An adventure from the mind who brought you “Once Upon a Dream”…



The gaping black void yawned all around them as though the sky, grown weary of its limitations, had unfolded until the solid surface they were on seemed but a mere crag suspended in space.  The stars appeared as though they were connected by lines and arcs, as in the old constellation star charts used by Renaissance voyagers.  As they gazed in wonder at this profound celestial order, a constellation of stars swam by, changing into a fish as it did so.

          While the Rangers gaped at the sight, Baron Muchmousen merely watched the starry fish with the detached air of one who'd seen that sort of thing before.  “This is precisely the sort of thing that nobody ever believes," he observed wearily.

          Dale looked up at the Baron, his eyes shining with childish delight. “You're kidding, right?"



          If you thought their trip to the land of dreams was weird, you haven't seen anything yet.  Join Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack, Gadget, Zipper and Foxglove as they are caught up in a mysterious mouse's mysterious adventure, for a journey through time, space and imagination that will forever alter your definition of reality.



          "Are you for real?" Chip asked in exasperation.

          "Are you?" the Baron shot back.


          "I'm afraid you have a very weak grasp of reality," purred Fat Cat contemptuously.

          "Your reality, sir," huffed Baron Muchmousen, returning the contempt in kind, "is composed of lies and balderdash, and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it, whatsoever!"


          "You mean to tell me that the moon isn't actually made of cheese?" asked Monterey Jack, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

          "Good heavens man, of course not," returned the Baron.  "Whatever possessed you to come up with such an idea?"

          "Wishful thinking," snickered Dale, while Monterey shot him a dirty look.


          "Golly," said Gadget.  It was all she could say for the moment, as her mind was filled with new and unexpected thoughts.  Heretofore unconnected ideas began to fit together in implausible ways that made perfect, beautiful sense.  It was a while before she could articulate the new thoughts.  "So in fact reality and imagination aren't quite as separate and distinct as we generally perceive them to be?"

          "Not only are you beautiful," replied the Baron, "but quite perceptive as well."


          Still at a loss, Foxglove regarded her wings carefully, wondering if there might be a connection between wind and flight.  As an experiment, she gave them a good firm flap.  The resulting gust of wind knocked everyone else off of their feet and made a near shambles of the room.

          "I say my dear," said Baron Muchmousen as the Rangers began to pick themselves up, "steady on!"

          "Sorry," said Foxglove with an embarrassed shrug


          Before he had realized precisely what was going on, Zipper had flown over half-way across the continent.



          When your reality check bounces, the best thing you can do is hold on and go along for the ride.  Coming first to the Acorn Cafe in 2003, it's Loki’s lasest creation:


Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers in

The Adventures Of Baron Muchmousen!


          Our heroes meet the world's greatest liar. Or, is he . . . ?



          As the balloon ascended through the cloud layer, Monterey Jack decided he'd best figure out what was going on.  "Where did you say we were going?" he asked.

          "To the Moon, of course," replied Baron Muchmousen in a tone of annoyance.  His tone seemed to be the only thing annoyed about him however, the rest of him leaned back and puffed serenely on his pipe.

          Monty paused a while, weighing the credibility of the statement against the ungainly appearance of their transportation.  "In this thing?"

          "Have you ever been to the moon, in fact?" asked the Baron somewhat testily.

          "No," Monty replied, folding his arms, "I haven't."

          "Then I'll thank you to leave the technical details to someone who has," said the Baron with an air that made it clear that the discussion was closed.



Coming in 2003, to a computer screen near you…