::Inside Radio City Music Hall, the Rangerphiles mill about during the break.  The Rangers are in the lobby as well, watching all the happy faces go by::


Monty: Too bad the action had to stop so soon this year.  I thought we’d get a better shot out of that terrible tabby.


Chip: I’m just glad it’s over for this year.  With his gang on the way to jail, it’s smooth sailing the rest of the way.


::As the two-minute bell brings everyone back into the auditorium, Fat Cat walks out in stage.  He wears a grin that seems much too happy for the risk he is taking::


Fat Cat: Hello, everyone!  I'm so glad you came tonight, for I have a special present to share with you!


::As Fat Cat reaches into his large coat pocket, shouts of  "bomb!" or "a gun!" echo through the seats.  Instead, a glistening golden acorn comes out::


Fat Cat: Have no fear, my good Rangerphiles.  I merely wish to share in the night's festivities.  And this pretty trinket will help me do just that.


::The Rangers rush in, ready to do battle again with the crime boss::


Dale:  Look out!  He's got a...an acorn?


Chip: We recovered the one he tried to steal.  Okay Fat Cat, what's the deal?  Why are you wasting our time this year?


Chip: We recovered the one he tried to steal.  Okay Fat Cat, what's the deal?  Why are you wasting our time this—


::Fat Cat grins fiendishly::


Fat Cat: Oh, I’m not wasting anybody’s time.  In fact, I’m here to be the life to the party.  Watch those posters near the wall!


::Fat Cat smiles on and suddenly the golden acorn on his hand glows.  Chip points toward one of the posters, confused::


Chip: Wait... since when is the all time favorite fanfic "Rhyme & Fat Cat?


Dale:  Uh, who wrote the "Untold Fat Cat Tales?"


Gadget:  I didn't say "Yes, Fat Cat" in that story by John Nowak!


Monty: Crikey, look at them artwork posters!

::The Rangers and Rangerphiles murmur and wonder as posters of some of the greatest Rangerphile art change before their eyes. Where Chip was featured as the hero, Fat Cat replaces him.  Where Gadget or Foxy kissed Chip or Dale, now they kissed—you guessed it::


Gadget: Bleah...that looks terrible!  How's he doing that?


Chip: The acorn, look! It's glowing! It must be doing it.


::Fat Cat laughs long and hard::


Fat Cat: When this mystical golden acorn gets through rewriting your history, you'll all be Fat Cat fans!  All your tales, your artwork, your accolades will be for me and me alone! Nyah, ha ha!


Chip:  It’s too horrible to contemplate!  Imagine the Fat Cat angst stories!


Gadget:  We have to stop him or we're all doomed!


Monty:  Why, I'll tear him apart... No, he's changed it... Now it's "The Spy Who Loved Fat Cat!" Nooooo!


Dale:  Now he writes me even dumber than normal!


::The other Rangers suddenly freeze in position, save Zipper who waves a worried hand in front of their faces.  Then thought runs through his fly-sized mind::


Zipper:  Wait, with so many changes going on, they’re incapacitated.  But as the most underutilized character in fan fiction, I should be able to stop him!  If only we had others here too obscure to be affected by the changes.


Myron:  Uh, hello?


Zipper:  Who are you?


Myron:  I'm Myron... from the Cola Cult episode.


Zipper:  Are you sure you’re from that episode?  I don't remember you.


Myron:  No one ever does. I’m the president of the Overlooked Ranger Characters Association, or ORCA for short.


::Soon the other ORCA members gather around—Detective Drake and Plato, Mrs. Booby from “Three Men and a Booby”, Gribbish from “The Luck Stops Here”, and Mouse-O from the deleted scene in “The Pied Piper Power Play”.::


Zipper: Let's get him, then! It's up to us.  We've got to get that acorn away from Fat Cat!


Myron:  B...but no one's every expected us to do anything before!  What can we do?


Mouseo:  Honk! Honk!


Mrs. Boobie:  I-I suppose we could... something?


Zipper:  Mrs. Boobie, he's writing on something and things seem to change as he's doing so, so fly around him, keep him distracted.


Zipper:  Gribbish, you have a cat, what do you do to keep her under control?


Gribbish:  Nothing, I just feed her.


Zipper:  I don't suppose you have anything cat food related on you?


::Gribbish pats down his pockets::


Gribbish:  Just a catnip mouse.


Detective Drake: Oh great, you’re a load of help.


::Zipper watches helplessly as the Rangers writhe in literary anguish as their respective fanfiction universes are being rewritten::


Gadget:  Noooo.... I have the mindbashingly high IQ... not Fat Cat!


Dale:  I'm not dumber than Mole!


Chip: I'm the one who solves the crimes!


Monty: I crave cheese, not bloomin' catnip!


::At the mention of that, Zipper snatches up Gribbish’s catnip mouse and buzzes around Fat Cat's head::


Fat Cat: Hee hee, now I'm the one who's...wha...wha....CATNIP!!!!


::In a Monty-esque moment, Fat Cat's moustache sticks out and he begins floating behind Zipper.  Mrs. Boobie snatches the golden acorn from his limp hand and, squawking, tosses it to Gribbish.  Gribbish catches it and the world seems to slow to a stop around him.  Suddenly his mind fills with images of ‘Gribbish's Rescue Inventors’::


Zipper: It's trying to take him over now!  Quick, knock it out of his hands!


Chip: Must make detective inventions...


Dale: No, funny inventions!


Chip: Detective!


Dale: Funny!


::Zipper signals to Mouse-O, who climbs up on Gribbish's shoulder.  When the mouse honks his horn in the man's ear, Gribbish drops the acorn and it starts rolling down the stage.  With all the confusion, Zipper has gotten too far ahead of Fat Cat and the catnip's spell is broken::


Fat Cat: My acorn!  I'll be the adulation of you all yet!


::The felonious feline jumps for the acorn and grabs it—just as a pair of slimy green hands does as well::


::With the acorn no longer in Fat's Control, Rangerdom returns to normal, snapping everyone back to their normal states::


Drake:  Plato, crime bite!


::The loyal dog charges the gator, giving his posterior a powerful bite and causing him to cry out as the acorn goes sailing through the air::


Plato: Wow, that's a tough posterior.  [i]But I see a softer one[/i]!