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In the year 1989, Disney introduced a new member of its Disney Afternoon lineup. The Rescue Rangers joined Gummi Bears and DuckTales to form a strong series of characters and stories, all of which are represented today on the web. However, the following for Rescue Rangers is as strong or stronger than any other member of the Disney Afternoon. This page was not constructed to explain why, but rather to chronicle both the Rangers and the fandom.

*NEW* Tad Stones, "Father" of the Rangers -- Thanks to pupspals, we now have a complete discussion on the Rangers from the man who made it all possible! The information gleaned was truly enlightening, and I'm honored to be able to house it here at the Museum.

Chip 'n Dale - Early Days to Syndication -- A brief history of our beloved munks, plus details on their early development in television, courtesy of information given out by Tad Stones with some additional Disney info included.

History of the Rescue Rangers and the Online Community -- This was a sociology paper written by Julie Bihn that gives an excellent summary of the online Ranger movement. It's also a very good "snapshot" of the community at the time of its writing, and is an excellent read for newbies and veterans alike.

The Acorn Cafe: Then and Now -- This is a real museum piece now, as I include two examples of what the original Cafe used to look like. I've also written up a short piece on the history of the Cafe and its transition to its current location.

Kat's Tales From the Messageboards -- This site is a wonderful repository of influential postings from the old and new Cafe. You'll find records of postings from Ranger-related celebrities such as Deborah Walley, Dev Ross, and Tad Stones, as well as collaborative stories, Ranger discussions, and a History of the Fandom link near the bottom.

The Eternal Triangle -- Also known as the Great Debate, the arguments have been going on for as long as the show's been around as to who Gadget would choose--Chip, Dale, someone else, or no one. As mentioned elsewhere, these arguments have gotten nasty at times but not always. Here's the very first online debate I could find, dated 1992. Yep, it's been going on for at least ten years, and will continue as long as people remember the Rangers. (This page has been edited for grammar, spelling and in a couple of cases content).

Rescue Rangers 1990-92 Broadcast Schedule -- This listing was compiled by "Lucky" Steven Patrick Calica on February 16, 1991, and revised on January 19, 1992. This is an as-accurate-as-possible ordering of the original syndicated RR show dates that is known to exist.

Rescue Rangers TV Ratings -- From November of 1990, it shows that at the time Rescue Rangers was rated higher than the other most popular DA show of the time, DuckTales.

Fan Fiction History --Almost since the show began, Rangerphiles have been writing fan fiction based on the series. Here, we chronicle the early attempts plus the more recent offerings and big moments in fanfiction history.

The Chat Pack -- Named after the Rat Pack, this board was for a couple of years THE place to come and chat the night away. Frequenters of the Pack included Dale, Chipette, Shao, Waythorn, Charity, The Enduring Man-Child, Dyglo, and frequent guests. The page gives a brief summary of life at the Pack, plus a link to the page on one of its busiest nights.

Let me express my appreciation to Julie Bihn and Karen "Kat" Mollett, who were both kind enough to let me include their sites in this compilation. Most of the information I've compiled comes from scouring Usenet, so let me add another thanks to the archivers there for maintaining that historical treasure. And just to be safe, the above image of Chip and Dale and the Rescue Rangers are copyright Disney and used here without permission but with the utmost respect