::The buzz outside of Radio City Music Hall is already so loud itís hard to hear a conversation going on two feet away.Cars and buses honk up and down 6th Avenue with more arrivals by the minute.In all of that melee, it is understandable that four cats should go largely unnoticed.Fat Cat and his goon squad, all dressed in tuxes, walk up the red carpet and into the huge lobby::


Mepps:Wow, look at this place!There must be a million people in here.


Wart: But no sign of the trophy cases this year, boss.You suppose they quit bringing them?


Fat Cat: Calm down, Wart.They're downstairs, exactly where I told you they were.Now come on, before I have to go hunt all of you down in this place...


::The goon squad squirm in their suits and tug at ill-fitting collars as they follow their boss into the building, each doing their best to dodge the clumsy footsteps of the many humans milling around::


::Mepps raises his voice to be heard over the din of the large gathering::


Mepps:So boss, how are we going to get out of here with the awards after we steal them!


::Fat Cat bonks Mepps on the head::


Fat Cat:I'd make a sarcastic remark louder than yours, but you're dumb enough to take it literally.Leave the details to me, and I'll leave being ineffective morons to you guys.Just keep your mouths shut and follow me.


Mole:Are we going to stop at the snack bar, boss?They must have good stuff here at a fancy place like this!


Wart: I'll never forgive them for refusing to let me do my one man show.


::The felonious foursome works their way to the far side of the lobby and down the carpeted stairs.The downstairs lobby is painted black, featuring a muted white diamond design on the walls and carpets. Everything is calmer down here and with fewer guests it is easier for Fat Cat to guide his cronies to view what they have come after.Under crystal clear bulletproof glass cases, the varied trophies of the Golden Acorn Awards sparkle under the track lighting::


Snout: Just think, boss.With the price of gold what it is, we could have headquarters in Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, and more!


Mole: And all the candy bars we want!


Fat Cat: I'm only after one thing hereódo you see that giant golden acorn on top of their Lifetime Achievement award?


Mepps: Yeah, but all the trouble for only that? Why not try to get it all?


::Fat Cat gets an evil grin on his face::


Fat Cat: Because, my meandering misfit, that little bauble is worth more to me than all the gold in Fort Knox!


Mepps: It is?Why's that?


Fat Cat: That's for criminal geniuses like me to know and dumb little minions like you to be ignorant of.Now, places!Just like we rehearsed it.We go in exactly ten minutes, and wait for my signal or you'll be walking home...assuming those annoying Rangers don't get you.