::A bear cub with dark-brown fur and big round ears wearing a black bow-tie, white shirt, austere black tuxedo with red rose on the left lapel, and a wide five-colored belt with five golden rings in place of the buckle appears on the scene. He is illuminated with five floodlights of different colors, matching the colors of his belt: blue, yellow, black, green and red. These multicolored rays follow him as he approaches the stand, and, merging on him, form a white light which makes the bear shine::


Monterey Jack (to himself): No, my eyes must be deceivin' meah...


Dale: What, what? You recognize him?


Monty: Just like yer and me myselfah! Misha the Olympic Bear! Well, it was a long time ago...


::The bear sees Monty and waves him. Monty smiles back::


Misha: Dobriy vecher! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, Rangers and Rangerphiles! I'm very proud to be here today on this stage. I would like to thank Dr. Indy for this invitation and to my old acquaintance, Monterey Jack, for giving him the idea.


Chip: So this was your idea?! Why are you so surprised then?


Monty (whispers): Well, basic'lly, I was half-jokin' when tellin' Indy of him, but rightah when I was goin' to tell 'Just kiddin' someone eating a cheese sandwich passed by, and I got...ya know.


Misha: Thanks for remembering me, Monty. As for me, I will never forget our little air trip from Moscow to my home in the taiga, and if it hadn't been for you, that flight would have been much longer and colder!


::Monty smiles and waves in acknowledgement::


Gadget: Wow, you haven't told us about your heroic trip. To think that you dared to fly with a Russian bear!


Monty: Well luv, it was the cheapest air ticket out of Moscow at that time...


Dale (picking at Australian's sleeve): So he's a Russian bear? But he doesn't look like one! I know Russian bears! They wear ear-flapped caps, valenki and play the balalaika...!


Monty (terrified): Dale! Not so loud!


Misha (with a broad smile): Don't worry, Monty, it's okay. Besides, your little furry friend's remark arrived just in time, I think, for what better occasion could it be for breaking cultural stereotypes than the Golden Acorn Award for the Best Original Costuming?


Rangers and Rangerphiles (in chorus): Not a single one!


::Misha fetches the envelope from his inner pocket and reads


Misha: Here is the list of the nominees for the Golden Acorn award, who put all their imagination and skills to devise new pieces of clothing or even a brand new collection of clothing for the little brave team of the Rescue Rangers. Their names are:


Gadget-sniper by ElNiko

Foxglove the Mage & Tammy the Rogue by Kat

Biker Gadget by Trash

Nimnul the Indian by KomandoRR

Replacement by Tanka

Fly-man and Bee-Ra by LilacStarPrint

Chip the Paladin, Zipper the Archer & Dale the Bard by Kat

Idaho Chip by Lilacstarprint

Gadget the Inventor by Toni

Rangers as Peanuts by PensacolaRanger

Dale in a Dress by Rye

Monty the Barbarian by Kat

Blues Brother Dale by PensacolaRanger


Misha: And the winner is: Two winners!  We have Pensacola Ranger for "Rangers as Peanuts" and Rye for "Dale in a Dress!" Pozdravlyaju! Congratulations!


::PensacolaRanger, in blue jacket, mirrored sunglasses, and Navy Blue Angels cap, comes up to the stage, escorted by a "black & white" Rescue Rangers team in their Peanuts Gang disguises. He graciously accepts the award, then moves to the podium and mic::


PensacolaRanger (nervous, blushing): Uh..wow! (chuckle) Helloooo, New York!


::He holds the Golden Acorn like Liberty's Torch, then quickly brings it back down::


PensacolaRanger: Uh-oh, (heh). Almost forgot, someone else could be watching, like a certain master hypnotist who may be plotting his revenge at this very moment. So, watch your backs, folks, you never know...


::In the audience, Bandung's eyes glow a faint yellow and his eyebrows twitch, but he keeps his cool and remains seated::


PensacolaRanger: But seriously, folks, what an honor it is tonight is to be counted among you. And hey--(gesturing to the Rangers) good grief, what a category! Guess now the gang can go undercover in the Funnies section of the newspapers. Of course, had I known this was going to be the big win tonight, uh... I'd have put in a color version, too, for Sundays! I promise to make that the first thing to do on my drawing desk once I get back home to the Gulf Coast. Again, thank you one and all! RANGERS RULE!!


::Amid the applause, Bandung's expression seems to say: "Oh well, it was an honor to be nominated...I'll get YOU, later". After that, Rye comes up, again hesitant to speak::


Rye: Chip N Dale were, are, and will be my favorites forever. When I set to draw them, I feel like I'm in my own world, where I am still the little girl 12 years ago, with a pure smile. I feel so lucky that I've found the Cafe and become friends with you! I will keep on drawing, no matter the difficulty I may meet in the future. Rye is Rye, never change :)


::The crowd applauds again as Rye and PensacolaRanger take their trophies and walk offstage::


Misha: All right, then, with all that said and done, it's time for me to go. Thanks again for your invitation and attention. Monty, ready for a trip?


Monty: Well, I'd like to, but there's cheese in the break menu, so...


Misha: Some other time, then! Dosvidanja!


::Misha presses the rose on his lapel and several balloons of bright colors pop out from under his tuxedo's collar, and he, waving with both his hands, flies out through the opened hatch in the roof::