::The scene looks decidedly empty, with only the podium standing there and no sign of movement. Only as the silence is beginning to get uncomfortable does a moderately distressed Andy appear again and rush in::


Andy: Sorry, folks, I kinda forgot that I was going to do this one as well, which is kinda ironic, I know. What can I say? It's been a hectic month...


::Andy visibly calms down::


Andy: Anyway, I'm not here to talk about my problems, but rather something much more enjoyable. So called One Shot Characters, and the use thereof, so to say.


:: Andy grins, the grin of a rabid Tammyphile::


Andy: The one-shot characters often become so much more than what their name would suggest, and probably more than their creators ever could have expected. I think only Gadget herself, our Lady of the Workshop, as they call her, has more fans than Foxglove. And what we Tammyphiles


::At the mention of that moniker several guys get up in the audience and belt out whistles and catcalls.  Tammy ducks her head a little and blushes, but she's also smiling and giggling at the attention::


Andy: As I say, what we may lack in numbers, I'd dare say we make up for in average craziness. And then there's the Lahwhiniephiles, though I guess one could choose to see them as a kind of sub cult to the Gadgephiles...


::In the audience Lahwhinie sneers and utters a "hmph!" Andy blinks as he realizes his choice of words::


Andy: And, yes, I think I just compared the Gadgephiles to a religion. Now, where was I...


::Andy looks down on his notes, apparently trying to get his brain on the right track again.


Andy: As I was trying to say, there are many one shot characters and most of them have fans. Some have large, crazy fan bases, while others, such as Sparky, have smaller, saner groups, who still manage to provide quite the presence.


::Sparky, in the audience, leans over toward Buzz::


Sparky: I have fans?  I thought the lab felt a little windy…


Andy: So how come then that the one-shots are so popular, particularly then by writers? I'm no writer myself (as has been proven by my failed attempts), but I would venture to guess there's still a lot of personal development left for the characters. It can range from small things, such as giving Foxy an interest in Anime and Manga, to major things like Lahwhinie being Gadget's long lost sister or having Tammy grow up, both which seems to be oh so popular... but hey, I ain't complaining...


::The Tammyphiles shout out their agreement::


Andy: In a way, I'd say that this is the most exciting category, seeing what new things our writers have thought up, or, for that matter, what old things have been given a new twist... But none the less, here are the nominees:


Heinrich von Sugarbottom, in Rangers of the Lost Car-park by Stainless Steel Rat


Tammy, in PensacolaRanger's Rangerbirds are GO!


Sparky, Foxglove and Lahwhinie, in Diamonds in the Desert by Midnight Man


Foxglove and Lahwhinie, in Asset Manglement by LilacStarPrint


Tammy, in Foxglove's Magic Show by Stainless Steel Rat


Foxglove, in Foxglove's Magic Show by Stainless Steel Rat


Lahwhinie, in The Gadgidla's Return by CCC


Andy: What did I say about the three girls, eh? But then again, there's some surprises as well, I must admit... I think this is the first time someone's used von Sugarbottom with such skill...


::Andy shrugs::


Andy: Oh, well, I guess it's just time to find the envelope and we'll know who the winner is!


::He looks around and a stage squirrel enters with the envelope. Andy holds it up and smiles as he brings up his knife once more::


Andy: let me just say this before I open; GO TAMMY!


::With that out of his system, Andy expertly slits the envelope open and takes out the note::


Andy: Now, this sure is exciting. The winner is Midnight, for his use of Foxglove, Sparky and Lahwhinie in "Diamonds in the Desert"!


::To the audience's cheers, Midnight walks up on stage, accepts the award and stands behind the podium::


Midnight: Well, what shall I say? This is not my first Golden Acorn Award, not even the first for 2007. But it's the first time my fanfic writing is awarded. Heh, and this is pretty much the only category in which Diamonds In The Desert was able to compete with The Rangerillion, even though it seems to be by quantity rather than by quality.


::Someone in the audience shouts, "You rock, Midnight!" and the audience shouts its agreement::


Midnight: Anyway, Diamonds is my first fanfic to earn me an award. And I'd like to thank those who voted for me as well as those who nominated my stuff, no matter if it's gonna win anything, and my faithful readers. I hope I didn't disappoint you too much with my long hiatus.


::The audience applauds and cheers::


Midnight: I take it I didn't. Oh, and sorry, Tammy, that you weren't mentioned along with your friends. You'll get your limelight, I promise you.


::Watching the winner walk away with his well-earned price, Andy once more walks away from the podium::