::Midnight and Dawn enter the stage together, walking hand in hand. "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles is playing on the PA system. The audience welcomes the two mice, both wearing black and white only, with lots of applause. They stop in the middle of the stage and Midnight looks around, to the left, to the right, behind himself, everywhere. Even as the audience falls silent, he doesn't say a word::


Dawn: What's up, Midnight?


Midnight: I actually expected some practical...


::The lights are shut down with the exception of black lights. Where Midnight and Dawn would normally be, all that is visible in the darkness are four eyeballs, a jacket, a tie, and the collar of Dawn's dress.


Midnight: ...joke by the light crew. Guys, you need to work on your timing.


::The lights go on again::


Dawn: Wow, that was weird. Everything okay now, Midnight?


Midnight: Uh, shouldn't this be the cue for the other Dawn?


Dawn: What other- Aw c'mon, don't tell me you still believe in this...


Midnight: Hey, when you saw her last year! You thought she was as real as I did as long as she was around. And when she was gone, you acted like nothing had happened. So where is she?


Dawn: Forget about her. I'm the only Dawn van Zant here. Come, let's do our presentation.


Midnight: Well, okay, I can't wait for her forever. So, ::clears his throat:: tonight two years ago, I came into the Acorn Café for the very first time. Tonight one year ago, I was given one of two 2006 Rookie of the Year awards.


Munkart (shouts from somewhere in the audience): And I got the other one! Yaaay!


Rye (sitting next to him, shouts): Shaddap!


Munkart: Guess I better do what the policemunk says.


::The audience laughs::


Dawn (smiles): And another anniversary. Munkart and Rye. Ain't they cute?


Midnight: I remember how it all started at last year's GAA. How ol' Munkart went nuts when I gave him Rye's self-portrait. Anyway, tonight this year, I'm the one to give away the 2007 Rookie of the Year award. Dawn, who are the nominees?


Dawn: The nominees….


::She takes an envelope, opens it, removes the paper from inside it, and reads out loud::


Dawn: 'Midnight, make sure you get my sequel written this year. You know what I mean, Too Huge Too, Thanks For Everything, Rebecca Cunningham. Otherwise... expect the unexpected. Yours sincerely, Dawn van Zant.' What the hey...


Midnight (turns to Dawn): What was that?


Dawn: I swear, I didn't write this!


Midnight (takes a look at the paper): Right, that's not your handwriting.


::Midnight turns back to the audience::


Midnight: Oh well, it'll vanish after a while anyway...


Dawn: Wait, the writing is changing!


Midnight: I can't say I didn't expect that. What's it changing into?


Dawn: The...list of nominees. Shall I read it?


Midnight: Go ahead.


Dawn: The nominees for the Rookie of the Year award are... Wow, half of them are spread around the world. ArChip from Russia, Leo from Brazil, Sinclair from Poland, and Saraggle91, CrashBurn, and Lilacstarprint from the States.


Midnight: Nice list, indeed. If the still unknown Rangerphiles out there knew that we're giving away awards for just being a rookie, the Café would need another floor, what with an avalanche of newbies rolling in.


::Dawn hands him another envelope. Midnight opens it::


Midnight: And the winner is...


::A drum roll starts. Midnight glances down into the pit to the big orchestra, parts of which had come all the way from Las Vegas this year, and sees a certain white mouse hammering on the display of his PDA::


Todd(stops and grins): Cool, eh? Physical modeling drum plug-in!


::Todd hammers on::


Midnight: Heh, geeks can't blame geeks for being geeks. On the synthetic drums tonight: Todd! And the 2007 award for Rookie of the Year goes to...CrashBurn!


::Todd's drum roll ends with a cymbal crash.  A light is cast on the audience and CrashBurn is lit up. CrashBurn quickly looks around::


CrashBurn:  Me? Are you kidding?!


::The astonished reddish brown squirrel runs up to the stage and accepts his award::


CrashBurn: Oh man! I had no idea! I had hoped I would, but in reality, I, well...


::Tears appear in the squirrel's eyes and he sniffs::


CrashBurn: Thank you so much everyone.


:: He quickly brushes his tears away::


CrashBurn: You guys and this fandom mean so much to me, and because of this award I'm going to do even more than I had last year. I will not disappoint. That is my promise.


::The Rescue Rangers come out and surround Crash. Chip smiles::


Chip: Congratulations friend, and thank you for supporting us.


::Chip shakes Crash's hand which he returns. Gadget then gives Crash a kiss on the cheek::


Gadget: Congratulations Crash.


::The squirrel becomes even more red::


CrashBurn: Aw shucks Gadget, you didn't have... to...


::He notices something different::


CrashBurn: Wait a minute, you're not the Rangers from my fanfic


::The Rangers all smile and Dr. Indy walks up::


Indy: Indeed, these are the Canon Rangers, Crash. The real thing.


::Crash is amazed::


CrashBurn: The originals?


::Dr. Indy nods. Crash then kneels down to them::


CrashBurn: It is an honor to meet you all! Thank you for being who you are and inspiring so many people. Truly, you are giants amongst us!


Dale (chuckles): Gosh, you don't have to do that. Were not royalty or something.


::The audience yells out, "Yes you are!"::


::Crash stands back up::


CrashBurn:  Hey, I just realized something. I just got kissed by the real Gadget!


::Crash starts doing a dance::


CrashBurn: I got kissed by Gadget! I got kissed by Gadget!


::Everyone in the audience slaps their foreheads. Shortly thereafter, the happy, dancing squirrel walks down the stage and takes his seat::


Midnight: Well, congrats to the new Rookie of the Year!  Though I think he's not likely to forget it anytime soon.


::The audience laughs as CrashBurn waves to the stage and Gadget smiles and waves back::


Dawn: And remember, Crash, you can be the next to give away the award.


Midnight: Of course, I didn't give away my own award. We Rangerphiles aren't passing our awards on and on year by year. Besides, you people deserve new awards rather than used ones.


Dawn: Talking about giving away awards, I guess it's time for the next one.


Midnight: Yes, there's only a few more to follow tonight, but we don't want to delay it. So good night everyone, and see you at the after-show party or the Café or wherever.


::Dawn smiles and waves at the audience::


Dawn: Good night!


::She joins Midnight on his way from the stage::


Dawn: But I still wonder what that message on the nomin-


::A tranq dart hits Dawn from behind, obviously shot from a blowgun as it came silently. She sinks into Midnight's arms::


Midnight: Dawn? Dawn!


::Midnight finds the dart::


Midnight:  A tranq dart?


::He looks into the direction from where the dart had come::


Midnight: What the... Ladies and gentlemen, this is really turning strange again. I know who uses this sort of dart, but you people wouldn't believe me if I told you. Dawn, come on, say something!


::Dawn says nothing, she is out cold. Midnight heaves her up onto his arms. Her head happens to fall onto his shoulder::


Audience: Awwwww...


Midnight: I do hope the dart came from someone who just wanted to see me carry her. Either that, or I've got a story to write. ::looks at Dawn:: She's surely cute when she's asleep. Well, she'll probably be fully awake as soon as we're off stage. Anyway, good night!


::In the audience Indy leans over toward Chip, back in his seat now::


Indy: Good thing it wasn't the Hovitos.  Then again, I don't see getting that bunch past customs…