::Foxglove glides down out of the rafters. She lands beside the podium::


Foxglove: Hiya, everyone! I’m here to help Stainless collect his award for ‘Best Comedy’ with my magic show…


::She steps sideways and crosses her wingtips, somehow making a top hat and wand appear from behind them. She flourishes the hat and three spidery legs unfold from the rim, forming a low tripod that will hold the hat inverted, and places it on the floor::


Foxglove: Everyone’s seen magicians pull rabbits out of hats, but how about a rat!


::The bat taps the rim three times with a wand, then reaches one wing deep inside it and grabs something. With a great heave, her wingtip appears holding the tips of a pair of bunny ears. A further heave ho and Stainless Steel Rat’s head and shoulders follow. The bunny ears are mounted on a headband, tied to his chin with string. One more pull and he pops out, landing both himself and Foxglove flat on the stage::


::They help each other up and SSR dusts himself off::


SSR: There’s a rabbit in there who wants to talk to you about overtime payments…


::Foxglove slaps wing tips to the sides of her face in an impression of The Scream::


Foxglove: Oh gosh! Bun Bun!


SSR: Y’know, I always wondered why they used a top hat for pulling a rabbit out of, surely a traditional pointed wizards hat would be more appropriate, being cone-y. Whereas that joke was more corny.


::The audience laughs as he steps up to the podium, Foxglove alongside him::


SSR: Neverthestill, I’m here with Foxglove to thank everyone for their voting ‘Foxglove’s magic show’ the best comedy fanfic of 2007. I love stage magic and decided to do a Ranger story which was basically a magic act, played for laughs. Of course, it also proved a fertile ground for one of my other hobbies, dreadful puns, since I figured Foxglove, being Dale’s protégé, would use them a lot in her patter. I’m pleased people enjoyed it and I know Foxglove is too.


::The bat belle nods eagerly::


SSR: Thank you all again for showing you did!


::He steps up to Severe Weather Eddie and accepts the award. He steps away and Foxglove says, "Goodnight everyone!"::


::She waves her wand, creating a flash and a cloud of smoke that covers both of them. When it dissipates, they’ve vanished.  Several Weather Eddie bows and he and his sister leave the stage::