::Nyperold and Naavah walk up to the lectern::


NYPEROLD: Hey, Naavah.


NAAVAH: Yeah, Nyper?


NYPEROLD: I was browsing the internet the other day, and I stumbled upon this one site.




NYPEROLD: Well, the layout was okay, but the content was just...a virtual fish feeder -- (to audience) not you, fish—


::Fish waves back and the audience gives out a few chuckles::


NYPEROLD(to Naavah): I saw stuff like a list of words you can't write with a calculator, an account of change some guy found in his sofa, a list of pre-broken links, a scratch 'n' sniff page--just...things like that. And who wants to know your credit card number from 2002?


NAAVAH: Ugh. But our nominees aren't like that, are they, Nyper?


NYPEROLD: They sure aren't, Naavah! They are, in fact, a treasure trove of interesting information and fan works about the Rescue Rangers and the show they star in.


NAAVAH: So, let's tell them who was nominated for Best Website Content!


NYPEROLD: Alright! The Russian CDRR Portal!


NAAVAH: The RangerWiki!


NYPEROLD: CDRR Headquarters!


NAAVAH: Tanka's CDRR Pages!


NYPEROLD: The Acorn Café!


NAAVAH: And WAM!, The World Association of Montyphiles!


NYPEROLD: And the winner is: The RangerWiki!


::From the ACNN booth in the back, a shout can be heard::




::The audience erupts into cheers, although many aren't sure why::


::Midnight, Sinclair and several other Rangerphiles run up on stage::


Midnight: Best Website Content. The RangerWiki is awarded for Best Website Content. I dare say this is a good sign for our collective work being really amazingly good if the content which we're constantly working on improving is referred to as the best in all of the Rangerdom. If you like this, you should see the Wiki in five years!


Sinclair: Thanks for the appreciation, guys! I guess knowledge is the most precious thing one can offer.


NYPEROLD: Always good to see a great site get its due.


NAAVAH: Hmmm, think you can spell that site's name with a calculator?


::As the RangerWiki developers head offstage, the voles head off with them::


NYPEROLD (chuckles): Well, not with a standard calculator, anyway...


::They disappear into the wings::