::Silver Shadow hops onto the stage and makes his way to the podium, sporting an exaggerated bandage and splint over his right footpaw thanks to the tape recorder that fell on him during his last presentation. Gadget and Tammy are supporting him, each with an arm wrapped around him to keep him from falling over. Gadget is holding the award and Tammy has teasingly wrapped her bushy squirrel-tail around Silver's bushy squirrel-tail and cozied up to him; Silver is blushing crimson straight through his fur::


Silver Shadow: Um, I'm here to present the, um, Best All-Time Flirt, I mean, Artist...


Dale (from the audience): Flirt, flirt, flirt!


Tammy: Come on, Silver, why so flustered? Most young squirrels would be happy to be in your position.


Gadget: Right, not everyone has two good friends around when they get injured. I mean, they wouldn't be happy about getting injured, obviously, but if by "your position" Tammy meant the fact that you have us to support you, as opposed to hopping around unaided on one leg, then it's something an injured squirrel would be happy about. But that might not count, because only half of that is your position, specifically, you putting your arms around our shoulders, and half is actually our position, specifically, that we also have our arms on you. So we should say, most young squirrels would be happy to be in our collective position, if they had to be injured at all.


::Silver Shadow and Tammy look at each other to share their mutual amusement over Gadget's inability to grasp the point. Tammy winks at him; Silver promptly remembers that he's embarrassed and snaps his head back out to the audience. Tammy rolls her eyes::


Silver Shadow: Right. Um, thanks for the clarification, Gadget. Best Artist. Yes, artist.


::He sneaks a sidelong look at Tammy, then takes a remote from the podium. He hits a button and a larger-than-life picture by Charles Williams of Chip plummeting from a skyscraper appears behind the stage::


Silver Shadow: Look, Tammy!


::She turns her head and gasps in delight. She lets go of Silver and prances a few steps away to better stare transfixed at the dashing chipmunk and worry over his depicted predicament. Silver lets out a relieved sigh. Gadget looks somewhat confused::


Silver Shadow: In years past, the Golden Acorn for Best All-Time Artist has gone to Charles Williams, Fish, and Rye. I hadn't known about Charles Williams's work before I went to do my research, which just shows how much depth and history this fandom has. Either that, or how much time I still need to spend perusing the Database.


::Silver presses another button on the remote and the picture fades into another piece of fanart. It continues to change, with enough pictures of Chip to keep Tammy occupied. The slideshow shows the Rangers battling it out against villains, doing good deeds, in deathly peril, enjoying one another's company, trying out new outfits, exploring alternate dimensions, dealing with heartbreak, and exulting in happiness and love::


Silver Shadow: Our artists have done all this and more. They've taken the tools of their trade, whether pen or pencil or computing power, and given us new images of our beloved Rangers. Images are powerful things. They can transfix and entertain, as Tammy can attest to. They can capture the essence of a character and they can place that character in new light. They can tell us an epic story at a glance and they can immortalize an instant. They keep the subject matter fresh and alive in our hearts and minds.


::Silver smiles at Gadget, who smiles brightly back. Silver smiles at Tammy, who doesn't notice due to the continued presence of art featuring Chip. Silver smiles toward the audience at all the other Rangers, who wave back::


Silver Shadow: And we are blessed to have such abundant talent among us to fuel all that. This award is to recognize some of the very best of that talent. The nominees are:









::Silver pulls the envelope out of his tux and opens it::


Silver Shadow: And the winner is...you guessed it, Fish!


::The audience stands and applauds again as Fish vaults his way up to the stage and thusly to the podium::


Fish: There I was, in the...just kidding. No story, just a very heartfelt thank you to all you wonderful RR appreciators, without whom I would have no forum for my work. You’re great, dudes!


::Fish holds up his award as the audience claps again.  As he leaves the stage, the artwork on the wall finally gone, Tammy snaps out of it. After reorienting herself, she decides to continue her little game. She sneaks up behind Silver, who is still enthusiastically applauding the winner, and performs a pounce-hug. Silver jumps forward in surprise, lands on his bad paw, stumbles into the podium, and knocks his head as he goes down::


Tammy: Oh no! I'm sorry!


Gadget: Tammy! You should know that the best way to support someone is from the side when they're moving or getting ready to move. Trying to hold them up from the back just doesn't work.


::Tammy kneels by Silver and examines him::


Tammy: Silver! Are you alright? Say something!


::Silver opens his eyes, which are dilated and slowly rotating in opposite directions::


Silver: Ooh, look! Squirrel angel! Hello, beautiful!


::Gadget and a chagrined Tammy carefully move Silver, who is giggling oddly, off the stage::