The Gift of Thundera, Part 3


    After an hour, Tygra signaled to Gadget and they both rose from their 
seated positions on the grass outside Cat's Lair. "Come Gadget. You've done 
enough practicing for today." Tygra said.
    Gadget was only too ready to agree. She had never used her mind so much 
in one day (as long as you don't count that Gyp-Parody marathon she watched 
with Dale one night). It had sapped her of all her strength. She was glad to 
see the friendly environs of Cat's Lair as they walked back.
    Gadget was quiet for a while, but curiousity overcame her. "Tygra?"
    "Yes, Gadget?"
    "You seem to be more independent than the rest of the Thundercats. Why?"
    Tygra stopped walking. "In part, it's due to my heritage. The Tygraa 
clan of Thundercats have always been reclusive. But there is another reason 
in my case."
    "Which is?"
    "My mind powers. When you develop your powers, you may find like me that
you can read other people's thoughts. It's an unnerving thing, to say the 
least. You hear things that you're not supposed to, that you don't want to 
hear. I realize it may seem strange to you that I'm telling you this, but I 
want you to be prepared in case it happens to you. If it does, remember that 
you have a friend who understands."
    Gadget nodded and smiled. "I will, Tygra, and thanks."
    **But thanks for what? There always seems to be a price to pay for 
power.** Gadget didn't exactly like the sound of this particular price, 
either. **I can only imagine what life at headquarters would be like. I 
don't think I would have a problem with Monty or Zipper, but Dale would 
certainly be one. He's always reading those horror comics and listening to 
hard rock. I think I'd have to leave just over him! And then, there would be 
Chip. I could just imagine hearing his thoughts. Wait a minute, Gadget! 
We're talking the Rescue Rangers here! And Chip loves you, at least I think 
he does. So we'll cross that path when we come to it.**
    Such thoughts occupied Gadget all through supper, even over Snarf's 
baked custard creme pie. Gadget did find that she liked Snarf much better 
than the first time she saw him. If only she could take him back to cook for 
the Rangers. She momentarily  thought of negotiating a trade with the 
Thundercats for Monterey Jack, but dismissed it quickly. Monty was one of a 
kind, cheese and all.
    With a good meal in her and a hard days work behind, Gadget fell asleep 
almost immediately. This was new to her--normally, Gadget was a light 
sleeper, and it took a few chapters in a good book or tech manual to bring 
sleep on. But she was out almost immediately. It was a  good thing, too, 
because Lion-O came in to wake her at dawn.
    "Hey, sleepy-head! No time for lounging around now. We've got a lot of 
ground to cover today!" Lion-O said, gently pushing Gadget's shoulder. 
Through assorted groans and yawns, Gadget managed to say that she would meet 
Lion-O  downstairs as soon as she got dressed. Lion-O left her room 
    Ten mintues later, she and Lion-O were leaving Cat's Lair at a brisk 
pace. Their jog took them through several miles of forest, swamp, and river. 
Gadget was amazed at Lion-O's stamina, but no less with her own. She didn't 
exercise that much at home, since a lot of her time was spent in inventing.
Perhaps it had something to do with the different environmental conditions. 
Gadget had noticed that there were subtle differences: a slighty higher air 
pressure made it easier to breathe, but the harsher sun made it warmer than 
usual. In fact, Gadget's time outside had already given her a nice tan, 
something she'd never had. She's always been careful to wear sunblock or 
protective clothing, but with the extra heat and lack of sunblock material, 
she'd opted just to wear her halter top and shorts during the day.
    When the duo were far enough from any civilized part of Third Earth, 
Lion-O signalled a stop. "It's time you learned more about the Sword of 
Omens. It's more than just a way to look into different dimensions, you 
    Gadget had suspected as much, but didn't say anything. She just nodded 
her understanding.
    Lion-O took his sword from the claw shield and placed the claw on his 
left hand. He then held the sword over his head and yelled, "Ho!"
    The sword quickly shot to its full size and waves of electric blue 
energy spouted from it in every direction into the atmosphere. Gadget was 
impressed. Lion-O then aimed the sword at a ten by twenty-foot boulder and 
again yelled, "Ho!" The energy beam immediately pulverized the boulder. 
Gadget was very impressed.
    "Try it with yours, Gadget." Lion-O urged.
    In a few moments, Gadget had her version of the sword. "Is it necessary 
to yell 'Ho!' to get it to work for you?"
    Lion-O blushed just a bit. "Well...not really. I just like saying 'Ho!' 
when I do it."
    Gadget held the sword over her head. As she looked up, the sword 
extended itself. She then aimed at another boulder and yelled, "Ho!" As the 
boulder disintegrated, a satisfied smile appeared on Gadget's face. "Hmm. I 
see what you mean about the yell. All right. Ho!" And she aimed this time at 
a tree. But nothing happened.
    After two more tries, she looked over at Lion-O. "Why won't it work, 
    "You can't use the sword to attack something living and innocent, even a 
tree. I remember doing the same thing when I first got the sword. As long as 
you use it for a good purpose, you won't have a problem. By the way, that's 
also a good way to know your friends from your enemies. You can't use the 
sword on anyone who is good."
    "That /is/ nice," Gadget said. **Well, at least I could use it on Fat 
Cat, or Professor Nimnul.** At that, she got an image of her holding the 
sword over both of them, after having singed them a few times. **I bet we'd 
never see them in the city again.** This particular thought gave Gadget an 
even bigger smile. But it left quickly. She knew the sword hadn't been 
given to her for a power trip.
    Any other thoughts Gadget might have had were broken up by an alarm 
sounding from her sword. Lion-O started at that. "That's strange. Only your 
sword is giving an alarm. It could be the trouble is in your universe."
    "I'll see. Sword of omens, give me sight beyond sight." Gadget said. Her 
eyes  glowed as a vision soon came forth. The trouble was indeed in her 
    "Oh, gosh, it's Dale and Foxglove! They're in a jungle somewhere, 
surrounded by two leopards! Dale's trying to hold them off with his rolled 
up comic books, but they're just tearing them to shreds. Ohmigosh, what can 
I do? Lion-O, is there any way I can help them?"
    Lion-O frowned and thought. "I'm not sure, Gadget. Even the sword can't 
get you back there. But wait, I know someone who could go! Jaga."
    With that, the surrounding air was filled with energy as Jaga appeared. 
Gadget was almost panic-stricken at this point. She looked up to him with 
    "Oh Jaga, can you do anything to save my friends? I'll do anything you 
ask of me in return, just save them!"
    "I'll see what I can do. Wait a moment." With that, Jaga disappeared.
    Gadget and now Lion-O were watching the scene with their swords. They 
watched as the hungry jaguars moved in for the kill. Then, a light shone as 
Jaga appeared. Dale and Foxglove were momentarily blinded, but the jagaurs 
could clearly see the forboding form of Jaga, threatening them. They turned 
tail and ran into the jungle.
    "Oh, thank goodness!" Gadget cried, even as Jaga reappeared. "I owe you 
everything for that, Jaga. Is there anything I can do for you in return?"
    Jaga just laughed. "No thanks, Gadget. I was only happy to help out. 
After all, isn't that what friends are for?"
    Gadget nodded, a sincere look a gratitude shining in her eyes. "You're a 
good friend, Jaga. One I wouldn't trade for the world."
    After Jaga vanished, Gadget turned her attention back to Lion-O. 
"Cheetara told me how you all ended up here, but why is it that we can see 
Jaga? I mean, on my planet we don't see spirits every day."
    "I don't know everything about the astral world, Gadget, but I do know 
that it is easier for beings from that place to appear here. It seems to 
have something to do with Third Earth being...closer to the astral plane 
than other places. It's hard to explain. The only person who would know for 
sure is Mumm-Ra, but he's not likely to be in a mood to tell you."
     Lion-O was about to move on, then stopped. "Wait! There is someone who 
could tell you. Mumm-Rana. She's like Mumm-Ra, but she fights for good, like 
us. Would you like to visit her?"
     "Yes, Lion-O. Let's go!"
     That decision made, Lion-O and Gadget crossed the plain of the molemen,
beyond which stood the white pryamid of Mumm-Rana. A portal opened even as 
they approached.
     "Mumm-Rana knows we're here. C'mon, let's not keep her waiting."
     Gadget mused that she sure had been spending a lot of time in pyramids 
lately. Though the design of this one was fascinating. Four plyons, one at 
each corner of the pyramid. Inside, the pyramid was spotless. The main 
chamber was lined on each side by colossal statues of animals that sported 
glowing eyes. On the far side of the pyramid from where she and Lion-O had 
entered stood a sarcaughagus. It held a mummylike form wearing a simple 
     Mumm-Rana came forward. "Ah, Lion-O. It is good to see you again. You 
should visit more often. And you have a new friend I see? Welcome, Gadget, 
it is a pleasure to know another defender of justice."
     Gadget was startled. "You know my name?"
     "I know all about you, Gadget. My pool allows me to see everything that 
happens on Third Earth and in other dimensions. Observe."
     The three gathered around a circular pool in the center of the room. It
was large, about fifteen feet across, and contained an opaque, purplish 
liquid. Mumm-Rana spread her hands. "What would you like to see, Gadget? I 
can show you anything."
     Gadget thought for a minute, then decided on a strange request. "Can 
you show me where my father is?"
     Mumm-Rana spread her hands again, and an image began to form. Gadget 
blinked twice. It was her father! He was flying an old biplane in a squadron 
with several other animal avaitors. They seemed to be having a marvelous 
     "Hey, I recognize that pilot next to dad! That's old Dartboard Johnson. 
I remember Dad showed me his picture one time and said he never could get a 
landing right. Always stuck his plane nose-up like a dart."  Gadget smiled
at the serene scene, then looked to Mumm-Rana. "Is this what life is like
after death?"
     "For those who are good, yes. They can choose to do many things, such
as your father is. But the evil ones have a much worse fate."
     Gadget didn't think she wanted to know about the evil ones, so she let 
the conversation drop. But another topic crossed her mind. "Mumm-Rana, this 
Mumm-Ra brought me here from my dimension. Do you know of a way to send me 
     "Yes, I do Gadget." This brought profound relief to the mouse inventor. 
"I can send you back through my pool of power."
     "You mean it's that easy?" Gadget asked, bewildered.
     "Not quite. You have a problem." Mumm-Rana replied. Gadget had figured 
it wouldn't be so simple. Mumm-Rana continued. "It was Mumm-Ra who brought 
you here. The vibrations of his power are still on you, Gadget. You will 
have to face him and weaken his powers enough that his spell is loosened on 
you. Only then will you be able to return home."
     Lion-O stepped forward. "Mumm-Rana, is there another way?"
     Mumm-Rana shook her head. "I wish there was, Lion-O. But Mumm-Ra's 
spell prevents me from sending her back. You will have to face him and 
defeat him."
     Gadget listened to this, then turned to Lion-O. "What's the problem 
here? Is Mumm-Ra unbeatable?"
     "Nearly, Gadget. I defeated him once when I completed my trials to win 
the right to be Lord of the Thundercats. The Sword of Omens can repel his 
evil magic, but he is a dangerous and deadly foe."
     Gadget didn't like where this was leading at all. "You defeated him, 
though. How did you do it?"
     "I confronted him in his Black Pyramid. I managed to damage his 
sarcophagus, the source of his power. But I could not destroy him. He is 
said to be ever-living, so the best we can hope to do is weaken him as 
Mumm-Rana said. We'll have to have a good plan, though. Mumm-Ra is tricky."
     "Ever-living? Golly. Then he must be.."
     "Thousands of years old, yes. And to date we've only found one weakness 
besides the sarcophagus."
     "What's that?"
     "Mumm-Ra is repelled by the reflection of his own evil face. That's the
only other thing we've found that can stop him.
     The wheels in Gadget's mind were already turning. She considered one 
possibility, turned it down, then another. Finally, she decided on a plan of 
     "Okay. I think I know how we can beat Mumm-Ra and keep him under wraps 
     Lion-O's eyes widened. "How is that?"
     Gadget started to speak, then a thought occurred to her. "First, two 
questions. Is Mumm-Ra's pyramid exactly like this one?"
     "Yes, except that it's black and the figures along the wall are 
     "And can Mumm-Ra use his pool to see and hear us like Mumm-Rana did?"
     "Yes, he can Gadget. He often keeps tabs on us."
     "Then I better not tell you my plan. If he's listening, then he might 
could devise a defense before I'm ready. I'll need everyone's help with 
     Indeed, Mumm-Ra was listening. And the more he heard, the less he liked 
it. "So," he said, after a few moments contemplation, "the she-mouse thinks 
she knows a way to defeat Mumm-Ra? We shall see." The decrepit form stalked 
the hoary environs of his inner sanctuary for a few minutes, considering. 
"It may have been a mistake bringing her here. She is more powerful than I 
had thought. She has the Gift of Thundara." More pacing, more thought. 
"Still, she cannot leave unless I relax my spell. The Thundercats will 
still try to help her. I may yet be able to turn the situation to my 
     The next few days were hectic. Gadget and the Thundercats spent most of 
their time outside Cat's Lair. Gadget spent her nights in Panthro's 
workshop, working on a new invention. Usually the inventing fit didn't 
dominate her so much, but now she worked like the work was all there was in 
the universe. She understood the power of the enemy she was about to face, 
and knew that if there was to be an ultimate test in her life, this may just 
be it. An evil that cannot die! She had never thought that anyone could be 
more evil than Fat Cat. This Mumm-Ra made him look like the bluebird of 
happiness. But if things went like she figured, they might just make it
through this okay.
     She had just finished a good hammering session when Panthro came in. He 
was like Gadget in the respect that he didn't like just anyone in his 
workshop and using his tools. But this mouse was different. He respected 
her. Gadget had sensed this respect as well, and liked it. It was nice to be 
treated as a colleague by someone with the command of so much technology. 
And Panthro's workshop make her workshop at home look like a tinker-toy set 
(which wasn't far from true). Panthro had been careful to keep quiet when 
Gadget was working and stay out of her way. He had thought about offering 
his help, but she caught on to his tools and machines so quickly, it was as 
if she had built them herself!
     But now, Panthro had decided enough was enough. Gadget had been working 
for over ten hours straight. She was going to need her strength and 
faculties intact to fight Mumm-Ra.
     Panthro bent over so see could see her face. "Gadget? Don't you think 
you had better call it a night?"
     The goggles didn't move under the lab table. "Can't right now, Panthro. 
I need to finish this connection."
     Gadget gasped slightly as Panthro lifted her. "Come on now. You aren't 
doing yourself or any of us any good by working yourself too much."
     Gadget resisted, struggling to get back to work. "But we've got to be 
ready for Mumm-Ra! I've got to get home and this is the only way! Let me 
     But it was no use. Finally Gadget relented to Panthro's iron grip. Her 
grimace relaxed as she looked up in the soft, smiling face of the 
Thundercat. "I bet you really give your friends a hard time at home, don't 
     Gadget had to laugh at that, and Panthro laughed with her. Gadget 
pulled her goggles up. "You don't know the half of it. There are times that 
I go days without leaving my workshop. I get the boys to bring me my food."
     Panthro shook his head. "You've got to learn moderation. I was like 
that myself, always wanting to get the job done. But if you don't learn to 
let yourself relax, you can't be a real team member."
     Gadget's brow knitted. "You don't understand. At home, I'm the only one 
who can invent things. The Rangers depend on me. If I wasn't there..."
     "They'd find another way to get the job done. Gadget, you can't go 
around carrying the world on your shoulders. If you do, you don't get time 
for the good things in life. I bet you never went on a date as a youngster, 
did you?"
     Gadget turned about sharply. "Did Cheetara say anything to you?"
     Panthro shook his head. "I could guess that part. You see, I was just 
like that, too. I never dated anyone, I avoided the parties and the social 
gatherings. I spent all my time shut in, learning how to fix things and make 
things. But what I was really doing was shutting the world out."
     Gadget was taken aback. "But..but, I don't do that. I help people. I do 
everything I can to.."
     "What about your friends? Do you make time for them?"
     "Of course I do! What do you mean? I've spent.."
     Panthro saw the hurt in her eyes. But he knew he had to tell her. 
"You've made time when you had time away from inventing. That's what I did. 
It always feels safe that way. But you can't build a true friendship or 
relationship hiding behind your work." He put his hand on Gadget's shoulder 
as tears started to come. "Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with 
inventing. But if you use it as a way to get away from the people around 
you, someday they won't be there and you won't have any reason to invent 
anymore. And you'll be alone."
     How could he have known? How? Gadget had used her inventions as a 
shield whenever she didn't feel comfortable. She could always say she was 
busy whenever a boy wanted to ask her out. She would have a project going, 
an important duty that took all of her attention. And yes, there had been 
times she had used it to keep Chip and Dale away from her. Too many times to 
count, in fact. She had never wanted to depend on anyone but herself. Old 
habits die hard, so it was with this one. She was going to have to let 
someone else shoulder part of the burden.
     Gadget handed over her tools. "Okay, Panthro. I get the message. Do you 
think you can follow my schematics?"
     Panthro smirked as he took her place. "Hey, you're talking to a fellow 
engineer here! I'll manage."
     Gadget turned to go to her quarters when she stopped, curiosity 
overcoming her.
     "How did you know I was using my inventing like that? To avoid dating, 
I mean?"
     Panthro smiled grimly. "I was very shy as a youngster, as I expect you 
were. My inventions and tinkering were my only outlet. When I was fifteen, a 
young girl named Pumada look a fancy to me. She was always around, getting 
in my face, wanting me to take her out." Panthro paused a moment. "I 
remember, she had purple eyes and the prettiest face. But I was too scared 
to ask her. So I used my inventing as an excuse to get away from her. Then 
she stopped coming around. I found that I missed her, but it was too late. 
She'd already found someone who paid her attention and they were married the 
next year."
     Gadget came over and tried to comfort him. "And you've never been in 
love since then?"
     Panthro shrugged. "Little use of that. Cheetara's the only female 
Thundercat here, and she loves Lion-O."
     "You know? Is Lion-O the only one that doesn't know?"
     Panthro chuckled a little at this. "I think deep down, he knows. He's 
just not ready to go into it just yet."
     Gadget was realizing how little she knew about love triangles. "But if 
he knows, and she knows, why don't they bring it out in the open?"
     "Hm. I think you know. It's the feeling that rejection will happen. You 
know, the 'I can't believe she'd really love me' thing. That and the fact 
that he's still growing up."
     Gadget nodded. "Yes, Cheetara told me about that. Strange, though. He 
reminds me of Chip and Dale in that respect. They still act like boys, even 
though they're older than I am."
     "Well, you know what they say, Gadget. Girls always mature more 
quickly. I think men like to try to hang on to their childhoods, too. Makes 
them feel young. I take it one of them's got an eye on you?" Panthro asked, 
a glint in his eye.
     "Actually, both of them had for quite some time. Dale's gotten married 
in the last couple of months to another member of our team. Chip seems alone 
now, and I feel sort of guilty about that."
     Panthro came back out from under the machine. "Don't. Don't ever marry 
out of guilt, Gadget. That's the biggest mistake you could make. I've seen 
too many examples to go into it."
     Gadget knelt down beside him. "But why do people get married, then?"
     "Oh, some will do it out of guilt. Some for security. But there is a 
right reason, too."
     "Which is?"
     "Love, of course. The kind of love that would make you get up an hour 
early, just so you could spend some extra time with him before secluding 
yourself in your workshop. The kind of love that would make him give up his 
favorite pasttimes to see to your needs. Marriage is a tough time, when both 
people have to make adjustments. But it's worth it, too. You'll see."
     Gadget narrowed her eyes a bit. "But you didn't marry the girl. How can 
you know?"
     Panthro smiled big. "Oh, I didn't marry Pumada. That's true. But I did 
marry her older sister, Pumala."
     "So you /did/ marry someone!"
     "Yes, it was wonderful while it lasted. We were married just over a 
year when the quakes started on Thundara. I was out with a survey team 
measuring the seismic effects and she came with me. We were caught in the 
mountains when a big one hit. Rocks came flying from everywhere. The entire 
survey team was buried. The only reason I survived was because the rocks 
around me formed an air pocket. By the time rescue teams got to us, I was 
the only one left alive."
     Gadget put a hand on his shoulder. "How terrible! How did you survive 
after that?"
     "It wasn't easy for the first year or so, but then I had the 
Thundercats and the good memories of her with me. Just remember that a 
marriage goes both ways, and you should expect as much from him as he does 
from you."
     Gadget smile turned into a crooked grin. "Cheetara sent you down here, 
didn't she?"
     Panthro chuckled again. "'Course she did. We Thundercats always share 
our problems. And until you leave, you're part of the Thundercats. Don't you 
forget that."
     "I won't, and thanks Panthro. I know it must have hurt you to talk 
about that."
     Panthro scooted back under. "Not so much now that I've shared it with 
     Gadget was about to leave then turned back again. "I'm not trying to 
change the subject or anything, but if I can figure a way out to come back 
here once I'm gone, would it be all right to visit once in a while?"
     "Any time you like. And bring your friends. They'd all be welcome among 
the Thundercats."
     "Just checking. Oh, Panthro. You shouldn't use that torsion wrench on 
the frame. It could bend it."
     "Go on to bed, genius. I promise I won't hurt your jewel," Panthro 
said, coyly.
     "Well, if you do, I'll just have to teach you a lesson," Gadget 
replied, echoing his tone.
     "Get out of here, you!"
     Gadget got into bed, still reveling in the friendly jibes she'd 
exchanged with Panthro. It was in some ways new to her. She's always had a 
good time with the Rangers, but she's never treated any of them like that. 
Then she realized she'd been acting superior to them, especially to Chip and 
Dale. **Well, I guess it just took an experience like this to make me see 
that.** She'd always been nice to them, but she hadn't felt comfortable 
playing around with them the way Chip did with Dale. **I guess I always saw 
that as infantile. Maybe there's more to it than that. I sure enjoyed 
ribbing Panthro. I'll have to remember that when I get home.**
     The next several days were spent in preparation for the uncoming 
confrontation. Gadget soon finished her new invention, which looked like a 
metallic upside-down flower pot with a hose stuck to it. Under this 
contraption she had a fire going. The Thundercats were bringing heavy bags 
into Panthro's workshop. From these, they emptied large amounts of metal 
ore into the open top of the mechanism. Soon, a rather unpleasant yet 
bearable odor emanated from the mixture in the machine.
     Panthro had to smile in respect to Gadget's plan. It was simple, 
ridicudulously so--yet it was just the kind that could work. Wiley Kat and 
Kit breathed hard as they finished unloading the metal ore off their 
     "Whew!" Wiley Kat said. "I haven't done work that hard in ages! 
Panthro, exactly why do we need this stuff anyway?"
     "I'll let Gadget answer that one." Panthro said, aiming his thumb back 
at the inventor.
     "Well," Gadget began, "I could explain the technical details of what 
I'm doing, but usually most people get impatient when I do. Let's just say 
it's the most powerful weapon that Mumm-Ra has ever faced!"
     A hooded form drew back as he heard the female mouse's words. This was 
not good news. Not at all. Unlike the Thundercats, he had no idea of the 
limits of this being's abilities. And uncertainties were always dangerous. 
The time had come to act. The cloth-wrapped form transformed into the evil
Mumm-Ra and disappeared. The form reappeared in the mutants' main room in 
Castle Plundarr.
     "Muuuutants!" Mumm-Ra growled.
     Immediately, the mutants came into the room. They knew Mumm-Ra was an 
ally, but his power made him a being of authority. Besides, they didn't feel 
like getting zapped today.
     "Yes, mighty Mumm-Ra," Slythe said. "What do you require of us now?"
     "The she-mouse I brought here is more clever than I bargained for. She 
is a threat to my evil reign on Third Earth. I need you to bring her and her 
infernal invention here."
     "But surely, your great evilness, you can handle a mere girl by 
yourself." Slythe replied. [Hmm...maybe they don't mind being zapped after 
     "You dare question the mighty Mumm-Ra!? You will do as I bid!" With 
that, Mumm-Ra let go on the mutants with his evil magic and singed 'em good 
and proper.
     "Yes, your mightiness!" Slythe said quickly.
     "We are here to serve!" Jackal Man added.
     "Now, here is what I want you to do..."
    Gadget had been sleeping peacefully, when suddenly an alarm sounded. She
thought at first it was coming from another part of Cat's Lair, but then she 
saw her goggles were glowing and knew it was coming from the sword. She 
materialized it.
    "Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight." The image showed that 
three creatures (Gadget hadn't met the mutants yet) were trying to steal her 
new invention! "Oh no, you don't!" Gadget said as she used her superspeed to 
zoom through the lair and follow the mutants.
    The mutants had strung chains from two of their sky-cutters and were 
hauling the invention between them. This slowed their progress somewhat, so 
Gadget was gaining quickly. She'd almost reached them when suddenly she gave 
out. Like Cheetara, she could only run about two miles at her fastest. 
Gadget kept after them anyway, running as quick as she could.
    Suddenly, the hampered heroine got a boost. The Thundercats had caught 
up to her, and Wiley-Kat gave her a lift on his space board. The mutants 
were well-ahead at this point, but they didn't get totally out of sight. 
    "Thundercats," Panthro said, "I've got the mutants on the scanner. 
They're making a direct course to the east of the desert of sinking sands. 
There's only one thing out there."
    "Mumm-Ra's pyramid." Lion-O answered.
    "Well, he's made his move." Tygraa said. "Obviously, he's trying to get 
us to play the game by his rules."
    "And he's doing a pretty good job of it." Panthro added. "Gadget, will 
your concoction hold up inside that tin can of yours?"
    "It should, Panthro. I can't guarantee it, because I don't know what 
they've got planned. As long as Mumm-Ra doesn't guess what it's for, we 
should be okay."
    All talk ceased as the Thundercats and Gadget crossed the safe portion 
of sands that led to the black pyramid. Ahead, they could already see that 
the mutants were entering Mumm-Ra's stronghold. As they got closer, Lion-O 
signalled a halt. Everyone gathered together.
    Lion-O faced the group. "We can't go in there without a plan. We'll need 
someone to distract Mumm-Ra to give Gadget and Panthro time to get to 
Gadget's invention. Cheetara, kids, that's your job. Tygraa, you and I will 
handle the mutants. All right, let's do it!"
    "Thundercats, Ho!" said everyone, including Gadget.
    But even as the group raced toward the pyramid, an energy shield blocked 
their progress. All save one, that is. Gadget was separated from her allies. 
Lion-O tried the sword on the energy wall, but it wouldn't give. Gadget 
turned to face the pyramid. Lion-O shouted for her to wait.
    "Hold on until we can figure a way through this!"
    Gadget smiled and shook her head. "Remember the prophecy. It said I 
would face the Foe alone first! It looks like I solo from here on. I'll be 
okay. You've all taught me well. Besides, I've got a little surprise cooked 
up for Mumm-Ra."
    Lion-O saluted, bringing his right arm horizontal against his chest, 
fingers straight out. "Then fight well, Gadget. We'll help you as soon as 
we're able."
    Gadget returned the salute and turned again to face the evil edifice. 
Slowly a door opened in the side of the pyramid and an eerie green light 
showed from inside the pyramid.
    "Well, he isn't exactly trying to keep me out," Gadget said to herself 
as she approached the entrance. Before she passed through, she materialized 
her sword and claw shield. Gadget walked in, ready to fight at the first 
sign of attack. But no sign was coming. Peeking around a  web-covered 
corridor, Gadget made her way,  first one way then another, letting her 
instincts lead her. After about the fifth turn, she saw a light far ahead of 
her. Every hair was standing on end as she carefully crept down the dark 
pathway. Then she was there--Mumm-Ra's inner sanctum!
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