Best Website Content

Commanding Voice: Attention on deck!!

::A contingent of Starfleet marines rise from their seats, snapping salutes smartly, as RangerReady mounts the stage, looking rather resplendent in his gold dress uniform, the captain's braids twinkling brightly at his sleeves in the spotlights::

RangerReady: As you were, boys.

::The group of mice take their seats once more, as the screen behind RR displays the caption Best Website Content::

RangerReady: I thought that given the fact we're on a ship for this year's Golden Acorn Awards, that I might as well dress the part. Although I can't figure out what I did with my hat...

::In the background, Gadget and Mariel can be faintly heard whispering::

[quote][i]Did you hide it well enough?
Sure thing, may be a little flat when he finds it, though.
That's okay...even Donald Duck didn't wear one of those horrendous Napoleonic-looking things for long![/i][/quote]

::Unabashed and blissfully unaware, RangerReady continues with his speech::

RangerReady: We're here tonight to present the award for Best Website Content! Every Rangerfan website maintainer does his or her best every year to provide the best content and experience for the folks who use their websites. Unfortunately, we can only vote for one apiece...and here's the nominees that we voted for!

Chip ‘n Dale Online

Russian CDRR Portal

The Ranger Wiki

The Acorn Café

The RR Database

: Now then, we've got the nominees, all we need is a winner. And I've got the winner

::RR searches his uniform pockets rapidly, then peeks underneath the podium, looking rather frantic::

RangerReady: Um...a winner. Right. The winner...

::He searches his inner pockets, tossing out pocket change, pens, and other minor ephemera::

Voice Offstage: Psssst!

::A hand pokes out from behind the curtain, holding a new, freshly sealed envelope::

RangerReady: Oh, there it is! Thanks, Gadj. Although you could've told me that a couple minutes ago...

Gadget: Where would the fun've been in that?

RangerReady: Riiiighht...ahhermm.


::RangerReady reassumes the podium, doing his best to appear as if the last minute didn’t happen::


RangerReady: And the winner is...the Acorn Café!


::Indy walks over from stage left as the crowd applauds and he stands behind the podium::


Indy: The content of the Café is a group effort, one with a long history of quality and encouragement. It’s one thing to be talented, but many talented souls let those skills dry rot because there’s nobody to push them to greater heights. This I think is one of the reasons that the Café has lasted—we not only create content, but we yearn for and encourage new content. We increase its value. Let me share a story with you newbies


::Indy grins—it’s rare that he gives a long speech, but it’s a story worth sharing::


Indy: One night at the Café, we were chatting and sharing as usual when a new person arrived. This Rangerphile informed us, as so many others had, that they hadn’t been aware of the fandom and assumed their love of the Rangers was a rare commodity. That night, this person presented us with a gift.


That person was Fish. And the gift was “Of Mice and Mayhem”


::Indy pauses again::


Indy: Nothing would take away from Fish’s accomplishment. Nobody could doubt its quality and the talent of its creator. But what a tragedy it would have been if there had been nobody to share it with. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, and Mr. Fischer has graced our community with many a picture since then. So again, the content reflects the community, but the community makes the content valuable. Thank you all.


::Indy walks back to stage left, to the audience’s applause. RangerReady waves to the crowd and heads offstage to find Gadget wearing his admiral’s hat, Mariel giggling out of control::


Gadget: Look, now I’m Napoleon!


RangerReady: Yep, and it’s Waterloo.


::Gadget gasps in reflex and tosses the hat to RangerReady as she and Mariel take off. He adjusts his hat properly, taking on a superior air::


RangerReady: I guess it’s true, women can’t resist a man in uniform…