Bock's: Good evening. Tonight, it is my punishm......... Uhm..... Pleasure! to present the award for best Website Maintainer.


::The audience laughs::


Bock's: Where would we be without the help of these people? Probably stumbling around the internet trying to find a site that knows Foxglove is a BAT, not a flower...... that Gadget is a MOUSE, not an inspector!!!!!


But I digress......


::bock's waits a dramatic moment then continues::


Bock's: Without the services of our friends, our Ranger fix might go unsated. Tonight, we honor the maintainer we feel has best served our needs. The nominees for Best Website Maintainer are:


Ruslan, for the Russian CDRR Portal.


Tanka, For Tanka's CDRR pages.


And the Team, for the Acorn Cafe.


::bock's tears open the envelope::


Bock's: And the winner is....the Team! Congratulations!


::The orchestra starts playing the them to "The A-Team"::


Bock's: No, not that team!  The Acorn Café team!


::Indy, Chairman Kaga, Framwinkle, Jeff Parkes, Ray Jones and RangerReady come to the stage.  Indy comes to the mic::


Indy: This one’s a total team effort.  Each one of us is good, but together we are great.  We’re pleased that you enjoy the Café and that it’s still the place to come for Rangerphile enjoyment.  Thank you all!

::As the crowd applauds, the Acorn Café team leaves the stage, with bock’s trailing after them::