::Ratatouille strides out onto the stage, his artist’s smock still spattered with paint from his latest work. As he takes his place at the podium, two more figures take the stage. Doohickey "Dee" Hawkfeather and Colette Silvertail march out towards the French rat, each clad in black suits and wearing black shades. While Ms Hawkfeather appears clearly intimidating, Ms Silvertail’s miniskirt and high heels add an obviously sensual edge. The rat confronts the two ladies as they stop at the podium::


Ratatouille: What eez ze meaning of zis!? I am supposed to do zis presentation!


Dee (brandishing a badge): Agents Hawkfeather and Silvertail, FCC—Fictitious Rodents Division. We are here to remove insulting ethnic stereotypes.


::Ratatouille casts an incredulous gaze upon the ladies::


Ratatouille: Do you mean a division that deals with fictitious rodents? Or a fictitious division that deals with rodents?!


Dee: That is not for you to know. Agent Silvertail...remove this un-PC abomination.


Colette: With pleasure.


::Colette slaps a pair of handcuffs on the rat and proceeds to pull him off stage behind her::


Ratatouille: Zis eez an outrage! I—


::He notices Colette’s seductive walk::


Ratatouille: Could get used to zis


::Dee takes the podium as the audience erupts in a mixture of laughter, hooting and wolf-whistles induced by Ratatouille’s removal. She removed her shades and stows them in a suit pocket as the ruckus dies down::


Dee: The Golden Acorn for Best Artwork is bestowed upon the graphic work that is considered to best embody both the spirit of the Rangerverse and the creative skill of the fandom. And for this year the nominees are...


Dale and Foxy hangin’ out by Fish

Sleeping Rangers by Tanka

Tried Chipmunks by Artist

Hawaiian RoMice by LilacStarPrint

Don’t Leave Me Alone by Rye

Look at Butterfly (Think Again) by DeLTa

Rye Standing on Water by MunkArt


::Dee pulls an envelope from a suit pocket, opens it and removes a slip of paper::


Dee: So without further ado, the recipient of the Golden Acorn for Best Artwork is...as you might expect, more than one person.  We have a tie between DeLTa for "Look at Butterfly (Think Again), Rye for "Don't Leave Me Alone" and Fish for "Dale and Foxy hangin' out"!


::Slowly DeLTa walks up on stage. He approaches the podium and starts to adjust the microphone::


DeLTa: Unbelievable... I won!


::Absolutely stunned and looking only at the audience, DeLTa stays silent for a while::


DeLTa: I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me on this ceremony, and everyone who simply likes what I do. Special thanks to my Russian and foreign colleagues and friends... for support, for advice, for constructive criticism, and for understanding. Thanks!


::DeLTa takes the award, raises it high above his head, and walks back to his seat.  As the audience applauds DeLTa, Rye comes up on stage.  She appears shy and uncertain, but a "Go get 'em, Rye" from MunkArt gets her talking::


 Rye: I'm glad that some friends like my art, and I really enjoyed sharing hobbies with the members in the cafe :)  My English is poor, maybe I can't express myself well *-_-*


::Rye smiles and a few tears start to form, which passes through all language barriers.  The audience stands and applauds and MunkArt comes to help the emotional Rangerphile off the stage.  Then from the front row, Dale stands up::


Dale: Fish, fish, fish!


Chip: Dale, you don't need to do that anymore.


Dale: Are you kidding?  Tonight we've got both Fish and The JAM winning.  It's like the old glory days!  Fish, fish, fish!


::The crowd takes up the mantra as Fish comes up on stage::


Fish: Thanks so much everyone- I guess the secret is drawing something that shows something ABOUT to happen rather than something actually happening?


::Foxy nudges Dale in the audience as quiet laughs ripple through the hall::


Fish: I wish I could find the second one I did of Dale’s neck bleeding and Foxy trying to open a Band-Aid with her wings…


::The audience laughs more as Foxy shrugs in the audience while Dale crosses his arms.  Fish holds up his trophy as he leaves, stage left.  With the last of the winners congratulated, Dee puts her shades back on and strides from the stage::