::Philippe Marie-Suzon struts out onto the stage dressed in his typical paint-splattered t-shirt, his long blond hair tied back into a ponytail. He stops at the podium and gazes out into the audience with a defiant sneer::


Philippe: Ze recipient of ze Golden Acorn for Best Arteest can only be moi!


::As Philippe talks, Dee and Colette march back out onto the stage, making their way quickly towards the arrogant French rat. He spies the two dark figures approaching and halts his delusional rant::


Philippe: Non! You cannot deny me my glory!


Dee: This badge says otherwise.


::Dee promptly smacks Philippe upside the head with her prop, knocking him down. As the rat tries to right himself, Dee explains herself::


Dee: We’re with the FCC—Fictitious Rodents Division and you have been accused of being politically incorrect.


::Grabbing the color of Philippe’s shirt, Dee hoists him up and continues with a sadistic grin::


Dee: And I have just found you guilty! I’ll execute...the punishment offstage.


::As Dee threatens him, Philippe has been admiring Colette. Reaching out he takes one of her paws and looks into her eyes longingly::


Philippe: Ah, but does not a rat receive a final request?


::Colette, clearly flattered, loses her stern countenance::


Colette: Well, I suppose we could...


Dee: He’s poor.


::Colette quickly withdraws her paw::


Colette: Oh, ick!


::She makes a flinging motion with her paw::


Colette: Away with him!


::To the cheers of the audience Dee proceeds to drag Philippe from the stage, chuckling menacingly. As her partner departs, Colette takes the podium and removes her shades::


Colette: The Golden Acorn for Best Artist is awarded to the artist who has demonstrated the ability to consistently express their appreciation of the Rangers through many extraordinary works of art. The Rangerphiles nominated for this award for this year are:








::Colette pulls an envelope from a suit pocket and opens it.::


Colette: The recipient for this year’s Golden Acorn for Best Artist is...


::She removes the letter from the envelope.::


Colette: Drywall Weasel…


::She stares at him for a moment, then screams in terror. Drywall follows suit and bounds off the stage in fright. Regaining her senses, Colette glares offstage to her partner::


Colette: Dee! You promised-


::She suddenly assumes a look of horrified disgust and comments absently, shaking her head::


Colette: Rats... aren’t supposed to bend like that…


::Taking a few deep breaths, Colette composes herself and removes a slip from the envelope.::


Colette: The recipient, uh, of the Golden Acorn for Best Artist is... only one this time.  Come on up here, DeLTa!


::DeLTa jumps up in his seat, raising his hands up triumphantly, and runs back to the scene again::


DeLTa: Wow! That's incredible!


::Completely shocked and surprised, jumping due to the overflowing happiness, DeLTa can't find the proper words to express himself::


DeLTa: I... I don't know what to say! It's a great honor for me to be a laureate of this award, especially in this category. I'm sincerely happy about it. Thank you all so much!


::DeLTa points with both hands to all the people in the hall and continues to speak::


DeLTa: And I'll definitely try to keep making you all happy with new pictures.




DeLTa: Oh, right! I'd like to give my very special thanks to my inspirer. Thank you, Gadget!


::DeLTa takes the award and goes back to his seat. Colette puts on her shades and turns to head offstage... until she catches sight of what Dee is continuing to do to Philippe. Cringing, she turns about with her paw over her mouth and exits the stage in the opposite direction::