::Monterey Jack comes out on stage::

Monty: Hello there, mates! I’m going to present this here next award for Best Illustration from a Fanfic. You know, I’m really great at illustrating. I can illustrate just about anything there is with one of me grand stories.

::Monty approaches the mic now, even though he doesn’t need it::

Monty: SO THERE I WAS! Right in the middle of the deepest, darkest pit in the swamps of the Amazon! I was fightin this lot o’ loco locals who didn’t like the smell o’ me, but I didn’t let it stop me! I gave ‘em a right an’ a left and…

::Ten minutes later, Monty wraps it up::

Monty: …and so you see, blokes, it’s real important to know the way the wind’s blowing when you catapult a piranha through the air like that and—

::Indy comes on stage and whispers in Monty ear::

Monty: OH! You mean this is that right good drawin’ illustratin’! Well, why didn’t you say so! We’d better get right to the nominees, then.

::Indy goes back to stage left, sighing::

Monty: So here they are, the best drawing yahoos around for illustrations:

ElNiko's character series
The Albacore by Sinclair
Gadget Motor by Stainless Steel Rat
The Rangerillion Poster Redux by Rye
Spirit of Creation by saraggle91
Dale's "Funeral Pyre" by Kat
Chip and Tammy by Lilacstarprint
The Crafting of Chip and Dale from The Rangerillion by Saraggle91

Monty: Right good lot o’ drawers, there. Reminds of the time I was in Borneo for the primitive art festival and—

::Indy clears his throat and points to his watch::

Monty: Oh, right. Well, let’s get to the congratulating, shall we?

::Monty receives the envelope and rips off the top::

Monty: And the winner for Best Illustration from a Fanfic is Rye! Cute lass, that.

::Rye comes on stage, appearing modest. Monty kisses her hand, gentleman like, and escorts her the few steps to the podium::

Rye: I am very glad to receive this award. I did the best to I could to portray the spirit of the original drawing, and your response seems to say I did well. Thank you all very much!

::Rye waves to everyone as she accepts her award and walks offstage. Monty waves to the crowd and heads off to find someone else who hasn’t heard all his stories.::