::Mayhem approaches the podium, but can be seen subtly performing the "silly walks" routine from Monty Python in the process::


Mayhem: Back so soon? Indeed, how's that for timing? Now, satire. The pointed wit, the dry humour, the ability to fight using mind and pen against the pomposity and hypocrisy of those in the spotlight. Something which us British are known for doing, and escaping being sued in the process.


::A few laughs from the audience::


Mayhem: However the underlying point of it all is that you must look within, for if you lack the ability to laugh at yourself, then who or what can you laugh at?


::He gives a chuckle before drawing a breath quite audibly::


Mayhem: We all love the Rescue Rangers and by loving something you can also create humour and laughter around its own concept. Now true satire is nearly always disparaging, but in the cases here it is more about poking fun and having a laugh at various situations.


He smiles and then throws the envelope backwards over his shoulder.


Mayhem: And so on with the oh so great and really, REALLY wonderful nominees here... you see what I did?! But yes I can be serious, for oh let's say five minutes per year. The lucky shortlists are...


Like a Gadgephile by Midnight Man

Darkwing at Hot Topic by pupspals

On the Set of Good Times, Bat Times by Neal_Wolf


Mayhem: Oh, the tension, can't you feel it? Not me, I've already looked in the envelope. So the award goes to...Neal Wolf!


Doctor Batorious: Accepting on behalf of Neal Wolf, the Rescue Rangers Canine Squad.


[i]Flash (minus his Wonder Dog outfit but sporting the RR logo pin from his collar), Canina, Plato, Frenchie, and Que Sera make their way onto the stage.  the male dogs nod to Canina, who takes the podium.[/i]


Canina: The rest of the team decided to let me do the honors, seeing as I've got some experience with acceptance speeches.  First of all, Neal asked us to apologize for not being here himself.  He's currently at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry working on a story for a different genre...


[i]An anthro wolf, dressed in a tuxedo and wearing his long, gray-streaked black hair in a half-tail, suddenly appears next to the podium out of thin air.[/i]


Neal: So that's Apparating...


::He makes a disgusted face and shudders, then turns to the Canine Squad::


Neal:  Am I late?


Frenchie: [i]Au contraire, mon ami[/i], you are just in time!  Right Que Sera?


Que Sera: Sera!


::Canina smiles and steps aside as Neal takes the mic::


Neal: Wow... um... when I wrote the first On the Set story, I never thought it would win any sort of award, so it certainly never crossed my mind that I'd end up standing here accepting a second Best Satire award for this one!  Thanks go to Chip, Dale, and Foxy for being such good sports about this one, and to you guys for remembering it despite my recent absence from the board.  I know it's corny, but it really is an honor to have such a recognition for my silliness.  Thank you.


Canina: As a side note, on behalf of everyone who was part of the original show, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for sticking by us all these years...


Neal (grinning): …and years and years...


::The male dogs, save Que Sera, smile and join in:::


Dogs: …and years and years...


Canina (laughing): Aw, shut up you guys!


Flash(chuckles): Hey, you got out of it in "Gone to the Dogs"; you were due.


Canina (smiles): Thanks again everyone!


::Neal waves to the audience, then vanishes as the Canine Squad make their way offstage.  Mayhem bows and trots offstage behind them::