::CrashBurn reemerges from the curtains with a new hostess. Another white female mouse joins Crash’s side. This one has blue eyes, brown hair, and is wearing a gorgeous blue dress. She is none other than the mysterious southern belle, Gloria, who is also from Crash’s first fanfic.


Crash: Well, it's not everyday you see a laptop accepting an award, huh Gloria?


Gloria (nods): Mhmm. I was always frustrated that I could never figure out how to use those contraptions. My husband, God rest his sole, could take it apart to see how it works in a heart beat.


Crash (chuckles): I’ll bet!


::Crash turns to the audience and clears his throat::


Crash: The nominations for Outstanding Website Achievement are...


Ruslan for the CDRR Portal

Transferring the RRDatabase from Winston to Tanka

The Acorn Café's phpBB3 upgrade

The Ranger Wiki

The Acorn Café Chat

And, Alex (For creation of the CDRR Portal)


::Crash is silent as a drum roll occurs::


Crash: And the winner for Outstanding Website Achievement is...if you'll do the honors Gloria.


::She breaks the seal, opens the envelope, and reads it::


Gloria: The winner for Outstanding Website Achievement is...


::Drum roll continues::


Transferring the RRDatabase from Winston to Tanka!!!


::Gloria claps her hands together. Crash smiles::


Crash: Come on up here, Tanka!


Tanka stands up in her row and motions for a microphone.  An usher brings her one::


Tanka: Winston said he treated this site as if it were his own child and I can add that it's made with an amazing love and care. But some sites are more that just a homepage and the RRDataBase is one of them. It's has already become one of the symbols of the CDRR fandom and this award confirms it again. I'm very happy it stays online. But I really hope that soon Winston will say ' I'm back.' And i'll reply:


'Here it is, safe and sound.'


::Tanka sits back down as the audience applauds. Crash and Gloria bring her the award then return to the stage where they disappear behind the curtains::