::Curtains slide away revealing a large white paper screen. A human in a
dark blue uniform enters the scene and approaches the podium. He stiffens
for a second watching the audience intently. And then suddenly a wide smile
enters his face.::

Sinclair: My friends. We've gathered here today for a special purpose. This
purpose, of course, is handing out the Golden Acorn Awards. These awards are
traditionally given to the best art and story of the year. Lights please.

::The lights dim. There's a whining of machinery heard from the back of the
hall as a half century old projector comes to life.::

Sinclair: Getting nominated for the GAA is no easy task and creating
animation is perhaps the most difficult of craftings. That's why it's an
honor and a privilege for me to say that this year's nominees are:

Sinclair: Monterey Jack for Happy New Year

::There's a click. A happy image of Gadget in a Santa's hat waves from the

Sinclair: Pussy for Waving Gadget

::There's another click and a another Gadget waves from the screen.::

Sinclair: SilverShadow for Gadget Fan...ning

::This time Gadget waves a leaf, cooling herself on a hot sunny day. Howls
and whistles sound from the audience. Gadget's cheeks turn deep crimson.
Sinclair smiles.::

Sinclair: Face it Gadget. You're that lovely whatever you do.

::He waits for the audience to calm down a bit.::

Sinclair: Leo for Lovers

::With a mechanical click a lovely scene appears that causes the many Pros
in the audience to sigh deeply with content.::

Sinclair (under his breath): It seems the influence of Our Lady of the
Workshop is spreading.... good.

Sinclair: Owlor for Gadget animation

::A table is shown. A distinct "Chuhuuuuuheeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzeeeeeeee!!!!" is
heard from the first row and Monty seen almost floating toward the screen.::

Sinclair: Switch it off! Quickly!

::The screen turns white again leaving startled Monty in a half-leap. He
looks around, embarassed.::

Monty: Uh. Sorry mate.

::The audience laughs and Sinclair smiles knowingly. Monty quickly retreatsback to his seat.::

Sinclair: CrashBurn and Leo for Colored Gadget Talking

::The Gadgetphiles howl again seeing Gadget revealing her affection for an
unseen person.::

Sinclair: Owlor again for Fanimation from OMaM

::A plane flies from the screen and many a heart is deeply moved by Chip
crying silently on the back seat.::

Sinclair: And last but not least, Rye for Rye Walking

::Rye or rather her lovely image walks through the screen.::

Sinclair: Lights.

::The lights return to their normal state.::

Sinclair: You know the suspects. Now is the time to get to the objective of
today's meeting. Envelope please.

::A tiny figure clad in dark green scales walks on stage and approaches the
podium. He and Sinclair exchange salutes. The Gand produces an envelope from
his belt pouch, gives it to Charles, salutes again and leaves. Sinclair
turns to the audience, envelope in hand.::

Sinclair: Now. What I'm about to reveal was top secret material for the past
two weeks.

::Sinclair tears the envelope in half.::

Sinclair: The Best Animation Golden Acorn goes to... Leo and Rye. Congratulations!

::Leo stands up, shocked, and then realizes everyone is clapping for him and runs up on stage to the podium. Sinclair salutes him with his sword. He can’t speak at first for the joy of the moment, then he finds his voice again::

Leo: Three things have surprised me in this year: The birth of my daughter, Beatriz….

::The crowd applauds as a picture of Beatriz comes up on the big screen::

Leo: The Golden Acorn nomination and the win for my animation Prototype. :roll:

::The audience laughs::

Leo: But the surprises don't stop! Let me begin with the Great Welcome from the Acorn Café members, for their fantastic works and ideas, with discussions and quarrels in that forum—and their patience and careful explanations for this member :D

::Another good natured laugh from the audience::

Leo: Finally, I feel so happy for all to enjoy my little work that combines with other works, to participate and compose one wonderful event, especially unforgettable for some and for me. :mrgreen:

::The audience applauds::

Leo: Thanks for all! Rescue Rangers, Away :c-lol::d-embarrassed:

::Rye comes up shyly, waving to everyone as she reaches the podium. Sinclair bows low, saluting her with his sword as well::

Rye: I don't have much time to get on the internet or draw pics these years. Since I began to work as an investigator in Oct. 2006, we met real cases and saw the dark side of society. I began to think about things I never thought before and became a little moody, maybe that's so-called 'Growing pains'? ;)

::The audience laughs::

Rye: Anyway, I thank you very much for this award, but even more for being here when I need people like you to be here. Thank you!

::As Rye and Leo hold up their awards, the crowd claps. They head offstage as Sinclair also leaves the stage and walks back to his seat::