Most Prolific Rangerphile


::Zaptiftun appears on the stage, a bit more confident than earlier, and takes his place behind the microphone::


Zap: Alright folks, now it's time to find out who was the prolific Rangerphile of 2008!


::The crowd erupts in cheering as Zap reads off the names::


Zap: And we have:


Midnight Man,




and Sinclair!


::Foxglove comes up to the podium and hands Zap the winner's envelope and stands by::


Zap: And our Most Prolific Rangerphile is...Saraggle! Come on up!


Sara (from the audience): Oh wow…


::As she walks up on stage, the applause grows, with no one’s greater than Racebest’s. Sara stops behind the podium, taking it all in::


Sara: As I looked back in the year, especially when I was creating my post for “What the Rangerphiles have done this year”  thread, I noticed how much I had accomplished throughout the year, though I never would have thought or dreamt that I would get an award for being most prolific…


But, to prevent myself from rambling, I sincerely thank you all; you are like a second family to me, and I don’t plan on leaving this place for a long time to come and I will try my best to continue to live up to this award that I have received tonight. Thank you.


::The crowd stands and cheers. Saraggle leaves the stage, soon followed by Zap and Foxglove as they head backstage::