The Chipmunk/Ranger Crossover

by Chipette
Part 2


    "Well, do you see anything?" Tammy asked.
       "Not ye— wait! There’s a metallic label here. ‘If stolen, return to Professor Norton Nimnul, 53280 Turner Lane."
       Brittany looked at the label curiously. "But he’s being so secretive— why would he put his address on the camera?"
       "You don’t know Nimnul, Brittany. His brand of logic makes sense only to him," Chip said.
       Tammy helped him out. "We’re gonna need everybody to help on this one, Chip!"
       "Right! I’ll go back for the RangerWing and give the other three groups the signal to come back. Brittany, Tammy, you two stay at the meeting place and wait on the rest of the groups. Let’s go!"
       Chip took a short cut to the RangerWing and flew off in the direction of Gadget’s group, though he experienced some technical difficulties that nearly grounded him on a few occasions. He finally spotted Gadget waving to him on the ground. She started running and signaled him to follow her. He landed the RangerWing and ran toward her, when the ground fell out from under him, and he fell down into a pit.
       "Gadget?! Help, I fell down into this hole!"
       Gadget peered into the pit down at Chip and smiled. She blew him a kiss.
       "Aloha," she grinned.
       Chip did a double take. "Lawainie! What are you doing here?!"
       "Seeing that you don’t interfere with Nimnul’s plans! Without you, the Rescue Rangers are leaderless and won’t get anything done."
       "That’s where you’re wrong! They’re more than capable of dealing with the likes of you, with or without me!"
       "Don’t get your hopes up too high. I’ll be seeing to their capture along with yours! Especially Gadg— OOF!"
       Lawainie was knocked over. The real Gadget had tackled her, and they began wrestling on the ground. Simon lowered his hand and brought Chip out of the pit. It was nice having someone big on your side for a change. Lawainie squirmed away from Gadget and escaped.
       "Thanks guys," Chip said. "Gadget, take over the RangerWing. We’ve got to go signal the other two groups to come back! Simon, if you’ll go on back to the meeting place, Brittany and Tammy are there waiting."
       The sound of laughter echoed through the large warehouse as Alvin tried to refrain from the convulsions resulting from 30 minutes of tickling. The laughter had driven him to tears. His stomach ached terribly from the spasms of laughter, and he had chest pains from the abnormal breathing. The tickling finally ceased. Alvin released a sigh of relief and his head fell back onto the table. He was exhausted.
       Nimnul was at the other side of the room with Lawainie and some invention Alvin couldn’t see, but he could easily hear Nimnul.
       "Curses! This blasted thing will never be fixed!" He hurled the invention out the window into the alley.
       "If I ever get my hands on those rodents that have ruined every one of my brilliant plans, I’ll tear them limb from limb!"
       "Take it easy, Nimmy," Lawainie said. "They’ll get theirs eventually. In the meantime, try again with Mr. Red Hat."
       "Let’s get one thing straight, mousey, I don’t take orders from any rodent!"
       Nimnul immediately left the table Lawainie was standing on and returned to Alvin.
       "So, are you ready to sing until the you bring the house down yet? Or should I say, until you bring the city down!"
       Lawainie smiled to herself, **I thought he said he wasn’t taking orders from me.**
       Between groans and pants, Alvin replied, "I... already... told you... I’ll... never... help."
       Nimnul frowned. "Your will power is strong, I see. Well, I have ways of making you talk!"
       The evil scientist pushed another button. A box came up from the floor with a set of headphones on it. Nimnul placed the headphones over Alvin’s ears.
       "Do try to enjoy this fine musical selection I’ve picked for you. I got it off of the Home Shopping Network. It’s called ‘The Ten Most Torturous Songs Ever Recorded,’ and they’re all by Hanson and the Spice Girls!"
       "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Alvin screamed as the lyrics began, "If you wannabe my lover..."
       Dale, Jeanette, and Theodore searched the downtown district, looking everywhere. All was well, until Theodore pointed¼
       "Look! An ice cream parlor!"
       "Theodore," Jeanette warned.
       "Well, as long as we’re here..."
       "We’re supposed to be looking for your brother."
       Dale spoke up, his eyes getting big. "Well, I’ll bet Alvin likes ice cream, too! Let’s check it out!"
       Before Jeanette could object again, the boys were inside, poring over all the different flavors.
       Theodore had his nose against the glass. "What’s your favorite flavor, Dale?"
       "CHOCOLATE!" Dale said, spotting the jug in question.
       "I can’t decide between Mint Chocolate Chip, Moose Tracks, or Cookie Dough!"
       "Guys," Jeanette started, "Alvin’s not in here. Let’s go!"
       "Aw, it’ll only take a minute to get some ice cream. Besides, chocolate is good for casework! It simulates the mind," defended Dale.
       "You mean ‘stimulates’?" Jeanette asked.
       "Aw, whatever."
       The boys got their ice cream cones and started scarfing while Jeanette managed to push them out.
       Finally Jeanette had the two snackhounds out of temptation’s way, and from there things went pretty smoothly— for about two blocks. It was at this point that the trio heard the laughter and screams of boys in the distance.
       "Hey, what’s that?" pondered Dale.
       Jeanette listened. "Could it be a fight?"
       "Maybe it’s Alvin! He could be in trouble!" Theodore exclaimed.
       They ran as fast as they could, Jeanette getting to the source of the matter just ahead of the others. She stopped in her tracks, slapped her face and said, "Oh, no!"
       The reason for her exclamation was right in front of her. A pick-me-up game of baseball was underway and the teams were picking sides. Jeanette turned, hoping that the boys hadn’t seen this wonderful seasonal scene. Too late.
       Dale and Theodore ran over. Theodore was quickly chosen and took his position as the catcher. Dale, rather disappointed that his size wouldn’t allow him to play, sat down in the dirt and sighed. Jeanette was getting close to mad. She ran over to Theodore.
       "Theodore Seville! You’re supposed to be looking for your brother! A minute ago you were afraid he might be hurt, and now you’re playing baseball!"
       "But, I love baseball almost as much as I love food! I’ll just play one inning. If Alvin was here, he’d be playing!"
       Jeanette couldn’t argue with that. Alvin certainly loved sports, but that didn’t settle the argument.
       "Well, fine, you just stay here! Come on Dale, let’s go!"
       Dale longingly looked a final time back at the game, then began trudging behind Jeanette.
       His trudging didn’t last very long. A chocolate store was setting out free samples of its best sweets in hopes of attracting customers. What it attracted instead was Dale. It just wasn’t Jeanette’s day. Dale ate a huge amount of chocolate, which ate a considerable-sized portion out of Jeanette’s wallet. Peeved, she left Dale with a stomachache and determined if she was going to get anything done, it would have to be without Dale and Theodore.
       Nimnul removed the headphones. "Ready to sing?"
       Alvin, nearing tears from the music of the Spice Girls and Hanson, didn’t respond. His will power was suffering hard hits. He was beginning to wonder if he should just do it. **No, I can’t!**
       "I told you, no! You do whatever you want to me, I’ll never be responsible for the destruction of San Francisco. Thousands of innocent people would die!"
       Nimnul lost his patience. With another push of the button the table became a chair, restraints still locking Alvin in place. He brought out a covered tray.
       "All right you stubborn ankle-biter! I’ve tried being nice, but now I’m bringing out the big guns!"
       Nimnul removed the lid from the tray. An array of vegetables was unveiled.
       Alvin’s eyes grew wide with horror. "No, you can’t! It’s too brutal! It’s... it’s INHUMAN!"
       "Start cooperating, or start filling out your daily dosage of fiber!"
       Alvin gulped. He hated vegetables, but he remembered Mary Poppins’ song about a spoonful of sugar and got an idea.
       "Okay, okay, I can take the veggies— but please, whatever you do, don’t add cheese!"
       "Oh, is my little singer lactose intolerant? Let’s find out!"
       "This is too easy," Alvin thought to himself, and he almost smiled. But his almost-smile quickly faded. Nimnul turned around.
       "Wait a minute. Is this a trick?"
       Alvin semi-dramatically answered, "Oh, no, of course not!" Nimnul wasn’t convinced.
       "Well, if it is, the trick’s on you!"
       Nimnul returned with cheese all right— a big fat slice of Limburger! Alvin screamed in terror, then turned his head away with a flinch as the mechanical hands returned and attempted to shove a piece of asparagus in his mouth.
       Foxglove was enjoying the breeze of early evening. "Wow! What a beautiful view! It sure feels more at home up here than down there with the two brains. But— wait a minute!!! What’s that noise? That droning, dull roar... it’s so... familiar."
       Foxglove glided down to investigate, and instantly remembered upon seeing the sign above the entrance that clearly read LAUNDROMAT. She landed in an awe of sorts and slowly walked in as if she was entranced. A slithery appendage quietly shut the door and locked it.
       Then came the attack. From up above a white sticky net dropped on Foxglove. Lou dropped down and greeted Foxglove. Bud the snake, whose tail had taken care of the door, followed with a sinister grin.
       "We had a feeling you’d be paying us a visit today, batty."
       Gadget flew the RangerWing back into the park, with Simon following on the ground and Chip in the passenger side watching with amazement. She made it look so easy! Brittany, Tammy, and Jeanette were waiting. Dale, Theodore, and Monty’s group was on their way. Theodore returned next, dirty and sweaty. Monty’s group soon followed, and eventually Dale trotted in and hoped no one would notice he was late.
       "Hey, where’s Foxglove?" Dale asked.
       Gadget looked at Simon, then back at him. "Golly Dale, I don’t know. She took to the skies, and was supposed to meet us back here."
       "Where did you see her last?"
       "I think it was over at the corner of West Hills and Maple Street."
       "Then that’s where I’m headed! She could be in trouble!"
       "I’m going with you!" Gadget announced.
       "No you’re not, Gadget." Chip said. "I’m afraid we can’t spare two Rangers. Nimnul has a hostage and we have no idea what kinds of contraptions he’s got with him. We’ll need your inventive, mechanical know-how to defeat him."
       "Then let me go," Simon volunteered.
       Chip considered it a moment, then nodded. "All right, Simon, you and Dale can go look for her, but first, Zipper, take five and check the skies just in case she’s just lost track of time."
       With a disciplined salute and a "Yes, Sir!" buzz, Zipper zoomed up and patrolled the skies at a speed that would put Jeff Gordon to shame. No sign of her. Back down to tell the others, and then Simon and Dale headed off to the West Hills-Maple Street intersection.
       Theodore, the Chipettes and the Rescue Rangers cautiously looked around. 53280 Turner Lane— yep, this was the place. They walked around the building, looking for the best way in. Gadget’s eyes soon lit up. A way in? No, it was something else. The gigantico gun!
       "Golly! What’s this doing all torn up?"
       "Telling us for sure that we’re at the right place," Chip said.
       Gadget looked the weapon over. "Say, Chip, this invention wouldn’t take long to repair. Do you think we could use it to our advantage?"
       "Hmmm, well, it would be nice if we were all the same size... If Theodore and the girls were our size, we could all go in through that open vent."
       But it was through that open vent that the unexpected happened. A slight aroma slithered through the air and tickled Monty’s nose. His moustache stuck out!
       Monty broke right through the wall and scrambled up to the tray of Limburger-covered veggies and dove in. Nimnul scooped him up and dropped him in a cage.
       "Well, now I’m certain those rodents are out to spoil my plans— but they won’t this time! This time I’m ready for them!"
       Nimnul gingerly pushed another button on his remote control. Booby traps fell into place, making the room a dangerous place to explore.
       "Crikey, Blimey, and TOO-RA-LOO! Why dere’s more traps ‘ere than a mouse-catching convention! I’ve gotta get out of ‘ere n’ warn the others!"
       With an evil cackle Nimnul pressed another button. A purple tinted gas hissed out from the bottom of the cage, and Monty passed out with a dreamy gaze in his eyes.
       "Now, sit back and enjoy the show! Are you comfortable in your front row seat, Calvin?"
       "The name’s Alvin!"
       "Whatever..." Nimnul shrugged. "Of course, if you would start cooperating, I wouldn’t have to hurt them!"
       "Never! They won’t fall for your traps, they’re smarter than that!"
       "We’ll just see about that!" Nimnul tersely replied, walking behind Alvin. "You can catch anything if you have the right bait— that being you, of course!"
       "Do you really think I’m just going to sit here and let them walk into your traps?"
       "That’s exactly what you’re going to do," Nimnul retorted, nearing the end of his patience with the chipmunk, and tied a cloth around Alvin’s mouth.
       Simon and Dale warily looked around them as they approached the entrance to the Laundromat at the bottom of the hill, two blocks from Maple Street. The street was eerie. Dale’s teeth chattered as his eyes wandered around, that uneasy feeling growing in his stomach.
       "A-are you s-s-s-s-sure this is the right place?" he asked.
       Simon looked the area over. "Somewhere in these whereabouts. She took off back at the intersection and headed west— this way— while Gadget and I continued northward. Why? What’s so frightening about a Laundromat?"
       "Foxy used to work for a mean ole’ witch lady, and a Laundromat was her headquarters, and, actually, now that I think about it, I think this is the same one!"
       "Do you suspect she’s in there?"
       "I’m hoping no but fearing yes."
       "Well, we’ll have to find out."
       Simon tried for the door. Locked.
       "Tell me, Dale, do you think you can fit through the mail slot and unlock the door?"
       "Well, I think so, I used to be able to..."
       "But I just ate a lot of chocolate and I’m feeling a bit chubbier than usual..."
       Simon shook his head. "You’re as bad as Theodore. Let’s see if there’s another way in."
       "If Gadget was here, we could use her glass cutter to get in a window."
       "Does Gadget always carry a glass cutter with her?"
       Dale casually smiled, "No, only when she wants to cut glass."
       Simon sighed. "I should have known."
       From the small cage that dangled from the ceiling, Foxglove could see Simon and Dale looking for a way in. She clasped her wingtips together by her face and sighed dreamily.
       "That’s my cutie! He’s come to rescue me! What a guy!"
       "Look, Dale, there she is!" Simon pointed from the back entrance, which was unlocked.
       "Foxy! I’m coming!" Dale ran out without thinking.
       "Dale! Wait! They’ll— "
       Lou whacked Dale on the head with a small stick and knocked him out.
       "—hear you."
       Bud dropped down on Simon at that instant and coiled around him, squeezing hard. Within moments Simon was constricted into unconsciousness.
       "Boy oh boy Bud, Winifred’s gonna be so proud of us!" Lou said.
       "Not if you don’t go get her she won’t! Get going! She’s at the county jail."
       "I thought she was at the jail in the police station..."
       Lou scurried off to fetch Freddie whilst Bud dragged the two chipmunks— as best as he could with his tail— to a washing machine, and locked them inside. When the munks awoke, all they could do was peer out the window and hope Bud didn’t decide they needed a bath.
       "I don’t know how you do it, Gadget," Chip sighed with amazement. In just a few short minutes Gadget had the gigantico gun fully operational.
       "Golly, Chip, it isn’t that hard, I just had to rewire the electromagnetic circuits in the..."
       "It’s all right, Gadget, don’t try to explain it. Are we ready?"
       "I’m ready," Eleanor declared.
       "Me too," said Jeanette.
       "Uh, is this going to hurt?" Theodore nervously asked.
       "Will it damage my hair?" Brittany wailed.
       Gadget smiled as she aimed the gun. "It shouldn’t hurt, but I don’t know what it will do to your hair, Brittany. Do you have anything in it? Any chemicals?"
       "I don’t like the sound of this..."
       "Do you?"
       "Of course I do! I don’t go anywhere without fixing my hair!"
       "Well there’s no way of knowing what kind of chemical reaction might take place, but I don’t think it will cause any adverse side effects. It should be fine."
       Chip and Zipper cringed at the last phrase. The "S" word!
       "We’re doomed," Chip whispered with a grin to Zipper. The fly buzzed a laugh.
       Gadget aimed the gun at Theodore and the Chipettes and triggered it. Chip, Zipper and Gadget watched the quartet shrink down to Ranger-size.
       "Great! It worked!" Gadget said.
       Brittany was lamenting her frizzy hair. "My hair! It’s ruined!"
       "Gadget," Chip turned to the lovely mouse, "if I get the compulsion to hurt her, stop me."
       With a giggle Gadget nodded.
       Chip turned back to the matter at hand. "Right, now that we’re all small enough, let’s sneak in through the ventilation system."
       "The ventilation system?!" Brittany squealed. "There might be bugs in there!"
       Chip turned to Gadget again. "That compulsion may come sooner than I thought."
       "Easy, Chip. She’s just a teenager." Gadget turned to Brittany. "You know, those ‘bugs’ in there might help us. I’m sure they’ve overheard Nimnul’s plans. Then we can rescue Alvin and get out of there, and then get you back to your normal size again!"
       "And then can I go get my hair back in shape?"
       Gadget paused. Brittany really was irritating. "Yes, then you can tease your hair to perfection."
       "Ohhh, okay..." Brittany reluctantly stepped into the ventilation unit, the others in tow. She was more than happy to let Chip take the lead this time. A few feet in, the shaft forked.
       "Which way do we go?" whispered Jeanette.
       "We’ll split up. Gadget, you, Brittany and Eleanor head right. Theodore, Jeanette and I will take the left."
       Jeanette nodded her agreement. "Right, let’s go, guys!"
       With the next step the shaft broke, and everyone fell to the floor, landing in a heap.
       Brittany, who’d landed on top, pointed to a chair. "Look! There he is!"
       Everyone gasped, craning their necks to see. Alvin looked down at them, trying desperately to tell them something. To warn them.
       Then, it came. Without warning, a mechanical arm holding an extra-large pooper-scooper gathered them up and dumped them in an aquarium. Nimnul came out of hiding.
       "Wahhhh ha ha ha ha! I did it! I’ve got you all! But wait, I’m not through yet. I’ve done my homework, you see, and one of you isn’t going to stay here and use a glasscutter on me! No way!"
       Nimnul reached down and lifted Gadget out.
       "I have a special place for you, ahoo hoo hoo hee hee haa haa!"
       "Hey, let me down! I mean it buster! Oof!"
       Nimnul flung Gadget into a metal mouse cage and tightly closed the lid.
       Brittany didn’t think she could get more depressed, until she noticed a mirror behind the aquarium and took a peek.
       "Oh my heavens! I’m covered in dirt, my hair’s all frizzy, and my makeup is running!"
       "Makeup matches your mouth," Chip commented under his breath.
       "What an evilicious day! I’ll have to leave myself a message!" Nimnul dialed a number from the store telephone.
       "911, please state your emergency."
       "911?! Whoops! Wrong number!" Nimnul quickly hung up the phone and dialed the correct number.
       The operators looked concerned. "Who was that, Elissa?"
       "I don’t know, Jeremy, but we’d better go send a couple of officers over to check it out. I’ve traced the call to 53280 Turner Lane."
       "Good work! I’ll get the patrol unit there."
       Jeremy flipped a switch. "Officers Muldoon and Kirby, we need you over at 53280 Turner Lane on the double!"
       The police radio came to life. "We’re on it, Jeremy!"
       Simon was befuddled. "We’ve got to calculate a means out of here, but I’ve exhausted all possibilities with none showing better than a 65% success rate."
       Dale ran up on his shoulder and patted it. "Aw, you shouldn’t think so hard, Simon. That’s how I do it!"
       **Well, that at least helps to explain you,** Simon ruefully thought.
       Foxglove watched the boys from above.
       "I’ve got to find a way out of here!" She violently shook the bars, and heard a faint ‘click’
       "Huh?" Looking around, she found the click’s source and beamed.
       "That click must have been from the combination lock, which means I can hear well enough to crack the combo by ear!"
       Foxglove took the lock in her wing and slowly turned the knob, her ear erect and focused. Another ‘click’— she started turning it the other way. Another ‘click.’ One more twist, and one more ‘click.’ She pulled on the lock, and it popped open!
       "All right! Now to save Simon and my cutie!"
       Bud whacked Lou on the head with his tail.
       "You dummy! I told you she was at the other jail!"
       "Well gee, Bud, I was sure she was at da jail in the police station..."
       "Well she isn’t, so now you can go BACK out and go to the real jail!"
       "What are you going to do, Bud?"
       "Watch the prisoners, of course."
       "Well you better watch harder."
       "What?! What are you talking about?"
       "Foxglove’s escaped!"
       "And she’s mad, too!" Foxglove pummeled Lou with a nosedive and sent him flying across the room, where he hit the wall hard and fell to the floor in a daze. Foxglove sped back over to Bud, and flew circles around him until he was too dizzy to hold himself up. She hovered over to the washing machine, grabbed the handle with her feet and pulled the door open. Simon and Dale were free!
       "Way to go, Foxy!" Dale hugged her.
       "Nicely done, Foxglove. Now let’s get back to Turner Lane and join the others!"
       "Well, well, well, look who dropped in!" a familiar feminine voice softly said.
       "Lawainie! Won’t you ever learn?"
       "Oh, yes, Gadget dear. In fact, I already have. I’ve learned NEVER to underestimate you and your Ranger friends!"
       Her good twin stared back angrily. "Just you wait, Lawainie! As soon as I find a way out of here..."
       "Ah ah ah! Temper temper, Gadget. You’re getting to be as bad as Nimnul."
       "Ha! I’ll never be that bad."
       Lawainie looked over her shoulder at Nimnul, who was flailing his arms and screaming, jumping up and down and about to tear his hair out.
       "You’re right, Gadget. No one can match that short-fuse! What a shame such a brilliant man has been driven to insanity by a bunch of rodents."
       "What’s got him so worked up anyway?" Gadget asked.
       "It’s that chipmunk in the chair. He can’t get him to sing."
       "WHY WON’T YOU JUST COOPERATE?!" Nimnul screamed. Alvin flinched and jumped, frightened by the sudden rage of an obviously less than sane person. Nimnul tore the gag off, accidentally knocking off Alvin’s red cap.
       "Hey, watch the hat!"
       Nimnul sensed a weakness. "The hat? What’s a matter, that wouldn’t happen to be anything special would it?"
       "Give it back, now!"
       "Ooh, I believe it is! And such a nice hat." Nimnul picked up the hat. "It would be a terrible tragedy if something were to HAPPEN to it!"
       "Don’t you dare! I mean it!"
       Nimnul cackled and held the hat over a shredder. "Well, it looks like I’ve finally found your Trojan horse! Sing for my invention, or this hat becomes my pet hamster’s latest bedding!"
       Tears starting forming in Alvin’s eyes. "Nooo! Please, anything but that! Don’t drop it!"
       "Oops!" Nimnul let it slip closer to the raging blades of the shredder.
       "OKAY! I’ll do it! Just don’t do anything to my hat! I’ve had it for years! It’s my whole identity!"
       "At last!!!" Nimnul leaped for joy and fetched his sonic vibration amplifier.
       Meanwhile, Foxglove had just seen the goings-on and was steadying the drain pipe that Dale and Simon were climbing. When they reached the window sill, Foxglove looked in to see the cavorting professor. "Oh no! We’re too late! Look!"
       Simon, Dale and Foxy— now clinging to Dale— spied through the window. Nimnul was nearly set up, and Alvin, still capless, gloomily sat in the chair waiting for his cue.
       Simon face spoke determination. "It isn’t too late yet, Foxglove. It’s never too late, as long as one can think."
       "Let me guess, you read Sureluck Jones, too," Dale sighed.
       "Why, yes, how did you know?"
       "That line. It’s from the series and it’s one of Chip’s favorites. He’s even got it framed in our room."
       "Well it’s true, and we’re going to prove it!"
       "Hey, guys, what’s that on the ground?" Foxglove pointed down.
       "It’s the gigantico gun!" Dale exclaimed.
       "Hmm, if my assessment of that mechanism is correct, we can utilize its electromagnetic radiation to enlarge the two of you, and the three of us together can stop Nimnul before he tests that invention of his. But first, we need a plan."
       "Aw, you’re too much like Chip," Dale complained.
       "Well, we don’t have to have a plan. We could just barge in and join the others in that aquarium."
       Dale grumbled something and huddled in with Foxglove and Simon.
       Nimnul squealed in excitement.
       "OOOOOH! I just can’t wait to try this out! Are you ready, Melvin?"
       "ALVIN! It’s Alvin!"
       "Whatever. Start singing, the machine’s ready."
       Alvin lowered his head. "Any requests?"
       "Don’t do it, Alvin!" Theodore and the Chipettes yelled from the aquarium.
       Nimnul chuckled. "Something happy and upbeat, to lift my spirits even higher!" Nimnul held the microphone to Alvin’s mouth.
       "Go on, sing!"
       Alvin sighed heavily and took a deep breath for the first note.
       "I can’t watch!" Brittany buried her head on Theodore’s shoulder.
       The concert was broken up by a large chipmunk in a loud Hawaiian shirt who kicked the door open.
       "Rescue Ranger Away! I always wanted to say that!"
       Dale chased Nimnul around the room while Simon aimed the gigantico gun at the aquarium.
       "Now, if I aim this just right, I should be able to..."
       Simon fired the gun, aiming not at the aquarium, but the mirror behind it. The ray ricocheted off the mirror, passed through the glass of the aquarium, and hit Zipper et al.
       The officers drove up to the run-down building. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. "Are you sure this is the place, Kirby?"
       "53280 Turner Lane. Yep, this is the place."
       "Looks like it really was a wrong number. Let’s go."
       Nimnul entered an immediate flashback from a previous encounter with Big Zipper. His eyes grew huge. His knees shook. He dropped the gun and ran out screaming! The patrol car stopped.
       "Hey Muldoon! Isn’t that guy that wacko professor?"
       "Yeah, and he’s coming this way mighty fast!"
       He banged on the door. "Let me in! Let me in! I give up, just get me away from that fly!"
       Back inside, Simon had figured out Nimnul’s remote and freed Alvin. Brittany ran to Alvin and hugged him.
       "Alvin! You won’t believe what I’ve been put through!"
       "Brittany, it can’t be half as bad as what’s happened to me."
       Suddenly, a shriek filled the air. "ALVIN!!! Oh, I’m your biggest fan!"
       Alvin turned around. Tammy.
       "Oh, Alvin, can I have your autograph?"
       Alvin pried loose from Brittany and chuckled. "For coming to rescue me, I can better that!"
       He leaned over and delicately kissed Tammy on the cheek. Tammy melted. Brittany fumed.
       "Hey!" She yelled. "I came to rescue you, too, and risked breaking nails, getting my new dress muddy, and ruined my hair!"
       "Yeah, but she’s a fan. That makes it different."
       "Oh, yeah?!"
       "Oh yeah?!"
       "Oh yeah... oh, shut up and kiss me you idiot."
       Brittany grabbed the lapels of his shirt and jerked him in for an ardent kiss. It was several moments before Alvin regained his composure.
       "You know, Brittany? I just realized something. I don’t care if you’re a fan or not."
       Brittany could only smile triumphantly in return.
       The rangers, big and small, looked at each other with satisfaction. "Well, it looks like that’s about a wrap," Gadget said.
       Chip was watching Alvin and Brittany. "Thank goodness, Gadget. So, Tammy, how’d you like your first case?"
       "The best ever, Chip!"
       "Hey, where’s Monty?" Gadget asked. "I haven’t seen him since the cheese attack."
       "He’s over here," Alvin motioned the group over to Monty’s cage. "I don’t know how you’ll wake him up though. He’s been out like a light ever since Nimnul gassed him."
       Theodore dug deep into his pocket. "Well, it worked before..." He pulled out the sandwich he’d been saving and dangled the slice of cheese over Monty. Monty leaped to his feet and gobbled the cheese.
       Alvin came over and shook Chip’s hand. "Thanks for helping me, and getting my hat back. You don’t know how special it is to me."
       Chip tilted his fedora forward. "Oh, I think I do..."
       "How can we ever thank you?" Theodore asked the Rescue Rangers.
       "Theodore, don’t be silly," Alvin chuckled. "I know exactly how to thank them. How about a private concert? Free front row tickets..."
       "Take it, Chip!" Tammy screamed. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease say you’ll take it!"
       Chip could see that no wouldn’t do any good here. "It’ll be a pleasure!"
       "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" Tammy cried.
       As they left, Alvin caught up with Chip again. "There is one thing I was wondering."
       "What’s that?" Chip asked.
       "Did you see a score on the football game?"
       [Flash cut to the Chipmunks’ backyard. A makeshift stage has been set up, and Monty enlarged to match the other Rangers. Alvin and Brittany are up front with microphones, Theodore is on the drums, and Eleanor at the piano. Alvin strums a few tuning notes on his guitar and signals Theodore to begin.]

       [Brittany sings]
       I don't want another heartbreak
       I don't need another turn to cry
       I don't want to learn the hard way
       Baby hello, oh no, goodbye
       But you got me like a rocket
       Shooting straight across the sky

       [Alvin joins in]
       It's the way you love me
       It's a feeling like this
       It's centrifugal motion
       It's perpetual bliss
       It's that pivotal moment
       It's (ah) impossible
       This kiss, this kiss... unstoppable
       This kiss, This kiss

       [Brittany solo again]
       Cinderella said to Snow White
       How does love get so off course
       All I wanted was a white knight
       With a good heart, soft touch, fast horse
       Ride me off into the sunset
       Baby, I'm forever yours

       [Alvin again joins in for chorus]
       It's the way you love me
       It's a feeling like this
       It's centrifugal motion
       It's perpetual bliss
       It's that pivotal moment
       It's (ah) unthinkable
       This kiss, this kiss...unsinkable
       This kiss, This kiss

       [Alvin solo]
       You can kiss me in the moonlight
       On the rooftop under the sky...(oh)
       You can kiss me with the windows open
       While rain comes pouring inside...(oh)
       Kiss me in sweet slow motion...Let's let everything slide
       You got me floating you got me flying
        Simon shook Chip’s hand. "Thanks for helping. If it weren’t for you the city would be in shambles by now."
       "Like I said, good things come in small packages."
       Tammy screamed wildly, and pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming

       [Brittany and Alvin singing]
       It's the way you love me
       It's a feeling like this
       It's centrifugal motion
       It's perpetual bliss
       It's that pivotal moment
       It's (ah) subliminal
       This kiss, this kiss... it's criminal
       This kiss, This kiss

       [Alvin solo]
       It's the way you love me baby
       It's the way you love me darlin'
       It's the way you love me
       It's a feeling like this
       It's centrifugal motion
       It's perpetual bliss
       It's that pivotal moment
       It's (ah) subliminal
       This kiss, this kiss... it's criminal
       This kiss, This kiss..

       [Alvin kneels at edge of stage and cups Tammy’s chin]
       It's the way you love me baby
       It's the way you love me darlin'

       Tammy goes wild and is overcome. "Oh, ALVIN!!!"
       Alvin recognized ‘the fan’ look in the nick of time. He dropped his microphone and immediately took off running! Tammy began chasing him, first off the stage and then around the yard. The other Rangers, especially Chip, watched with amusement.
       "I hope Alvin's fast! Tammy's got a good pair 'o legs on 'er!" Monty said.
       "I couldn't think of a better ending to the day, Monterey. Great music and Tammy after someone else for a change!" Chip answered.
       That good pair of legs on Tammy did her well. She jumped and tackled Alvin, giving him a kiss he’d never forget (and neither would she)!

T H E - E N D

Note: I still have the epilogue to write, if I choose to write it. if I decide on a pro C+G epilogue, I can pick it up with Brittany helping Alvin up and then they can kiss, and Gadget watches them as Chip watches her...

Notice: Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and David Seville copyright Bagdasarian Productions and Buena Vista video. Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, Tammy, and Norton Nimnul Copyright Disney. All characters were used without permission. It was out of sheer love for these lovable furries that I wrote this, no profit comes from this, and please don't sue me because I'm flat broke– what do you expect from a college student? =]

Another Copyright to Mention: "This Kiss" song by Faith Hill, here's all the fine print:
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