::Sparky comes out on stage with the envelope for the next category, Best All-Time Author::


Sparky: Anyone seen Charles Roberts?He's supposed to announce the next winner!


::Charles jumps from his seat to the stage, hurdling people and chair backs as he reaches his destination and snatches the envelope from Sparky's hand::


Charles: Jumper was a good movie! Go see it sometime.


::Charles goes to the podium and takes on a more serious bent::


Charles: Now the Nominations for the Best Author are:


::In the background, "Can You Dig It Sucker Remix" by TNA plays as the names of the nominees come up on the big screen::


Midnight Man
Mr. Spumoni
Stainless Steel Rat


::Then Charles looks at his hand the way the wrestlers do to impress the crowd as Werekitty Gadget and Pyro join him on stage and pose impressively too::


Charles: Wow, the Dragon Man is here! Now let's get the Winner of the Best All-Time Author!


::Charles rips open the envelope in one motion::


Charles: Are you ready?Let me hear it!


::The audience shouts back, "We're ready!"::


Charles: The Winner for the Best All-Time Authorólet me hear it again!


::The crowd shouts, "We're still ready!"::


Charles: Then here it is.The Winner is the ultra-rad writing tag team of Indy and Chris Silva!Get it up!


::Indy and Chris Silva come up on stage as the band plays, "We Are the Champions".Indy and Chris take their trophies and come up to the podium::


Indy: This is truly a great honor.With a whole new generation of Rangerphile readers out there, it's good to know our stories pass the test of time.


Chris: What he said.


::The audience chuckles::


Indy: Chris has never been all that talkative, have you, Chris?


Chris: Only when I get a word in edgewise :-)


Indy: So like I say, not that often.But really, we're glad you enjoy the stories we've brought to you, and this year we plan to bring you two new stories.Think of them as a gift for all the support we've received over the years.Thanks again!


::Indy and Chris hold up their awards and the crowd applauds as they head offstage.Then Charles does a Spin-a-rooney as he heads to the seats with Were-Kitty Gadget::