::Tam steps on the stage to present the next winner::


Tam: Hi, our next award will be for the category Most informative website... And for that, we need a computer!


::She produces a lap-top from behind her back::


Tam: Yeah, that's better... Le'ts see what for websites where nominated there! The fist on my list is the Russian CDRR Portal...


::Tamira clicks at somethng on her Lap-Top and the blue-and-white layout of the russian CDRR Portal is projected on a big silver-screen behind the stage::


Tam: The Russian CDRR Portal is very interesting website, featuring informative things, like an episode-guide, a list with pictures of all of Gadget's inventions, a list of characters and some other things, people best should discover on their own! Another nominated page is the Ranger Wiki


::The main page of the Ranger Wiki Appears on the silver-screen::


Tam: It's an encyclopedia that features a lot of different informations about the Rescue Rangers and the fandom... It's open for everybody to contribute and still growing. So,  if you want to help it grow, you allways can write into it!


Tam: Now, our next nomine is the Rescure Ranger Head Quarter“, what for a long name, no wonder on my list here only stands RRHQ!


::The white and brownish main page of the RRHQ with it's very cute Gadget-featuring logo appears on the silver-screen::


Tam: The RRHQ is a good source if you want to read RR-FanFiction or need some help with how to draw the Rangers, as it has some nice FF's and verxy helpfull character sheets of the Rangers on it...


::It also has some old RR-comic you might not find otherwise scanned in for you to read! Don't blame the RRHQ for the black-nose-syndrome, though! ;) ::


Tam: Well, our next nominated page is the Acorn Cafe!


::The Main page of the Cafe appears on the screen::


Tam: ... As you all know, I am sure, the Cafe is a forum, a place to meet, talk, joke... and also to exchange informations!


Tam: Well, and now we come to our last nomine... Tanka's CDRR Pages ...Of this site the most interesting part surely are the CDRR Mistakes and Trivia... Tanka found a lot in every episode.


::The screen turns blank::


Tam: Now, of all these five pages ... Who will win?


::The screen segments into five parts, showing the main pages of all the above mentioned sites::


Tam: Well, the winnner is...[i]a tie!  The RangerWiki and the Acorn Cafe![/i]


::The silver screen shows the two winner pages... and it starts to rain confetti on everybody as the RangerWiki team come to the stage::


Midnight: Well, in the first place, the Ranger Wiki was created to replace the Rescue Rangers entry on the Wikipedia. But soon we discovered it as an excellent place into which to shove all the information we had, we found somewhere, or we could get on Canon and Fanon so all these data would be conserved and organized for future generations of Rangerphiles, far more easily accessible than if you ask Indy or Spu or me to dig something out of the gloomy and dusty archives.


However, still today, the Ranger Wiki has got holes larger than Bink's stomach. And this not remotely finished piece of work is informative enough already now for you to award it as Best Informative. This means we've done good work so far, but there's still a lot to do.


::The audience stands and applauds. Sinclair approaches the mic.::


Sinclair: Thanks everyone. We'll continue to improve the RangerWiki to the best of our ability. Let me also use this moment to encourage you to help us. There are many fanfics and characters with pending articles. If any of you has time and will, come, register and write about your favorite character and story. Thank you!


::Now the Acorn Café team assembles around the podium and Indy comes to the mic::


Indy: We're honored to be one of the great hubs of Rangerphile information.  The last ten years has made the Café a great place to come, to learn and to share.  My fellow moderators and I are fortunate to preside over such a great group of people and we look forward to serving you for another ten years.  Thank you all!


::The audience applauds as the two teams wave to the audience and take their awards as they head offstage.  Tamira waves to everyone as well and then runs offstage to her seat to enjoy the rest of the ceremony::