Best Portrait of a Ranger


::The curtain goes up, revealing a huge map of the Atlantic Ocean. In front of it are standing two mice, Van Man and his lady-love Titanic. Both are in formal wear::


Titanic: We were asked to present the Best Portrait of a Ranger category of the Golden Acorn Awards.


Van Man: This award honors the artist who best captured the look, feel, style and essence of one of the Rangers in the past year. But nobody could capture your essence, Titanic.


::Titanic blushes::

Titanic: You’re so sweet to say that, Van.


::She kisses him on the cheek and now Van Man blushes amid a room full of amused laughter::


Van Man: Uh, yes. Thanks—thanks there. And the nominees are...


::As they speak, the nominees appear on the screen::


“Dale. Just Dale” by DeLTa

“Two Small Tammy Pics” by Toni

“Chip” ("I don't know what fear is; I never want to know") by Rye

“Snow in July” by Oha

“Gadget at the beach” by Saraggle

“Gadget in her workshop” by Trash


Titanic: And the winner is....


Dale (from the audience): Rye, Rye, Rye!


Titanic (confused): Thanks for the cheering section, Dale, but there’s now need for a rah-rah right now.


Dale: No, not ‘rah’, Rye.


Titanic: Goodbye? But we haven’t announced the winner yet!


Dale: No, no—I meant I was Rying for rah, uh, rahing for Rye.


Titanic: Oh, Val-da-ree!* Everyone, sing along!


Val-da-ree, val-da-rah,
Val-da-ree, val-da-rah ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Val-da-ree, val-da-rah!

::The audience appears confused, Titanic appears amused and Van Man bemused. He takes out a Swiss Army Knife and slices the envelope open. A wide grin enters his face::


Van Man: We have a winner! And Dale’s right, it’s Rye, but not her alone! It’s also Trash, for “Gadget in her workshop”. Oh, and Rye’s was for “Chip” ("I don't know what fear is; I never want to know")!


::Trash comes up on stage, once again taking hold of a golden acorn::


Trash: Let me tell you a little bit more about this picture. At first it was a simple sketch, where I liked the expression that resulted. I began shading, and I thought it was a good idea to make the lighting contrast, as if it were night. In the end I got what was, I think, the best picture that I ever drew. Thank you.


::Rye comes up on stage now, joining Trash. Rye points to the picture of Chip she drew, now behind her on the main screen::


Rye: I really like that guy!


::The audience cheers, some shouting approving words for Chip, others for Rye::


Rye: I think he is brave, intelligent, handsome and ...kind...(despite the show= =)


::Chip blushes now in his seat in the audience, and some chuckles and teasing go on::


Rye: And most important, he is easy to draw~ ^^ I like to draw him more mature (or dark, anyway^^) Thank you all!


::Van Man and Titanic applaud Trash and Rye again as they leave, then Van Man offers Titanic his arm::


Van Man: It must seem strange, having been a luxury ship and now you’re on one.


Titanic: Oh, it’s pretty comforting, actually. Like meeting an old friend. Come on, let’s go touring.


::Van Man and Titanic leave, stage left::


* - Lyrics from “The Happy Wanderer”, performed by Frank Weir (1954)