::A Highland fanfare plays from deep in the wings, and the curtains part, accompanying the blasting welcome of the pipes. Through the aperture, Reguba, squirrel warrior of Redwall, steps out onto the stage, resplendent in his kilt and official dress. Snapping  a sheaf of papers sharply, his voice booms out across the auditorium::


Reguba: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!


::A whisper comes from backstage as Tammy pokes her head around the curtain::


Tammy: [i]"Psssst!! Wrong notes! The Cafe Shakespeare audtions're tomorrow!"[/i]


Reguba: Oops...beg pardon!


::Reshuffling his papers, the brawny squirrel clears his throat::


Reguba: Ladies and gentlemen, Cafe patrons, my good friends! I present to you, the nominees for Best Color Image, in the traditional category! These nominees are the following!"


New Year's Scene, by DeLTa.
Pacman's Worst Nightmare, by KomandoRR.
Replacement, by Tanka.
Sleeping Rangers, by Tanka.
Gadget from "Two More Pics" (Tammy and Gadget), by Toni.
Miss Gadget, by LilacStarPrint.
Chip and the Ravens, by Rye.
Fire, by Trash.
Gone With the Wind Tammy, by PhantomKitty.
Tried Chipmunks, by Artist.
Look at Butterfly (Think Again), by DeLTa 2.
Meditation, by MunkArt.
Rye Melting, by Rye.
Hawaiian RoMice, by LilacStarPrint.


Reguba: Wait...did I see a picture of my beloved amongst those slides? Scan back! I must needs have a better look!"

::An abrupt throat-clearing comes from back stage. Indy's voice drifts out of the wings::

Indy: [i]Read the winner, Casanova![/i]

::Snapping out of his daze, Reguba, consults his notes::

Reguba: Hrrm...the winner? Oh yes, the winner! And that winner is...the winners are Trash for "Fire" and Rye for "Chip and the Ravens"!

::Trash comes to the podium amid the audience's applause::

Trash: Another for me?  Wow, two in a row!  I am very pleased you liked my artworks, and as I said before I am very encouraged by your liking me and I will bring you more in the future.  Thank you!

::Rye comes up now, hesitant as she reaches the microphone::

Rye: Like Trash, I am grateful you liked my drawings.  I am not the best speaker, but I think my artwork speaks for how much I love Chip and Dale.  Thank you all for voting for me!

::Rye and Trash wave to the audience and leave the stage.  Reguba salutes his beloved and marches off behind them::