Short Fanfics

Small Change. New for 2008! Chris Silva and I bring you the latest from our creative repository of Ranger stories. This time, Zipper is the focus--and the mystery. Something's wrong with him, very wrong. Why is he acting so strange, and what does his unnerving dream have to do with an untold chapter of his life? Click and read, and you will learn that and much more. Rated PG for some mild violence and moments of angst.

Ranger Treasure Island. The Rangers know plays--or at least how to have fun with putting on a play. After their success with a strange yet fun version of "A Christmas Carol", the Rangers are called on again to do a summer series play. Look for lots of swashbuckling fun, and some surprises along the way. I rate this story a low PG for some mild suggestiveness.

Theo's Origin. While it's not a regular story, it is a chance to see where one of the more interesting original characters of the Untold Ranger Tales started out from. We abandoned this early storyline, but it had a lot of influence on how the URT came out. I rate this story middle PG for some intense scenes, mature issues, and a good bit of angst

Dale the Detective: Case of the Nabbed Necklace Chip and Dale are up to their usual antics, which leads to a strange wager. From that, Dale Oakmont has to solve a mystery, and the client is none other than Tammy.I rate this story low PG for some mild suggestiveness

Chip 'n Dale vs Donald Duck - The discussion's gone on before--are the Chip and Dale we know actually the ones that made life so tough for Donald on the old Disney shorts? Well, this short piece is based on saying yes to that. Watch what happens when we throw this threesome together, and a little extra fun on the side besides. I rate this story G, and in keeping with the episodes.

NEW! Zipper: The Shadow in The Claw of Death Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Now, see the Shadow played by the character that was born for the role. Beware, forces of evil, for crime does not pay. The Shadow knows! I rate this story as low PG for mild intensity

Paris and Paradise: Part of the RR "What If" series. The story takes up just after the end of "Le Purrfect Crime". A dejected Dale feels he's no longer worthy to be a Ranger and goes on a vacation with his parents. What if he meets up a second time with Lahwhinie at this point? That's the question we asked, and you'll find out the answer for yourself when you read the story. I rate this story as PG for mild suggestiveness and a couple of intense scenes.

A Day In the Life of Gadget and Dale: School Daze. It's Distinguished Citizen Day at Theo's school, and guess who's been recruited to give a speech? If you think that's a problem, just wait until you find out who else decides to show up at school! The show-and-tell of it all is right here. I rate this story as low PG as it's mostly in keeping with the episodes, with the caveat that it is set in the D+G universe.

"Chip...and Tammy?"--Tammy's older in this one, and a certain chipmunk's in for a surprise when he's reacquainted with this squirrel. The story grew out of discussions Chris Silva and I had, and we think it'll be pretty entertaining, especially for Tammyphiles. You'll find the rather surprising story here! I rate this story PG for some suggestive content.

"The Rescue Rangers and the A-Team--Dale on the Jazz"--The Rangers try to break Dale of his comic book habits, only to find their answer is a little more than they can handle! Grab some armor plating and get ready to see Dale in one of his most creative roles. B.A. says: I pity the fool who don't follow the link to the story! I rate this story PG for minor suggestive content, and some gratitous A-Team violence.

"Rangers-Animaniacs" -- This crossover is based on an idea that Chris Silva and I had--"what if the Rangers tried to get a job with another studio after Disney?". You'll soon find out there's a lot more to it than that. I rate this story as high PG for some gratitous cartoon violence, suggestive content and intense situations.

"The Adventures of Sagramore Fayremounte" -- The first in a planned series of tales on Foxglove's ancestry. This one takes place during the time of Robin Hood, and was a precursor to some of the ideas we had in "It's Not a Dream, Detective". Also available for your perusal is a page from Sagramore's own diary . I rate this story as low PG, as it has a couple of mildly violent scenes.

"Brain vs The Rangers" -- A short Ranger story full of fun, where that mental mastermind The Brain and his bumbling sidekick Pinky meet up with our favorite tiny troopers. I rate this story PG for some suggestive content.

"The Day Dale Became Smart"--A Ranger novella by Chris Silva and yours truly! It's a story that touches the emotions of all of us who have walked in Dale's shoes at one time or another. Make sure to read it all--you wouldn't want to miss the pulse-pounding climax! I rate this story as high PG for some intense scenes.
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Part Three

This is the first of a series of Ranger short stories that I am collaborating on with a new Rangerphile author, Chris Silva. Texas Rangers is a story featuring Foxglove's Uncle Bedivere! I rate this story low PG for mildly suggestive content.

The Rescue Rangers Meet Alvin and the Chipmunks--and the Chipettes--in this rollicking crossover by Chipette! I rate this story as low PG for some mildly suggestive content.
Part One
Part Two

Here's my first Ranger fanfic, "The Gift of Thundera." I rate this story PG for some suggestive content and a couple of intense scenes.
The Gift of Thundera Cover
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Part Three
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