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Acorn Cafe 10th Anniversary Video
(About a 2-minute load on broadband)

The 2007 edition of the GA Awards found us back in New York, at the legendary Radio City Music Hall. The event was a mix of wildness, Hovitos, the return of Sewer Al, great artwork by Severe Weather Eddie. And oh yes, this funny guy named Spumoni...

2007 was the Year of the Spumoni, with his great epic chronicle, "The Rangerillion", sweeping many of the major written award categories. This work told the story of the Rangerphiles in a way that forever cements Mr. Spumoni as a prominent Cafe contributor.

CrashBurn was our 2007 Rookie of the Year, and has continued to be a great representative of Rangerphile class and ability. Fish received the Lifetime Achievement award, a well-deserved recognition for a veteran Rangerphile who impacted the community from the start and continues to do so today.