Tad Stones, "Father" of the Rangers

*NEW* Tad Stones Talks about the Rangers -- This is a real treat--the man himself talking about the characters we've come to love. As with the previous section, I turned this into a conversation piece, making it easier to read and enjoy. And I know you will.

*NEW* Tad Stones at Disney -- This part covers Tad's experiences at Walt Disney Animation and focuses mostly on the business side of what he did there. Instead of leaving his words in the Q&A form, I worked it all into a cohesive conversation. I think you'll find it enlightening.

Chip 'n Dale - Early Days to Syndication -- I'm including this section here, as it also has information from Tad, although this section is older. A brief history of our beloved munks, plus details on their early development in television, courtesy of information given out by Tad Stones with some additional Disney info included.