::Looking like a vision in her sparkling green evening gown, star detective Almondine Maplewood takes the stage, sashaying to the podium carefully, being unused to high heels somewhat::

Almondine: I'd like to get my hands around the guy's neck that invented these—

::Seeing the sympathetic expression on the faces of the audience's female population, she grins, and shrugs::

Almondine: Sorry...ya get used to ventin' when you feel like it, in my line a' work.

::Looking down at her clipboard, she frowns::

Almondine: Best All-Time Website? Little outta my decade, ain't it, Chip?

::The chipmunk shrugs from his front-row seat, looking apologetic. Alma smiles, flashing her teeth brightly::

Almondine: Oh well...'least I get to show off how much better I look in green than that other 'munk!

::Chuckling slyly as Chip and Dale struggle to restrain Clarice, she consults the clipboard::

Almondine: This year's nominees for Best All-Time Website, are:

The Foxglove Feature.
The Acorn Café.
The Furcadia Acorn Café.
Russian CDRR Portal.
Tanka's CDRR Pages.

Almondine: And this year's winner, is...what else, the Acorn Café!

::The crowd rises as one to applaud as Indy, Framwinkle, Ray Jones, Jeff Parkes, Chairman Kaga and RangerReady come up on stage. Indy approaches the microphone::

Indy: Friends, thank you.

::The crowd applauds for half a minute before Indy continues::

Indy: It's a distinct honor to have the Acorn Café once again named the Best Website in the history of the Rangerdom. We have ten years of great memories and wonderful people to thank for making this happen. First on the list is that plucky young teenager who saw how many people loved the Rangers like she did and started a website. Natasha, this one's for you.

::The crowd shouts and applauds::

Indy: As you know when Tasha left we had to find a new place to call home, now so wonderfully dramatized in the Rangerillion.

::The spotlight moves to Mr. Spumoni in the audience who waves and smiles as the crowd applauds again. The spotlight returns to the stage::

Indy: And that home was provided by our great Chairman Kaga, who's kept us going safe and sound for all these years.

::Chairman Kaga waves and the crowd cheers again::

Indy: For a long time, I did the job of moderator alone, but as this wonderful place grew I knew I needed more sets of eyes to keep things running smoothly. So we also have to thank our wonderful moderator team of Framwinkle, Jeff Parkes, Ray Jones and now RangerReady.

::The crowd applauds after each name and then Indy speaks again::

Indy: And finally, and most importantly, I have you to thank, the Rangerphiles. The realm of Fanon, our special online world, is kept alive and thriving only by your presence and participation. The more we give to it, the more it grows and the more wonderful it becomes. If the manifold contributions to these Golden Acorn awards are any sign, we haven't seen the Café's finest hour yet. Thank you all!

::The crowd applauds wildly and cheers as each member of the Acorn Café team takes their awards and heads offstage. Almondine Maplewood gives each of them a kiss on the cheek as they head off, with an extra hug for her creator as together they head off the stage::