::Chip and Dale enter the stage, clashing horribly in a cool blue tuxedo and a glowing orange zoot suit. Guess who's wearing which colors. They approach the podium::


Dale: Lucky we had these suits from our days with Clarice.


Chip: Lucky's one word for it. I wouldn't have minded something in simple black, but...


::Chip shakes his head::


Chip: Don't worry, everyone. Silver's fine, he's just a little... out of it. Fortunately, he also seems to have reconciled himself to being cared for by beautiful young females. He gave us his notes and asked us to come up and present the Best All-Time Artwork award.


::Chip takes the remote from the podium and Silver's notes from his tuxedo. Dale sets down the award, backs up, and sneaks offstage::


Chip: In past years, this award has gone to Fish for his outstanding "Of Mice and Mayhem" and to Charles Williams for his fanfic illustrations to Matt Plotcher's "Plots" and Dr. Indy's "The Times of their Lives."


::Chip clicks the remote, and several images appear behind the stage. Chip and Gadget cling to one another, crying in the rain by a gravestone, in one. Dale and Foxglove stand in a forsaken, moon-lit alley in the next picture; Foxy stands behind Dale and hugs him tightly as they look up in worry. A plethora of characters arranged in movie-poster style grace a third image--two detectives stand resolutely side by side, two beautiful mouse girls look upward, the remaining rangers and a catastrophe fill the edges, and a close-up of a menacing face hangs over them all. The remaining pictures are selections from "Of Mice and Mayhem," prominently featuring Silver's favorite scene in which Gadget and Chip are touchingly reunited by way of a high-velocity fire extinguisher. As the collage appears, Dale returns to the stage with an easel, canvas, and several buckets of paint::


Chip: More recently, our current nominees:


-Of Mice and Mayhem by Fish

-Dale & Foxy hangin' out by Fish

-Sleeping Rangers by Tanka

-Tired Chipmunks by Artist

-Hawaiian RoMice by LilacStarPrint

-Don't Leave Me Alone by Rye

-Look at Butterfly (Think Again) by DeLTa

-Rye Standing on Water by MunkArt


::The collage changes to feature the current nominees. Dale begins placing careful brushstrokes across the canvas, forming a perfect grid of thin multicolored lines::


Chip: Silver wrote in his notes that he noticed something specific about the current nominees for Best All-Time Artwork. With the Exception of "Of Mice and Mayhem," which is a work large enough that it's going to have some of everything, none of these works of art are about overt action. No chases, no brawls, no explosions.


These are all depictions of quiet, still moments in time. Silver thought this could mean that we identify well enough with the Rangers that their "downtime" is as appealing to us as their adventures, or that we all need rest and friendship, or that Rangers' ability to fall asleep practically right on top of each other and not feel awkward indicates exactly how strong this group is. But in the end, he says, his ponderings are mostly useless and can't explain why all these works of art are beautiful. That fact really needs no explanation. They manifest it themselves.


::As Chip talks, Dale fills in the many squares with triangles, rectangles, and squares. Within moments, an angular, rainbow version of the Rescue Rangers logo appears. Chip takes out the envelope::


Chip: That was all Silver had to say, so I'll move on to the winner now.


::Dale looks critically at his work, then hoists a bucket of pink paint. He throws it at the canvas. The bucket sends paint spinning into the air, which happens to douse the canvas as it gets everything else wet, then clatters to the ground. Chip turns around slowly::


Chip: What are you doing?!?


Dale: I've decided that non-representational abstract art is the funnest.


::Chip stands still for a few heartbeats, then drops the envelope in a mad dash at Dale. Chip begins yelling at speeds and pitches undecipherable to anyone but Chip and Dale themselves, and Dale quickly jumps to his feet and returns the favor. The audience laughs as Gadget and Zipper come onstage. Zipper retrieves the envelope and presents it to Gadget::


Gadget: I knew we were asking for trouble getting Dale that paint by numbers set for his birthday.  And the winner is...Of Mice and Mayhem!


::The crowd stands and cheers as Fish returns to the stage and settles in at the podium::


Fish: Thank you so much, everyone! Awesome. Here’s to many more! Oh wait, did I just promise more sequels???


Dale (from the audience): Se-quel, se-quel, se-quel!


::The audience take up the chant as Fish wisely grabs his award and runs for it. Gadget shakes her head at Chip and Dale, who are still arguing. She calls Monty over, who picks them both up by the scruff of their necks. The entire group exits the stage, chipmunks still going at it and unaware of the world::