Spumoni (hoarse, from the audience): Seriously?


::Once more Salazar Ovid Spumoni makes his way down the long aisle towards the stage. He is just walking now, taking purposeful strides. He looks to see if there is anyone he’s forgotten to wave to yet, but he can’t seem to find anyone who has escaped his attention::


::It takes a little more effort than the previous times to mount the stage now, but having done so there is little sign of strain on his happy face::


Spumoni (raspy): Thank you all so much! In writing ‘The Rangerillion’ it was my intent to write something that captured the imaginations of my fellow Rangerphiles. In the tradition of the series itself, and also of the great works of fanon that built my interest in fan made works, I knew I would have to test my ability to produce feats of action and adventure beyond my assumed level of ability.


::Spumoni clears his throat::


Spumoni: Before writing ‘The Rangerillion’ I had never written a fight scene or a scene of peril or adventure before. I thank my fellow Rangerphiles for stating their belief that I have somehow grown in my ability to produce such works. Thank you.


::This time he doesn’t even try to lift the Golden Acorn above his head, but instead simply gives his two fingered salute, and slowly leaves the stage to the audience's applause::