::Chip Maplewood comes out on stage::


Chip: Hi everyone!† Iím here to present the Best Portrait award.† Now, everybody knows that I have the nicest portrait of anyone!


::Chip pulls out his portrait picture of Gadget and all the guys howl and growl::


Chip: But right behind that comes what our great Rangerphiles do!† And so, here are the nominees for this yearís Best Portrait award::


Sketch 2 - Emotions by Trash

Thinking Gadget by KomandoRR

Gadget-sniper by ElNiko

Chip and the Ravens by Rye

Gadget in Paws of the Puppeteer by Delta

Queenly Inspiration by LilacStarPrint

Gadget from "Two More Pics" (Tammy and Gadget) by Toni

Zipper by LilacStarPrint

Don't Leave Me Alone by Rye

Dawn by Trash

Chip Looking Mean by DeLTa


Chip: And now, for the winnerÖ


::Chip opens the envelope::


Chip: The winners are Rye and KomandoRR!


::Rye returns to the stage::


Rye: What, yet again?


::The audience laughs::


Rye: I am very pleased you enjoy my pictures, but this is a lot of walking!† But I thank you for liking them.† That means very much to me.† Thank you all again!


::As Rye takes her award and leaves, itís KomandoRRís turn::