Other Fanfics

The Road Not Taken. This is a story based in the "Cats Don't Dance" universe that takes off on a theme suggested by the artwork of Shelley Pleger. It's a poignant look at what might have happened, had Danny chosen not to go to Hollywood and stay home. Within, Danny has an alternate life, married to a bunny named Salli, his hometown childhood sweetheart.

Robin Hood: A Cats Don't Dance Retelling. Sherwood Forest has seen a lot of Robin Hoods in its time, but this one you won't forget. A fun parody of the Disney version of the movie (which I love, btw) and a lot of humorous moments. Oo-de-lolly, check it out!

Plunder and Dancing: A TaleSpin/"Cats Don't Dance" Crossover - Continuing the story from "Cats Don't Direct", Danny and Sawyer are making plans for their upcoming wedding. They're also making a trip to Cape Suzette where they'll star in a radio show and see Sawyer's family, as well as some old friends of hers. Meanwhile, Baloo and Rebecca and the TaleSpin gang are up to their necks in trouble--if you know who Colonel Spigot and Don Karnage are, you'll begin to get the picture. All of this comes together in an adventure and song-packed story that includes a monumental secret or two that'll surprise everybody. All that, and a spectacular wedding besides.I rate this story Mid-PG for an a couple of intense scenes and some suggestiveness

Cats Don't Direct: A Rescue Rangers/"Cats Don't Dance" Crossover - The Rescue Rangers meet some of the most unique clients they've ever had and go to Hollywood to solve a mysterious theft. The careers of Danny and his friends are riding on their success or failure. Can they solve the crime, and save Danny from total ruin? You'll have to read to find out. Oh, and get ready for some singing and dancing, too ;-) I rate this story Low PG for an intense scene and some mild suggestiveness

Cat Baloo: A TaleSpin "What if" story - This "what if" TaleSpin tale reunites Baloo with Kitten Kaboodle, the conniving Starrywood actress and glamour girl (here's a pic I colored of her) in a story that continues the plotline from the original episode, "A Star is Torn". It's a year later now, and Baloo's about to find himself mixed up in a movie so strange you'll have to read about it to believe it. There's danger, intrigue, romance, hard choices--and it's just getting going at that point! You may be surprised at how it turns out, but I think you'll find it worth the trip. Oh, and it has nothing to do with the movie "Cat Ballou" whatsoever.I rate this story High PG for some intense and suggestive scenes, and a couple of scenes that portray the effects of drug use.
"Yours, Mayan and Ours"--What, a TaleSpin fanfic? That's right! Chris and I decided to delve into another Disney universe for once, and this was the result. It's a fun read, and one that I think could've served as an episode. It all starts here! I rate this story low PG for some mild violence and mildly suggestive content.