::The song "Vertigo" by Olivia Lewis is playing in the background, as Donkey, Puss in Boots, Todd and Copper are entering the stage::


All: Good evening New York City!


::The crowd cheers and Peter No-Tail (or Pelle Svanslos) a friend of both Puss and Donkey’s from Sweden, is sitting by the scene::


Todd: We are four friends on this stage, but we have all been through a lot of drama to become the best of friends!


Puss: And a lot of thanks to my old Swedish friend Pelle Svanlos, who has a birthday today!


::The audience claps as Peter No-Tail waves to the audience::


Donkey: Also congrats to the Acorn Café for its tenth anniversary!


::The audience cheers::


Donkey: Me and my pals know it too, and there will be a lot of drama when the award for Best Drama is presented!


::The audience laughs knowingly::


Donkey: As said in "Shrek the Halls"! My mama used to always say, “Christmas ain't Christmas till somebody cries!” Usually that someone's me.


Puss (to Donkey): Thanks! But I think it’s time to hand out the awards now!


Todd: The nominees for Best Drama are:


Chipmunks Standing in a Doorway by Mr. Spumoni

The Pivotal Divide by Mayhem

Diamonds in the Desert by Midnight Man

The Rangerillion by Mr. Spumoni

PensacolaRanger's Rangerbirds are GO!


Todd: And the winner is…


Dale (from the audience): Spu! Spu! Spu! Spu!


Donkey: Are you up here presenting this award?  Let the dog read, dude!


Todd: The winner IS Mr. Spumoni, for "The Rangerillion"!



Spumoni (from the audience, slightly hoarse): Imagine that!


::Mr. Spumoni once again lifts himself up and out of the seat, placing the bag of ice he had been applying to his head to the side.  As the sounds of “Loser” by Beck once again flit through the audio system he makes his way to the stage, waving to the few people he hadn’t waved to already::


::As he mounts the stage it’s evident that Spu’s head is still hurting him, and it becomes apparent that he’s going to keep this speech short…and hopefully free of any sort of any, well…drama::


Spumoni (clearing his throat): Thank you all so much! Drama has gotten a very bad rap as of late, being maligned on the Internet and in the popular media. It is important to remember that drama is an idea that comes down to us from ancient Greece. There, in the now silent amphitheaters, ones who could find the power to conjure all of their emotions and present them were idolized.


::Spumoni motions for a glass of water which a kind stage hand brings.  After whetting his throat he continues::


Spumoni: It is my hope that “The Rangerillion” was able to show how emotions are the driving force behind the character and their decisions. May the Rangerdom long continue to be a place where the use and application of drama be ever perfected inside our craftings…and absent in our fandom!


::Spumoni lifts the Golden Acorn over his head, though he struggles with it a bit. As though recognizing this he quickly lowers the award and instead gives his trademark two-fingered salute to the crowd, and makes his way back to the awaiting ice pack.  Todd, Donkey, Puss and Peter-No-Tail wave to the audience as they head offstage::