The Chipmunk/Ranger Crossover

by Chipette
Part 1

Note- the Chipmunks and the Chipettes are 13 years old in this story, not 8 or 9, and it assumes the Rescue Rangers live in San Francisco.

Special thanks to Indy and Chris B. for helping me along with this story. Itís what it is because of you guys. =o}

The Chipmunk Crossover Collaboration

       It was a warm cloudy day. The Rescue Rangers soared through the air in the RangerWing, Foxglove flying beside them. Tammy was excited to be included-it was her first real case. Nimnul had escaped from the sanitarium again and fled to a new hideout, this time an abandoned pet store warehouse, with all his inventions, plus a new one, which was receiving its final touches. The Rangers werenít sure what he was up to, but they could be sure it wasnít good.
       "Ha ha ha ha ha! My new sonic vibration amplifier will cause buildings to crumble and send people to their knees! At last, I shall conquer the world! But first, Iíll conquer San Francisco. Now all I need is a voice with a high enough pitch to make it work."
       He took a sonic tracking device out of his lab coat pocket and gleefully smiled.
       "Ooh! Thereís a voice with a perfect range thatíll be walking by in just 38 seconds!"
       Alvin, wearing blue jeans and a red tee-shirt with a big yellow "A" on it, casually walked home from school singing to himself.
       "Ooh eee ooh ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang. Ooh eee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang! Oh baby, I told the witch doctor you didnít love me trueó bum bum bum. I told the witch doctor you didnít love me niceó bum bum bum. And then the witch doctor he gave me this advice he said tható"
       Nimnul stepped out onto the sidewalk and stopped Alvin.
       "Excuse me young man, could I borrow you for a minute?"
       "Sorry, Iím on my way home to watch the 49ers take on the Saints, and it comes on in 10 minutes!"
       "Iíll give you a treat!"
       Alvin laughed, "Try my brother Theodore. Treats donít work on me."
       He turned to walk off. Nimnul grabbed him to pull him inside. Alvin stomped on his foot, and Nimnul instinctively released him with a loud "YEOW!" Alvin ran away as fast as he could, with Nimnul chasing him.
       The Rescue Rangers had just landed in the grass at the edge of the park, and began emptying out of the RangerWing.
       "Need a hand, Tammy?" Chip offered.
       "Thanks, ChipperĖ I mean Chip."
       "Just watch your step so you donít trip over Daleís junk."
       Tammy froze as something caught her attention.
       "Chip, whatís big, red, and runs really, really fast?"
       "I donít know."
       "Me neither, but itís headed straight for us!"
       "Huh?" Chip turned around just in time to see a large blue and white tennis shoe just miss him, but hitting the RangerWing dead on, sending it and the runner into a tumble. The other Rangers watched in amazement, confusion, and horror as Chip and Tammy shot up into the air and disappeared into a dark book bag. Alvin quickly got back up and dashed away with the two Rangers still in his bag.
       Nimnul stopped chasing. He couldnít keep up. Not on foot at least. He would have to use a different tactic.
       "Where are we Chip?" Tammy asked, a little frightened.
       "Iím not sure, Tammy, but weíll just have to wait until our ride stops to find out. The ride is way too rough to try to get out of wherever we are now."
       Alvin finally reached his front yard, and leaned against a tree. He panted heavily. After catching his breath he slung his backpack off his shoulders to his hand and headed inside. He opened the front door, only to find Professor Nimnul waiting for him. He gasped.
       "Warm up your voice, Junior, itís almost time for your recital!"
       "The nameís Alvin." He said, backing away.
       Chip instantly recognized the first voice. "Itís Nimnul! Come on, Tammy, weíve gotta get out of here!"
       Tammy was more interested in the second speaker. "Alvin?! Ohhhhhh, I love his music, and heís sooooooo cute! Oh I just have to meet him! (Gasp) Omigosh, Iím inside something heís touched!" Chip rolled his eyes.
       Nimnul whipped out a gun and fired a purple cloud. Seconds later Alvin, Chip, and Tammy all fell unconscious. Nimnul dragged Alvin to the back yard, where villain and captive took flight on Nimnul's weather machine.
       Half an hour later, Alvin groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He was inside an animal cage. A combination lock ensured he wouldnít be going anywhere for a while. He looked around for anyone that could help him, but only found Nimnul.
       "Oh, youíre awake!" Nimnul smiled from the other side of the building.
       "Okay, okayó look, I donít think you know who youíre dealing with. Iím a major rock star, and Iím missing the football game of the year thanks to you. Just let me go, and how about Iíll get you tickets to my next concert? How about it?"
       "Hmmm... When is your next concert?"
       Alvin lit up; it seemed heíd caught this guyís interest.
       "Well, I just released an album a couple of weeks ago, so a tour will be starting up in less than a month. The first concert is in Hollywood, about two weeks from today."
       "Two whole weeks?! Iíll never be able to wait that long to try out my invention!"
       "Invention?! How can you think of inventions when you have tickets to one of my shows?!"
       "Do you think I would go to a concert to hear you sing? I want to try out my sonic vibration amplifier. It needs a high-pitched voice like yours to operate. It takes sound waves and magnifies them to over 200 times their normal decibels."
       "But that would be disastrous!"
       "Youíre not supposed to know that!"
       Alvin eyed the mad genius. "Well, I hate to disappoint you, but as a professional singer, you have to know about decibels and stuff."
       "Oh, but donít worry. Weíre safe in here."
       "Well my friends and family arenít! Forget it, Iíll never sing for you!"
       "Oh no? Weíll just see about that!"
       Nimnul stormed off, leaving Alvin alone and frightened.
       Chip sat up and rubbed his eyes.
       "What happened? Tammy!"
       His eyes darted around the room, and he saw Tammy on the floor next to the spilled bookbag. He breathed a sigh of relief. She was all right.
       "Thank goodness. If anything happened to you, Tammy, I would never forgive myself."
       Tammy woke up and looked around.
       "Oh, Chip, you wonít believe this. I had the strangest dream. We were riding in Alvin Sevilleís backpack, and Nimnul was in it, andó"
       "That was no dream, Tammy. Look around you."
       Tammyís eyes grew huge. She saw the book bag on the floor next to her, a humongus-looking staircase, and a piano over in the next room.
       "Oh my gosh, weíre in his house?!"
       "It looks that way."
       "Well where is he then?"
       "I donít know, but Iíll bet my Sureluck Jones collection it has something to do with Nimnul."
       "Umm, Chip, I have to wonder, if this really is Alvinís house, then where are Simon and Theodore, and Mr. Seville?"
       Just at that moment the door opened. Chip and Tammy quickly hid inside the backpack.
       "ALVINNNN! I told you to stop leaving your bag in the floor! Take it up to your room like youíre supposed to!"
       "Itís his dad!" Tammy excitedly whispered to Chip.
       More footsteps and chatter.
       "Is it suppertime yet? Iím starving!"
       "Theodore, you just ate half an hour ago!"
       "Yeah, a whole half hour ago!"
       Tammy smiled. "His brothers, Simon and Theodore. I canít believe this is happening to me!"
       "I know exactly how you feel," Chip replied, but without her enthusiasm. He wanted out.
       Someone swept the books into the bag and picked it up. Tammy and Chip found it hard to breathe under all the books.
       The bag was dropped, and all of its contents, including Chip and Tammy, spilled out onto the floor.
       "What in the world?" Simon exclaimed.
       Chip and Tammy craned their necks up to look at Simon, who was staring right back at them.
       "Itís SIMON!" Tammy shouted. "Hi, Simon! My name is Tammy, Iím a huge fan of your band! Whereís Theodore?"
       "You can talk?!"
       "Of course I can talk, Simon! Chip here can talk too, but heís kinda quiet right now."
       "I must be dreaming."
       Theodore walked in and saw the little chipmunk and squirrel on the floor. He squealed, "Simon, what are those two animals doing in here?! Daveís gonna be mad!"
       "They were in Alvinís bag. Donít ask me why."
       Chip piped up. "Your brotherís in trouble. Heís been abducted."
       "Alvinís been kidnapped? Oh, thatís terrible!" Theodore exclaimed.
       "We better go tell Dave and call the police."
       "Thatís not necessary, Simon. Weíre the Rescue Rangers. Itís our job to solve cases like this." Tammy proudly declared.
       "Hahaha, thatís a good one. Come on, youíre too small to be of any help."
       "Good things come in small packages," Chip reminded.
       "Come on Simon," encouraged Theodore. "If they want to help, let them. It canít hurt. Iím sure Alvin wants us to get all the help we can."
       As Alvin sat in the cage looking around for possible escapes, he saw a blond mouse with a flower in her hair approaching.
       "Hi there, good-looking," she said in her soft, feminine voice.
       "Who are you?"
       "The nameís Lawainie. Iím from Hawaii. So tell me, whatís an attractive young chipmunk such as yourself doing on this side of town?"
       "Desperately wanting out of here! Iíve already missed the first quarter of the game! Will you help me out? Please?!"
       Lawainie laughed. "Honey, I donít think you quite understand whatís going on here. Iím with Nimnul."
       "That loony guy in the lab coat?!"
       "Heís not loony. Heís brilliant! And after I get on his good side, Iím going to use his inventions to regain my status as Queen of the Little Mouse Tribe!"
       "Why would they want you as their queen? Youíre no mouseó youíre a rat!"
       "Why you little! I mean, big....uh....ooooooooh!"
       "Hey, take it easy, donít frazzle your hair. I donít need you to get out."
       "What, you think your friends are going to save you? I wouldnít count on it!"
       "What is it with you?!"
       Lawainie stormed off with a scowl. Alvin watched her with a nonchalant expression.
       "I donít like her one bit. But you gotta admit, she knows a handsome guy when she sees one!"
       The RangerWing had taken serious damage, and Gadget needed time to fix it. With Chip gone, she assumed the leadership role, and performed it quite well.
       "Zipper, you and Foxglove search the air for Chip and Tammy, and bring them back here. Dale and Monty, you two stay here and help me fix the RangerWing."
       "Right-o, Gadget-luv."
       "Be careful, Foxy!" Dale called as Zipper and the lovely bat flew off in search of their teammates.
       The doorbell rang.
       "Fellas, itís the Chipettes."
       "They can come on up, Dave."
       Moments later Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor strolled in the door.
       "EEP! On the floor!" Brittany screamed, pointing to Tammy and Chip.
       "Oh, please, Brittany. Itís just a squirrel and a chipmunk." Eleanor said.
       "Exactly! Look how small they are! They look funny too!"
       "Oh, good grief, Brittany!"
       Jeanette got down on her knees to get a closer look at Chip and Tammy.
       "Whereís Alvin?" Brittany asked.
       "Heís not here right now, Brittany," answered Simon.
       "Oh, well, when will he be back?"
       "Brittany, heís been kidnapped!"
       Brittany gasped and covered her mouth in horror.
       "Oh no! What are we going to do?!" she cried.
       "Weíre going to find him, thatís what," Chip matter-of-factly stated.
       Brittanyís face and posture reflected skepticism.
       "How are you going to find him? Youíre just a couple of small rodents."
       "That does it! Weíll just have to prove ourselves, wonít we? Come on Tammy, letís find the other Rangers and get to work on this case."
       Tammy and Chip began to march toward the door, but Simon stopped them.
       "Wait! You canít just walk out of here without some sort of camouflage. Hide in my bag. Weíre going with you."
       "Yeah," Theodore chimed in, "heís our brother!"
       "And our friend," said Eleanor.
       "And my boyfriend," added Brittany.
       "Boyfriend? He told me you were just friends."
       "He did? Oooooooh, that little... (sigh) what can I do? Iím too worried about him to be mad."
       "Are you coming or not?" Chip impatiently asked.
       When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Theodore grabbed a couple of sandwiches, stuffing one in his pocket for later and eating the other.
       Zipper and Foxglove soared through the cooling sky, the sun desperately trying to break free of the clouds, but only a few rays of its orange gleam escaped the cotton ball sky creations. It gave Zipperís wings a handsome shimmer, and Foxgloveís pink tone a warm glow.
       Out of large white house with crimson shutters emerged five teenagers, a chipmunk, and a young squirrel. Foxglove spotted them first.
       "Look, Zipper, itís Chip and Tammy!"
       The airborne creatures descended, Foxglove slowly and gracefully, but Zipper quickly and energetically.
       "Ewww, a bug!" Brittany swatted her hand at Zipper, who fortunately dodged.
       "Itís Zipper!" Tammy exclaimed.
       "And thereís Foxglove," pointed Chip.
       Brittany looked up and screamed, "AHHHHHH, a bat!"
       Chip and Tammy covered their ears at Brittanyís shrill cry. She was already starting to annoy Chip.
       Foxglove and Zipper led everyone back to the RangerWing, where Monty, Dale and Gadget were waiting. They had just finished fixing the RangerWing. Dale welcomed Foxy back with an affectionate hug.
       Simon asked, "Will we back in time for me repair the real time clock in our computer?"
       "You have a real time clock?" Gadget eagerly inquired.
       "Weíre supposed to, but the blasted central processing unit keeps messing up the memory database."
       "Well, I know how to fix that!"
       Chip interrupted the two bright minds to get them back on track.
       "All right, troops. Weíll split up into four groups. Brittanyó you, Foxglove, and Simon head north. Daleó you, Theodore, and Jeanette head west. Monty, Zipper, and Eleanor check out the east. Tammy and Gadget, come with me."
       "Chip? Could I go with Simon instead? Iíd really like to get to know him."
       Chip hesitated. "Itís all right with me, but whoís going to take your place?"
       "I will," Brittany volunteered, not really thinking about what she was getting herself into.
       "Thanks, Brittany." Gadget happily joined Simon. He let her sit up on his shoulder so they could talk more easily.
       Chip pointed to a large city clock. "Weíll all meet back here in an hour. Are we set? Letís go!"
       All of the Rescue Rangers knew what came next, and so they all naturally joined in.
       "Rescue Rangers, AWAY!"
       Inside the cage, Alvin was having to make a conscious effort not to sing to himself. Singing had always been the thing that he used when he was sad, bored, or scared, and he was currently all three of those. But if he started singing there, Nimnul would win. He couldnít let it happen. So he made up in his mind he was not going to succumb to whatever villainous tortures Nimnul had cooked up for him.
       Nimnul came back with a list in his hand, which he stuffed in his lab coat pocket.
       "Well, shall we begin?"
       "Letís donít and say we did."
       "We donít have to do this! If you would just cooperate, everything would run so much more smoothly."
       "Have it your way, then!"
       Nimnul walked over to a blackboard and placed his arched fingers against it. An evil and twisted grin crept on to his face. Without warning he jerked his hand in a downward sweep, scratching the blackboard and creating that hideous tooth-grinding noise of claws on a chalkboard. Alvin covered his ears and screamed. Nimnul listened to Alvin scream and cry out as he used both of his hands now to scratch the board.
       After a couple of minutes, Nimnul turned around in frustration. **It shouldnít be taking so long.** Alvin was leaning against the cage filing his nails, still screaming, "Arrghhhh! Oh, the humanity! Itís horrible! Make it stop, please!"
       Nimnul was not amused by the act.
       "So, Iíve got myself an actor in addition to a singer?"
       Alvin looked up at him. "Iím sorry, how rude of me! You need this a lot more than I do." He offered Nimnul the emery board with a smirk. Nimnul snatched it and broke it in half.
       Monty, Eleanor, and Zipper disgustedly gazed around at the dark alleys and littered sidewalks.
       "Ugh. They should really clean up this side of town." Ellie commented.
       "Hah! Yaí think this is bad, why you shoulda been around ta see thí dung beetle tribe of Australia. Now that was messy!"
       "Iíve seen them. I was born in Australia."
       "Too-ra-loo! So was I! ĎAve you ever Ďeard a me name before?"
       "No, canít say that I have, but I was only in Australia for a year."
       Monty grabbed his lapels with both hands. "Well, Iím one oí the biggest legends tícome outta the land down unda!"
       "Oh really? What did you do there?"
       "Crikey, itíd take all day ta name evírything! One a me more famous stories Ďappened way back when..."
       (Five minutes later)
       "ľso there I was, surrounded by three hyenas ĎungrierĎn a mouse without Ďis cheese, and all I Ďad ta fight with was me bare paws!"
       "Wow! What happened next?"
       (Five minutes after that)
       "ľso I took that nasty kookaburra aní spun Ďim around till Ďe was dizzy as a Tasmanian Devil in spin cycle!"
       Eleanor was beginning to show signs of a waning interest that Monty didnít even come close to noticing.
       (Five minutes after That)
       "ľand it was down in Antarctica that I battled it out with thí last abominable snowman..."
       Eleanor sighed. She had tired of Montyís tall tales. She looked around for a distraction.
       "He was thí ugliest thing I ever saw! All white with thí face of aó"
       "No, Ellie-luv, it was aó c-c-c-c-CAT?!"
       "Ohh, come here, precious!" Ellie cooed.
       The white longhaired cat jumped up into Ellieís arms. She began stroking its silky fur. It contentedly purred. Monty was aghast.
       "Eleanor, what in tha name oí cheddar are you doiní?!"
       "Oh, isnít she pretty? Look at her pretty eyes!"
       "Iíd be a lot more at ease if that kitty had some catnip!"
       The cat turned its head and saw Monty. It licked its lips and its eyes began to reflect green. Monty, being a smart mouse, knew exactly what that gaze meant and began to run like the dickens. The cat leapt out of Ellieís arms and chased after him.
       The cat chased Monty all the way down the block and around the corner to the Laundromat. Zipper was passing by the Laundromatís window, when something moving caught his eye. He stopped to take a closer look. He saw a peculiar shadow moving about, but he could not discern the figure, so he continued after Ellie and Monty.
       Ellie finally caught the cat and shooed it away. There was no more time left to look. It would take the rest of the hour just to get back to the meeting place.
       Nimnul pulled the list out of his pocket and returned to the blackboard.
       "Well, if you arenít affected by claws on a chalkboard, Iíll just have to move on to Plan B: an extensive lecture on the relationship of quantum physics to fundamental algebra techniques."
       Alvin laughed.
       "Well, that should be easy enough to handle. Iíll just treat it like all my other boring classes." Alvin leaned back and lowered his cap over his eyes to take a nap.
       Nimnul walked over and kicked the cage. Alvin was startled back up to a sitting position.
       "No sleeping!"
       "No sleeping?! What are you, nuts? I always sleep through my classes!"
       "Oh, I have the perfect way to keep you alert. Do you see this?" Nimnul pointed to a remote control device in his hand.
       "Yeah? So what? Gonna put my snoring on mute?"
       "Well, if you start to drop off, this little baby will motivate you to stay awake!"
       Nimnul pressed the button. A mild yet tangible electric shock surged through the metal cage. Alvin is "shocked" and completely attentive.
       "Youíre crazy!"
       "You just now figured that out? Ha ha ha ha!"
       "I still wonít help you!"
       "Then may any supreme beings have mercy on your soul. Itís time for the show! Iíd offer you some popcorn, but that would ruin the diabolically fearful atmosphere Iíve created, wouldnít it? Now, my first point of the relationship between quantum physics and fundamental algebra is..."
       Simon walked uptown with Gadget on his shoulder and Foxglove flying a few feet behind. Foxglove was carefully looking in every store and building, but Gadget and Simon were deeply engrossed in conversation, testing each otherís knowledge.
       "Well, if you accept that equation, then it is possible that there could be as many as ten different dimensions instead of the traditional four."
       "Golly! How exciting! Wouldnít that allow for time-travel?"
       "Theoretically, yes. The equation would allow for the existence of wormholes that, if large enough, would allow one to-"
       Foxglove, wanting to be a part of the conversation, interjected, "Wormholes? Youíd never be able to fit through one of those! Those worms are barely able to make it through themselves!"
       Simon and Gadget exchanged faces and snickered.
       "Whatís so funny?" Foxglove asked.
       "Nothing, Foxy, itís just weíre talking about two different kinds of wormholes is all."
       "Then what kind are you talking about, Gadget?"
       "These wormholes exist in outer space."
       "There are worms in outer space? Wow, and I thought they only existed in the dirt!"
       More giggles.
       Simon turned slowly and cleaned his glasses with his shirt, explaining to Foxglove that these wormholes didnít come from worms; it was just a term for a sort of dimensional warp zone. Of course, this just led Foxy into asking if those were what the Mario Brothers used in the video game.
       "Donít worry about it, Foxglove. Itís just a bunch of technobabble."
       "Oh, all right, Simon. Well, since I seem to be having trouble understanding you two and your, um, Ďtechnobabble,í maybe I should split off and search the skies. Is that all right with you guys?"
       Gadget nodded. "Thatís actually a rather good idea. We could benefit from a birds-eye perspective, or I suppose itís a bats-eye in this case."
       "Ok, Iíll meet you two back by the RangerWing!"
       "Good luck, Foxy, and be careful!"
       Simon continued walking up the street with Gadget on his shoulder. Gadget popped right back into intellectual talk without even noticing the familiar Laundromat at the bottom of the hill.
       Alvin managed to make it through the entire lecture, though it took a few electric reminders. Nimnul was losing patience.
       "So, youíre still holding out, eh? Well perhaps you need something to get your circulation going!"
       Nimnul pressed a button on his remote. Two hands dropped from the ceiling. They opened the door to the cage and dragged Alvin to a metal table, where they strapped him down.
       "Tell me, do you have a funny bone?"
       "Of course! One in each arm! Everyone does!"
       "Well yours are about to be broken, kid! Hahaha!"
       Nimnul pressed another button, and two more hands dropped down by Alvinís feet, holding a bushel of feathers. Nimnul took off Alvinís socks and shoes.
       "Well, they say laughter is the best medicine. You ought to be the healthiest chipmunk in the world after this!"
       Chip walked slightly ahead of Tammy and Brittany. Brittany, being a natural leader, didnít care too much for this arrangement and increased her pace until she had caught up with Chip.
       "Excuse me, Iíll lead," Brittany pointedly stated.
       "No, Iíll lead! Iím the leader of the Rescue Rangers. Besides, have you ever done criminal investigation?"
       "Sure, all the time!" Brittany lied through her teeth. "Anyway, Iím bigger than you."
       "But Iím older than you and more experienced!"
       Brittany scooped Chip up in the palm of her hand and set him down several steps behind her. Chip blushed in anger and continued marching with a cute scowl on his face. Tammy ran up to Brittany and scurried up to her shoulder.
       "Brittany, I just wanted to say I really envy you!"
       "Iím sure you must. Itís not every girl who can be this pretty, popular, and wonderful a singer."
       "No, not that! Because you get to spend so much time with Alvin!"
       "Well, heís okay I guess, but Iím better."
       Tammy gushed, "OKAY?! Heís the greatest! Iíve got all his CDs, Iím the president of the parkís fan club, and my room is covered with posters of his gorgeous face! He is so cute! Oh, I just canít wait to meet him! He is the greatest in the world! Why, I-"
       "Now just wait a minute, ok?! Youíre making this god figure out of him."
       "Better him than me," muttered Chip.
       Tammyó who didnít hear Chipó exclaimed, "OH, but heís my Favorite person in the whole world! Weíve just got to find him! Do you think Iíll be able to get his autograph?"
       Brittany was well irritated by this time. "Listen, Iím not just one of his entourage! Iím his girlfriend!"
       Tammy was taken aback. "But if youíre his girlfriend, whereís the ring?"
       "Well, surely Alvinís gotten you something to show he likes you, hasnít he?"
       "Well... no."
       "Then it doesnít sound like youíre much of a girlfriend to him. Maybe you should try for someone else."
       "And leave him for you?!" Brittany was quite peeved.
       "Yeah, why not?"
       "Well forget it! Heís MY boyfriend until I SAY he isnít!"
       Under his breath and smiling face, Chip said, "Iíll gift wrap him for Tammy if sheíll forget about me!" Then Chip noticed something reflect a gleam of light. A few seconds passed, and it flashed again. It was about a hundred feet away, across from a muddy construction site.
       "Hmmm, that looks suspicious. Letís check it out!"
       "But..." Brittany started.
       Chip had found a way across. There were some boards that just happened to be conveniently placed in a manner that allowed a walkway across the mud. He started to get on the first board, but then Brittany grabbed his jacket, holding him in place.
       "Iím not going across that!"
       "And what precisely is your problem?"
       "Iím not going to get mud on my new dress! I just bought it at Max Fifth Avenue!"
       Tammy sided with Chip on this one. "But weíve got to go across. Suppose that thing is a clue?"
       "Fine! You two go; Iím staying right here!"
       Chip was learning how to deal with Brittany. "Well, okay Brittany. Iím sure Alvin will be very grateful when Tammy and I find him."
       Tammy caught on. "Oh, I bet he gives me a great big kiss!"
       That did it. Brittany got on the board in a huff, following Chip with Tammy behind her, trying not to laugh.
       They had almost made it across, when the inevitable happened. A St. Bernard saw the trio and started bounding across the muddy site, with Brittany as his target of his affection!
       "Oh no! Get away!"
       Brittany ran right past Chip, splashing him into the mud. Tammy stepped over, helping as best as she could while the dog licked them both. Chip and Tammy got on the dog and it kindly took them the rest of the way. Brittany was on the other side of the fence cowering.
       "Donít let that muddy thing near me! Iíd never get the stains out!"
       "Donít worry. Go home, fella!"
       The dog obeyed Tammyís request. It splashed back through the mud and skipped off around the corner, leaving mud tracks behind.
       The shiny object was a camera. As Chip suspected, it was a clue. It was a spy camera with a telescoping arm that retracted suddenly and disappeared into its receptacle in the ground.
       Chip studied the spot. "You know whose work this looks like? Professor Nimnul!"
       "Oh, Chip, if Nimnulís got Alvin, heís in a lot of trouble!" Tammy said.
       Brittany folded her arms. "Well, if I have to go through another close encounter of the muddy kind I might just let Nimnul have him!"
       Chipís patience was running thin. "Oh, stop your whining! Letís see if we can find out more about that camera. Pry open the lid."
       "But...I might break a nail!"
       Chip smacked his hand against his face, trying to hold back an outburst. "Just DO IT!"
       But Brittany was stubborn. "NO! Itís my favorite shade of pink; Iíd just die if it chipped!"
       Tammy covered her ears, knowing Chip was about to explode.
       Brittany had to stop and sincerely think for a minute before she whined, "Ohhhh, but I just had them painted!"
       Chip gave up with Brittany, and began working with Tammy, who was much more up to the task.
       "Ok, Tammy, why would Nimnul, if it is Nimnul, need spy cameras?"
       "Well, you said he was really mad at you the last time he was imprisoned."
       "And he just escaped from the loony bin two days ago."
       "Yeah?" Chip smiled. Tammy was going to make a good detective.
       "And havenít you always been around to stop his dastardly plans?"
       "I think itís self-explanatory. Heís on the lookout for us."
       Chip nodded in satisfaction. "Good work Tammy! So whatís the next step?"
       "Well, I think we should try to find some clues on the camera."
       Brittany overheard. "Please! Donít make me!"
       "Oh, all right! Help me here, Tammy."
       Tammy and Chip managed with some effort to get their nails under the lip of the receptacle holding the camera and flipped it open. Chip dropped in the hole, while Tammy and Brittany held the lid open.

Notice: Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and David Seville copyright Bagdasarian Productions and Buena Vista video. Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, Tammy, and Norton Nimnul Copyright Disney. All characters were used without permission. It was out of sheer love for these lovable furries that I wrote this, no profit comes from this, and please don't sue me because I'm flat brokeĖ what do you expect from a college student? =]

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