::A reddish brown male squirrel in a black suit and tie appears from behind the curtains and walks up to the edge of the stage. Following behind him is a white female mouse with curly white hair and wearing a lovely yellow dress. She walks to the left of him and stops. These two characters are none other than CrashBurn and a character from his first Fan Fiction—Squeak, Derrick's pet mouse. Crash grins::


CrashBurn: This has been a great Golden Acorn Awards, wouldn't you agree Squeak?


::Squeak’s pink eyes blink in a very cute fashion::


Squeak: Yes Master, confusing, but fun.


Crash (sighing): Um, you don't have to call me that, Squeak. I'm your creator, yes, but just call me Crash, ok?


::Squeak blushes a little and scratches her head::


Squeak: Sorry, Crash...


::Crash clears his throat::


CrashBurn: The nominations for Best Original Website Section are....


Rescue Ranger HQ All-New RangerBlog

RangerWiki - The Fandom

Tanka's CDRR Pages - World-wide

Indy's Caption Contest

The Golden Acorn Awards (on the Café)

And, Toonster.ru”


::Crash is silent as a drumroll occurs::


CrashBurn: And the winner for Best Original Website Section is. If you'll do the honors Squeak…


::She removes the envelope from her dress and the audience gasps. The drum roll stops, and Crash lowers his head, places his hand over his face, and sighs deeply. The letter has holes and chew marks all over it. Crash is obviously disappointed::


CrashBurn: Squeak...


::Squeak looks down at her paws shamefully::


Squeak: Sorry, force of habit.


::Squeak frowns and Crash ponders::


CrashBurn: Now what are we going to do?


::The curtains shift as Gadget walks out. She's immediately met with applause and cheers::


Gadget: Golly, thank you.


::She walks over to Crash and hands him a replacement envelope. The audience sighs in relief::


Gadget (whispering): Here you go Crash. Indy made a backup just incase.


::She walks over and hugs Squeak::


Gadget: It's ok Squeak, you'll get used to our ways soon enough.


::Squeak hugs her back and the audience sighs again::


Squeak: Thanks Gadget.


::Gadget smiles::


Gadget: Sure! No prob—


::A flying piece of tape has just now covered her mouth. In the audience a platypus sighs in relief::


CrashBurn: Whew...


::Crash waves to the audience::


CrashBurn: Thanks Race! That was a close one.


::The platypus winks back. Gadget removes the tape and shrugs. She then disappears behind the curtains::


CrashBurn: Okay, Squeak.


::Squeak breaks the seal, opens the envelope, and reads it::


Squeak:  The winner for Best Original Website Section is...


::A drum roll starts again::


Squeak:  It's Tanka's CDRR Pages - World-wide!!! Congratulations!


::Squeak pins the letter under her arm and claps her hands together::


Crash: Agreed! Come on up here!


::Crash begins to clap but then stares in bewilderment as a laptop (showing the winning webpage) walks up the stage and accepts the award. Squeak kisses the machine which causes the laptop to make bleeps and buzzes. It then blushes. The audience then cheers as the laptop sits back down. Crash and Squeak disappear behind the curtains::


::A half-minute later, Indy returns to the podium with the award while two guards have the protesting laptop in handcuffs::


Indy: Okay, let's try that again.  Tanka, come on up!


::Tanka walks up to the crowd's cheers and applause::


Tanka: Thank you for your choice! I am very glad to know that the CDRR Mistakes and Trivia section is not the only place among my CDD Pages that attracts visitors. I have one more wonderful idea (well, at least I find it wonderful) for this section and I hope I can make it happen it as soon as I can…


::Tanka giggles::


Tanka: Or someone else will do it instead of me and grab all the laughter!


::Tanka walks off, still giggling.  Indy shrugs::


Indy: I'm sure she's off to find a tinfoil hat.  Did that laptop have a virus or something?


::Indy walks offstage as more strange mechanical sounds of destruction come from there::