::Andy enters the scene, formally clad in a black smoking jacket. Coming up to the podium, he looks out at the gathered Rangerphiles, and smiles::


Andy: Ain't it good to be back, even for a night? But I'm not here to blather about me, but rather about recurring characters, and the use of them...


::He looks around again, and takes a deep breath, as if preparing for a dive::


Andy: Use of a recurring series character... that sounds so awfully complicated, yet it is so simple. Each and every time any of us makes an attempt to write fan fiction, that is exactly what we're doing, using a recurring series character. Each and every time we try to put a word in the mouth of any of the Rangers, it's that.


Each time we have Fat Cat plotting a plan, or Nimnul creating yet another hair-brained crazy invention, it's that. Yet, where for some of us it comes naturally and makes the others think they're quoting an unknown episode, others have to work that much more for the same result—while many more work as crazy, and yet fail miserably...


::Andy shrugs::


Andy: And am I glad none of you ever will have to see my works...


::He blinks, and a low level of mostly forced laughter is heard::


Andy: Heh, sorry for that. Anyway, before I drive someone crazy with more bad jokes, here are the nominees::


Gadget, in Foxglove's Magic Show by Stainless Steel Rat


Gadget, in Knight Rangers by RR-Crusader


Gadget, in PensacolaRanger's Rangerbirds are GO!


Fat Cat, in The Pivotal Divide by Mayhem.


Andy: Why am I not surprised that there are so many represented here that try their best to use Gadget... that didn't sound so good, did it?


::Gadget crosses her legs in the audience, a hint of testiness in her raised eyebrow and frown::


Andy: But I guess you're all beginning to get tired of me prattling on and about, so, if I could just get the envelope with the winner...


::Andy looks around and a stage mouse comes out, carrying an envelope, which is promptly transferred to Andy. "Best Use of a Recurring Series Character" is clearly written on it::


Andy: Thank you. And the winner is... if only I could open this thing...


::Andy is clearly struggling a bit with the envelope until he brings out a surprisingly ornate knife and un-ceremoniously slits it open::


Andy: There we go. As I was saying, the winner is...Mayhem, for Fat Cat in "The Pivotal Divide"!


::As the announcement is made, Mayhem sits there wholly not expecting the result. It takes a few seconds before he rises and gets back on stage for the award, shaking his head slightly as the audience applauds::


Mayhem: Before starting, I would like to pay tribute to three heavyweight productions this year: The Rangerillion, Diamonds in the Desert and Raiders of the Lost Car Park. All are excellent works and they deserve any awards they are about to receive. And then there's my modest little effort here, and it's managed to win something. Maybe that's because it wasn't up against any of them in this category!


::He laughs with a combination of frivolity and jokingness, and the audience joins in::


Mayhem: Nonetheless thank you so much for voting for me. Mind you, I do feel a bit Judi Dench here with Mr FC—he pops up for a few short pages of the entire extended text and yet makes off with the prize. Still, that does rather fit the old rascal down to a tee, does it not?! There's something about writing for villains that is so satisfying at times.


::He clutches the award and holds it to his chest::


Mayhem: To those who read The Pivotal Divide and enjoyed it, you have my gratitude, I hope it was as much fun as I had writing it. To those who have yet to read it, I guess a small part of the plot has now been spoiled! But no matter, it's all worth it in the end... cheers!


::With that he departs the stage, looking occasionally at the award to make sure indeed that he really is holding one.  Once Mayhem leaves the scene, Andy heads offstage as well::