::DJ Gwendolyn Katsche, a female cat and Fred the donkey from "The Fearless Four" are going up on the stage, as 'Sail' by Armin Van Buuren is playing on a boom box that Gwendolyn has taken with her along with a mandolin on her back::


DJ: Hello New York City!'


Fred: We came by to present the award for Best Verse tonight!


Cat: And a verse could be something like this!


::The cat begins to plays on her mandolin::


Knut, der ist ein Kuschelbär

Doch hat keine Mama mehr

Trotzdem ist er frech und froh

Und der Star im Zoo…


Fred (to the cat): It's not time for a song break now, we have to find the winner!


::The audience laughs, and they get quiet as Gwen receives the envelope::


DJ: And the winner is…Alain! All right, party time!


::Robert A. Iger (Alain) comes walking up the stage with some small cue cards in his hand, outfitted in a crisply pressed bespoke suit. He waves a couple of times to the cheering audience and bows. Then he takes a brisk walk to the speakers' platform, puts his cue cards on it and takes a deep breath::


Alain: Thank you. Thank you for honoring me with this award. I must honestly admit that I didn't saw this award coming... I sure didn't expect to win the "Best Verse" category. You see, I don't consider myself as a literary talent. But maybe, just maybe I have some hidden talents within myself. And I've got you folks to thank for discovering and appreciating that talent.


I'm also thankful for being a member of a community that stimulates creativity and experimentation so much. It's this kind of stimulation that makes our community grow and be successful. One only needs to be reminded of the excellent artwork and fan fiction stories that are featured in the Café. I will try to make an effort to contribute to this vast collection of quality artwork, and I hope to bring you many more years of entertainment with my future works.


Thank you!


::The audience applauds, and the chairman waves to the audience again. Donning a broad smile, he walks off-stage to his friends in the audience.  DJ, Fred and the cat all bow to the audience's applause and head offstage as well::