives the orchestra a sign, and the moment Todd and Melissa start kissing, the musicians start playing Barry White's Play Our Love's Theme::


Audience: Awwwwwwwww...


Melissa: Heh, when you lovers out there kiss, there are violins in the air. When we kiss, it's a whole orchestra.


Todd: Talking about kissing, now it's time for the Best Romance award. Of course, this award is limited to fan fiction.


Melissa: Yes, there's so much romance here already that whatever is awarded couldn't be better than third-best. At best. Because this is hard to top.


::This time, Melissa kisses Todd::


Todd: And we've been told that there's another young couple among you.


Melissa: A certain mouse...


::Saraggle's face appears on the screen behind the stage::


Todd: ...and a certain platypus...


::Racebest's face appears next to Sara's::


Melissa: If there was an honorable Best Real Life Romance award, it'd be them who'd win it.


Todd: Or there might be a tie with us.


Melissa: But we're here tonight to give a lucky fan fiction writer his or her well-deserved Best Romance award.


Todd: But who did the best job making their readers feel warm and fuzzy inside?


Melissa: Here are this year's nominees.


Todd: A Swing and a Ms by Dynamoe.


Melissa: For the second year already, Diamonds In The Desert by Midnight Man.


Todd: Does that mean us by chance?


Melissa: I think so.


Todd: Anyway, then there is Awakening by Zaptiftun and Mr. Spumoni.


Melissa: Flying to the Light by TinManNFO.


Todd: And Fly to the Moonlight by Gyrotank. Hey, these last two titles both remind me of a story I heard of that takes place in Japan, it features a gorgeous Japanese mouse...


Melissa: Gorgeous, you say?


Todd: Yes, maybe the two of you are related. They say she's cute, and you are cute.


Melissa: Awww, Todd, you're so nice. (pecks him on the cheek) And you're cute, too. Will you tell me and everybody else whom the award goes to, cutie?


Todd: Whatever you say, Melissa. (takes the still sealed envelope out of the desk)


Melissa: Oh, wait, let me open it for you.


Todd: You brought a katana?


Melissa: Naw, I'm not Japanese enough for a katana. No, I prefer these.


::Melissa slips a kind of steel wire into the envelope, pushes it so it comes out again on the other side, and then pulls it and rips the envelope open::


Todd: A violin string. Yes, that's my Melissa. (takes and unfolds the paper) The winner of the Golden Acorn Award in the category Best Romance is... Awakening, by Zap and Spu!


::Stunned at the announcement of his name, Zap approaches the podium in a daze. After accepting the award, he stares at it in amazement for a moment before looking up at the gathered Rangerphiles with a small but incredibly appreciative smile::

Zap:, this...this is a great honor - an amazing honor...I can't think of anything that could express my gratitude to you all. I suppose all the romance I put into "Awakening" kinda reflects my own hopes for my future...for what God has planned for me. I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say?

::He shrugs honestly and light laughter ripples through the crowd. He then grins and winks to a certain mouse and platypus in the audience::

Zap: Of course, the antics of a certain couple helped to inspire my writing in the last few chapters, for which I am quite grateful. I wish I could express to you all my thanks, but I don't words would do it justice, so...thank you...thank you all.

::He smiles gratefully and leaves the stage::


Melissa: Congratulations, Zap and Spu, and to a wonderful thing called romance. Come here, Todd.


::Melissa and Todd share a third kiss which ends in perfect sync with the song the orchestra plays. They both wave to the audience::


Todd: Good night, everybody!


Melissa: And may love be with you!


::Hand in hand, the two mice leave the stage::