International Awards


For the 2002 Golden Acorn Awards ceremony go here

Best Author (English) - The J.A.M.

Best Drama (English) - Death of a Comedian, by The J.A.M.

Best Short Story (English) - THREE WAY TIE!

Best Action Sequence (English) - The Dogfight, from Death of a Comedian, by The J.A.M.

Best Imagery (English) - Staten Island Park, from Death of a Comedian, by The J.A.M.

Best Original Character (Male, English Story) - The Batmunk, from I Dream of the New Ranger

Best Original Character (Female, English Story) - THREE WAY TIE!

Best Original Villain (English) - Strigidae, from Death of a Comedian, by The J.A.M.

Best Character Interaction (English) - Chip&Dale's heated argument, from DoaC

Best Characterization (English) - Death of a Comedian, by The J.A.M.

Best Use of a Series Character (One-Shot, English) - Death of a Comedian, using Foxglove

Best "Moment" in a Fanfic (Any Type, Brief, English) - End of Dogfight, Death of a Comedian

Best Dialogue, Line, or Quote (English) - Chip&Dale's heated argument, from DoaC

Best Plot Twist (English) - Result of C+G marriage

Best Joke/Use of Humor (English) - Dale's stand-up routine

Best Poet - Johan Rhen

Best Song Parody - The Best of One Old Show


Best Artwork - It's my Life Video, by Koyot

Best Artist - THREE WAY TIE! Loki Gloohov; Murad Ismailov; Ruslan Matvienko

Best Colored Image (Flat) - Gadget_New_Millenium, by Kobyshev

Best Colored Image (Rendered) - FoxyDale, by TOZ

Best B&W Line Art - "Hello, Chipper!" by Loki Gloohov

Best B&W Greyscale - gadfavanimeB.jpg, by Nathan "Teargas"

Best Portrait - Alone, by Ilya Pestov

Best Illustration from a Fanfic - Sunrise, by Ilya Pestov


Best Website (Non-English) - Russian CDRR Portal, by Ruslan, in Russian

Best Website (English Accessible) - FOUR WAY TIE! Disneyania, by Johan Rhen; Ruslan's CDRR Project Group, by Ruslan; Russian CDRR Portal, by Ruslan; White Mouse Lab, by Murad Ismailov

Best Site Maintainer - Ruslan


Outstanding Achievement - Ruslan



United States Awards


Written Work




Best Story: Untold Ranger Tales

Best Author: Indy & Chris Silva

Most Improved: 8-Bit Star

Best Round-Robin: The Enduring Man-Child

Best Comedy: The Day Dale Became Smart

Best Action/Adventure: The Times of Their Lives Best Drama: Death of a Comedian

Best Romance: Untold Ranger Tales

Best Mystery/Thriller: TIE! Claw&Antler; Payback

Best Short Story: The Day Smart Became Dale

Best Action Sequence: Rangers fight with Strigidae

Best Imagery: Once Upon A Dream

Best Original Male Characer: "Uncle" Bevidere Fairmont

Best Original Female Character: Doohickey "Dee" Hawkfeather

Best Original Villain: Strigidae

Best Character Interaction: Chip&Lahwhinie

Best Characterization of the Rangers: Sovereign

Best Use of a 1-Shot: The Times of Their Lives

Best Use of Recurring: Gadget in Chains, Gadget

Best Prose: Untold Ranger Tales

Best "Moment": TIE! Chip pays the price; Dale&Foxy's "blackout"

Best Dialogue, Line, Quote: TIE! "Alas, poor thumbtack"; C&D's heated argument; "Who you callin' a zipper, fool?"

Best Plot Twist: Gadget's true parentage

Best Joke: Chip kisses Gadget and jumps off the building




Best Verse: TIE! Kubla Kat; Very Bad Poem

Best Poet: TIE! Indy; Rennod

Best Poetic Imagery: The Gadget Sonnets


Satire & Parody


Best Satire: Crossroads of Time

Best Song Parody: Ms. Hackwrench is the Centerfold

Best Prose Parody: Interview with the Mouse

Best MiST-ing: MiST-ed: The Dark Saviour Saga




Best Artwork: Gadget working on a computer

Best Artist: Charles Williams

Best Colored Flat: RR Girls

Best Colored Rendered: Gadget's Go-Cart

Best B&W Line: Zanzibar

Best B&W Greyscale: TIE! Chip as Indy; Gadget at a Train Station

Best Portrait: Gadget working on a computer

Best Fanfic Illustration: The Cover to The Times of Their Lives

Best Solo Illustration: Chip as Indy

Best Dressing: RM-13.jpg (Rustic Beauty)

Best GIF Animation: Gadget Bop

Best FLASH Animation: Foxglove Feature Intro

Best Online Comic: TIE! Luigi Meets the RR; Strange Day at Beach




 Best Game: TIE! Rescue Ranger Adventure; Starcraft Add-ons

Best Non-Game: Foxy KISS




Best Site: Foxglove Feature

Best Maintainer: Indy

Best Content: RR Database

Best Layout: Foxglove Feature

Most Informative Site: TIE! Indy's Ranger Museum; RR Database

Best Original Section/Material: joneScientific's Sculpyture page


Outstanding Achievement: Indy & Chris Silva


Special Awards:


Best Caption: TIE! Tammy Puckering Up; Holodeck Malfunction; Speechless for Deborah


Most Helpful: Ray Jones


Biggest Nutcase: Schroeder


Most Prolific: TIE! Ray Jones; 8-Bit Star


Honorable/Special Mention: TIE! CD; KS; Dale; Steve C.; Schroeder


Best All-Time:


Fanfic - Rhyme&Reason


Author - Indy & Chris Silva


Artwork - TIE! Plots, by Charles Williams; Times of Their Lives, by Charles Williams


Artist - Charles Williams


Website - The RR Database


Rookie of the Year: Rennod


Natasha K. Lifetime Achievement Award: Indy