::Mayhem strides out onto the stage, prompting a few gasps from the audience in the process::


Mayhem: What? You never seen a wolf before? And don't ask me what time it is, I'm not going to eat you.


::Watching the reaction and hushed mumblings of a few near the front causes him to re-evaluate his thoughts::


Mayhem: Oh...the uniform? Or lack thereof. I don't do formal, so don't mention it again.


::Flipping the sealed envelope about in his hand, he addresses the audience properly::


Mayhem: Anyhow... this is my first Golden Acorn Awards ceremony and it's good to be here. Onto business, the category of Best Black and White Image for 2007. Now a loss of colour does not mean a loss of impact, of feeling, or of meaning. You only have to look at two of my favourite comics, Usagi Yojimbo and TMNT, to see the power of a greyscale production. And think of all the classic films that are likewise.


::Halting his manipulation of the envelope, he comes to the final point::


Mayhem: Face it, how can you not get enjoyment from something in black and white?


::A quietened comment erupts from a single person in the audience::


Mayhem: Okay... so maybe watching snooker* is going to be somewhat tricky. And with that, the nominations are, and boy are there quite a few...


New Year Scene by DeLTa

Chip and Foxglove modelsheet by ArChip

Biker Gadget by Trash

A Mouse and her Munk by LilacStarPrint

Sexiness by Delta

On a Bed by Peter Falsi

Pencil Drawing of Lawhinie by Toni

Spring by Trash

Gadget in Paws of the Puppeteer by Delta

Thinking Gadget by KomandoRR

Spirit of Creation by saraggle91

Simply Gadget by DeLTa

Chip Looking Mean by DeLTa

Dale and Foxy Hangin' Out by fish

Chip Gets a Kiss by fish

Gadget Sitting by DeLTa


Mayhem: All fully deserving, in my opinion. Though there has to be a winneróor winners. You never know how these things are going to go. You want me to get on with it? Fine, and the award goes to...wow, only one winner, but it's a great choice.The winner is Fish, for "Dale and Foxy Hangin' Out"!


::The audience stands and cheers as Fish comes up on stage and takes over the podium::


Fish: Whoa, thanks everyone! I think the Rangerphile consciousness is steadily drifting towards these two. Classic counter culture movement.


Dale (from the audience): Fish, Fish, Fish!


Fish: I have to confess that itís actually a color image, but I forgot to pay my internet color bill the day I posted it. Am I still eligible?


::The audience laughs and Fish once again lifts his trophy high as he exits the stage. Mayhem nods toward the audience and trails after him::