::Smoothing his dress uniform, RangerReady makes his way out onto the stage, brushing off the gold braid at his cuffs::

RangerReady: You know, I never realized how many puddles this city keeps lying around! I'm glad there's a fifteen-minute dry-cleaners next door."

::Reaching into his inside pocket, he fumbles for his notes...which were there, before...::

RangerReady: Uhmm...unfortunately, it seems that the cleaners still have my notes! Ah well...no matter! My memory is good enough, I think, to take on the task.

::Looking up, he makes a thoughtful expression::

RangerReady: Hmm...what category was this, again?

::From the catwalks above, a fishing line suddenly descends, a piece of notepaper suspended on the hook. Smiling gratefully, RR quickly removes it, laying it on the podium.::

RangerReady: Thanks, Fly...I owe you one! This year's nominees for Best Color Image, in the CGI category, are:

Ranger Plane 3D, by ArChip.
New Years Pic, by Trash.
Wind of Change, by Trash.
Chip and the Ravens, by Rye.
Above Night City, by Trash.
When You Wish Upon Many Stars Part 2, by Rye.
Sleeping Rangers, by Tanka .
Saj, by Rye.
Don't Leave Me Alone, by Rye.
Gadget Examining Her Blueprints, by Gal'Nael.
Tinker Gadget, by bock's car

RangerReady: Now that's a long list! Just goes to show how many talented folks we've got here, these days. And to prevent any further delays, the winner is....excuse me, the winners are "Ranger Plane 3D" by ArChip and "New Year's Pic" by Trash!

::ArChip goes to the center of the scene, smiling::


RangerReady: As a winner,would you say a few words?"


ArChip (smiles) :My first GAA's...I can't imagine that on first GAA's I won! I have no words...


::The audience applauds while Archip collects himself::


Archip: I want to say the biggest "THANKS" to all of you, and firstly because of us the Cafe and tradition of GAA's exist. Here I found new friends and mates and many very creative people.


::Archip smiles out into the audience::


Archip: And the special "THANKS" to our one man- Silent Shadow, who critiques all our works and that's why we try to do them better and better. :)))


::The spotlight goes to Silent Shadow in the audience who stands and waves as everyone claps::


Archip: And to Sinclair! He's working on a really big project and I'm trying to help :D


::The spotlight shifts to Sinclair who stands and bows, then the light returns to Archip as the applause concludes::


Archip: Also my congratulations to all our winners!


::Archip applauds and the audience follows suit::


Archip: And just my BIG THANKS to all. Thanks for everything!


::ArChip waves his right hand and slowly walks offstage. Trash comes up and speaks in Russian, which gets great applause from the Russian contingent. Then he speaks in English::


Trash: Thanks, I'm very pleasantly surprised that so many people out there were pleased with my artwork! This is my first year in the fandom and I didn't expect this kind of success. I nearly stopped drawing, but with the success I have with you, the fans, I plan to continue on. Thank you again!


::The audience applauds and Trash and RangerReady walk offstage::