::bock's steps up to the podium::


bock's: I'm Baaaack!


bock's: It's one thing to be able to bring to life a single character. It's quite another thing to do so for more than one. To then weave these characters together in a manner that flows well and seems natural is a feat worthy of praise. And the nominees tonight have been selected for achieving that feat. Alas, we have to choose one from among them.


Without further ado, the nominees for Best Character Interaction are:


Gadget and Matt, in Pivotal Divide, by Mayhem.


Gadget and KITT, in Khight Rangers, by RR Crusader.


Chip and Dale, in Chipmunks Keep Falling On My Head, by Stainless Steel Rat.


::bock's receives the envelope and opens it::


bock's: And the winner is…Stainless Steel Rat for "Chipmunks Keep Falling on My Head"!  And RR-Crusader for "Knight Rangers"!


::This time Stainless Steel Rat came up on stage without any show. He moves straight over to bock’s car and greets him, then turns to the audience::


SSR: Hello again. Sorry there’s no song and dance but I only have something set up for Foxglove’s Magic Mishaps in the 'Best Narrative Description' category, and that wouldn’t be appropriate here. With the amazing quality of work this year, I certainly didn’t expect to win one award, much less this many.


::The audience applauds::


SSR: I certainly didn’t expect to win this one, as there were so many good examples to choose from. In ‘Chipmunks Keep Falling on my Head’, I was trying very hard to stick to the canon characters while still giving them the chance to move beyond the fixed traits that make a resolution impossible. I don’t know if it’s the fighting or the making up that people voted for, but I’m glad they thought it was well done.


::He turns to bock’s car and accepts the award, thanking him.  He holds up the award::


SSR: I really appreciate all the support and encouragement people have given me, and will endeavor to justify it in the future. And remember, I’m a big boy, so I can take a little constructive criticism. If you think I could do better, don’t hesitate to tell me how, and we’ll see if you’re right! Thank you and goodnight… until my turn at presenting, at least.


::SSR leaves to the audience's applause.  RR-Crusader rises from his seat and walks up to the podium, with thunderous applause, naturally. He accepts receives the golden acorn and shakes hand with bock's car. He then turns towards the audience::


RR-Crusader: As you all know, I am a recent addition to the Rescue Ranger fandom and the Café. I joined you in December 2007, only three months before the prestigious Golden Acorn Awards were to take place. For me, this award means a great achievement, recognition and above all, appreciation for my contribution to the fandom. To receive this award with me only being here less then a quarter of a year, this only adds to the already deeply touching event for me.


::Indy grins over at stage left and whispers to Sparky, "Rookie acceptance—get ready for a long one."::


RR-Crusader: I would like to thank each and everyone of you at the Acorn Café, almost all of you whom I've gotten to know have in some manner inspired me to do what I have done up to this point, and no doubt will do so beyond this award ceremony. I would also like to thank the Rescue Rangers..."


::RR-Crusader indicates the team sitting in the front row::


RR-Crusader: And especially Gadget Hackwrench, since it is because of her interaction with KITT in my writings that I have won this award."


::At this Gadget blushes a bit and smiles her always-cheerful smile::


RR-Crusader: Besides those I have already mentioned, there is one last duo I would like to give my thanks to. I will give you all one guess as to who they are.


::RR-Crusader picks up a remote from his pocket and presses a button. Behind him the wall begins to rise, and appearing from behind the wall to the audience's pleased surprise are KITT and Michael. Michael and KITT drive up next to RR-Crusader. Michael gets out of KITT and waves at the audience.::


RR-Crusader: Here they are, KITT and Michael of the Knight Rider series. Guys, I want to thank you as well, without you this wouldn't have been possible.


::Michael shakes hands with RR-Crusader::


Micheal: It was a great pleasure working with you, right KITT?


KITT: Oh, yes. Most certainly it was. I also enjoyed working with Gadget. Her engineering skills sure is unmatched.


Michael (with a wink): As is her beauty.


::Again, Gadget blushes and giggles::


Gadget (from the audience): Golly, thanks you two!


RR-Crusader: Thank you all!


::RR-Crusader waves to the whole audience. Michael and KITT drive to the side of the audience chairs to enjoy the rest of the awards. RR-Crusader returns to his seat, again with thunderous applause, cheers and whistles. Bock's car salutes the crowd and heads off himself::