::Yunkel gets onto the stage together with Chip. The audience finds this couple of presenters rather odd::


Yunkel: Gggggrrrreeeetings once again fair community!


Chip: The ceremony is almost coming to an end, but we cannot leave without delivering the last few nominations, which I have to say, they have been very tough so far, don't you think so, Yunkel?


Yunkel: For once I agree with you, Chip. and now we shall conduct the award for the category Worth mention.


::Chip hesitates for a moment::


Chip: I believe you mean Special mention


::Yunkels tsks::


Yunkel: Someone of special mention is of worth mention, isn't it?


Chip: Maybe, but you make it sound kinda derogatory.


Yunkel: Nonsense. That's how I talk, Yunkel-style, and everyone already knows it. Knows it and likes it.


::There are rumblings in the crowd::


Chip: I really doubt that last part, but whatever. Can we just continue with the ceremony?


Yunkel: Let's proceed.


Chip: The nominees for Special mention—


Yunkel: Worth mention…


::Chip ignores him::


Chip: Are…


Alain (for hosting Rangercon!)

Fish, pupspals & Sinclair for their efforts on saving the CDRR Behind the Scenes video for us

Alain & pupspals for the Ranger poster presented to Tad Stones

Jeff Pierce for running the What’s My Plotline? Contest

Framwinkle, for creating the Acorn cafe on furcadia


Chip (nicely): Yunkel, can you please open the envelope and read the winner?


Yunkel: You know Chip, I'd have preferred that Gadget or Master Dale had accompanied me to deliver this award, why it had to be you?


Chip (testier): Don't start making a scene and read who is the winner.


Yunkel: Why not? Everyone likes when I do a scene.


Chip: Again, I doubt that. Please read who is the winner!


Yunkel: I won't until somebody explains me why, out of everyone, you had to be my companion.


Chip: Because your dearest master and Gadget were busy, ok?


Yunkel: Busy? Ah! And let me guess, you are jealous because they are really busy and you are taking revenge on me, ruining my presentation.


Chip (losing patience): Listen, I'm not as patient as the Rangerphiles! Open the envelope or give it to me!


Yunkel: Make me.


Chip: You wanna fight?


Yunkel (grins): Yes, I wanna!


::They both raise their fists. Suddenly Chip smiles::


Chip: You know, Yunkel, you're a very bad actor.


Yunkel: I know that. I got paid for annoying people, not for good performances on stage.


::They shake hands and the audience realizes this was all a put-up job. Yunkel smiles again as he opens the envelope::


Yunkel: And the winner of the Special mention, which by the way I must clarify that it is special because actually I'm the one mentioning them. If it were Chip or any other, it would only be a mention without nothing special…


Chip (testy for real): Yes, yes, Yunkel! You're the one making the nomination special and everything else. Just read who wins and move on!


Yunkel: Fine. And the winners are Pupspals, Fish and Sinclair for saving the CDRR Making of video for all us Rangerphiles to enjoy.  Come on up!

::Pupspals races up on stage first, snatching up her award and showing it off::


Pupspals: Thanks to God, my parents, the voters. Thanks to Fish to making this possible! & Thanks to the ebay seller for not holding me to $800!!!!


::The audience laughs knowingly::


Pupspals: Although I would have paid it if he made me. Glad you all like the history lesson. Enjoy!!


::Sinclair comes up to the mic now::


Sinclair: Thank you everyone. I've never considered myself special in any way and I just posted this video so that everyone could bask in the glory of the Rescue Rangers. I'm flattered it's considered a grand doing. Thank you.


::Fish takes over the mic and spreads his arms out dramatically::


Fish (bad imitation of Monty): So there I was!


::The audience laughs as Monty appears a bit testy::


Fish: Inside the hallowed Buena Vista vault, with the video on a stone alter before me and a sackful of used phone cards of approximate equivalent weight in my hand. A bead of sweat dripped from my brow as I steadied myself for the daring switch. Or maybe it was that accounts payable daycare kid squirting me with a water pistol from behind. How’d he get in here? Oh well..


::Fish pauses for effect, then continues::


Fish: Counting down from five, I closed my eyes and made the swiftly silent exchange. Success! Then all hell broke loose.


::Fish throws his arms up over his head in emphasis::


Fish: From the eyes of Disney CEO’s hanging portraits shot copyright protection notices at me from both sides! The floor opened up to a fiery inferno of angry lawyers and art directors who previously thought CDRR was a Warner Brothers property and Gadget was a SWAT Kat!


::The audience laughs as Fish twists and contorts in his drama::


Fish: Television producers too young to drive came at me screaming, “Forget about that show! Watch ‘super-bratty-nasty-teen-ninja-mystery-anime-snarky-sacrcastic-fun-hour-robot-chef-pizza-babies’ instead!!!!!


::He takes a long breath::


Fish: Luckily, I had my partner, Pupspals, blast a few measures of Steely Dan’s “Aja” directly at them. The unique artistic stylings, aesthetically correct chord voicings, interesting lyrics and lack of pointless angry ranting and bubblegum girly vocals fried their hard-wired pop culture brainwashed minds and they fell to the ground in a trance.


::The audience claps and laughs as Fish takes a bow::


Fish: Then I got home, realized it was a mislabeled copy of “Ducktales”, and called my friend Jason Bretz for a copy. The end!


::The audience stands and applauds as Pupspals, Fish and Sinclair hold up their awards while the cameras flash.  As they leave, Chip and Yunkel start walking offstage::


Chip: By the way, who pays you for annoying people?


Yunkel (chuckles): The Department of External Mildly Important Affairs of the Government of the United States.


Chip: Whoa! ::c-whoa::


Yunkel: Yeah, they pay handsomely.


Chip: I'm not surprised for that, it's just that I've never heard of such department before.


Yunkel: Ah, that's because it is sponsored by the Men in Black, it's a secret department.


Chip: I see, good couple of movies by the way.


::Chip and Yunkel head offstage, still talking::